A TOUCH OF EVIL – Lt. George White’s Dark Deeds

A TOUCH OF EVIL – Lt. George White’s Dark Deeds

1958 ORSON WELLES CLASSIC: A stark, perverse story of murder, kidnapping, and police corruption in a Mexican border town.


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SEASON THREE – Trade Secrets Saga for 2023

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A TOUCH OF EVIL – Lt. George White’s Dark Deeds



One of those charged with participating in a massive fraud scheme against Compass Marketing is the son of one of the principal defendants, Judge Michael White. His son is George White, and the lawsuit filed in Federal Court and being investigated by the Office of the State Prosecutor alleges that George White attempted to extort funds from the company in return for providing the critical information needed to control digital access company information and infrastructure.

Maryland State Police Lt. George White is presently the commander of the Forestville Barrack and former commander of the Executive Protection detachment assigned to safeguard the Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, and Comptroller. 

Lt. George White also worked as the full-time IT director of Compass Marketing at the same time he worked full-time with the Maryland State Police. The duties of his employment with Compass Marketing, according to descriptions provided in a federal court filing, are as follows:

V. Information Technology Lockout of Compass Business Records and Accounts (Attempted Extortion)

144. George White (“George”) is Michael’s son. Prior to May 2019, George was the IT Administrator at Compass while at the same time working full time as a Maryland State Trooper. In this role at Compass, George had administrator access to Compass’s GSuite email, Microsoft, and QuickBooks accounts.

145. Specifically, George controlled the Compass domain, including credentials and access to Compass Networking Administrator Credential login password and user ID; Compass servers, switches, and wireless access points; NAS (Synology, etc.); Firewall-Cisco ASA; Compass Marketing Routers; all Compass printers; all Compass phone systems; and Network Solutions Account for Compass’s Domain Name Registrar. George had the ability to change all of the above business records and accounts via his administrator access.

146. On or about April 29, 2019, after Daniel and Michael were voted off the Board of Directors, George had reason to believe that his removal was also imminent. George attempted to leverage his control over the Compass IT systems to extort additional payments for himself prior to his departure. Specifically, George demanded that Compass give him a promotion including a $100,000 signing bonus with a new title, a base salary of $225,000 with stepped raises quickly increasing the salary to $297,000, and a severance package guaranteeing a full-year base salary in the event his employment was terminated.

147. When Compass refused, George resigned.

148. On or about April 30, 2019, a company hard drive and laptop assigned to George was stolen. On information and belief, George took his company hard drive and laptop with him upon resigning from Compass so that he could continue to maintain control over Compass IT systems.

149. Sometime after April 30, 2019, George intentionally and maliciously cut off Compass access to employee email accounts with the compassmarketinginc.com domain, Microsoft, QuickBooks, and other business records and accounts (“the July Extortion Attempt”).

150. Ever since, Compass has attempted to regain control of its books and records, with limited success.

151. To this day, Compass remains locked out of its own compassmarketinginc.com domain. Compass does not have access to any of the employee email accounts or other business records maintained on QuickBooks that were maintained within the compassmarketinginc.com domain. Consequently, the Compass sales force was not able to communicate by email with clients or otherwise access the records required to do business. Compass had no choice but to start over with its IT infrastructure and establish a new compassmarketinginc.net domain at significant expense.

See complete Complaint below

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