FRAUD BY JUDGE & COP – Officials ripped off taxpayers for PPP loan with false statements aided by friendly banker

FRAUD BY JUDGE & COP – Officials ripped off taxpayers for PPP loan with false statements aided by friendly banker


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WALDORF, MD. – The Communist Chinese let loose a vicious virus upon the world in the last part of 2019, helped along by the funds given to the Wuhan Labs from the NIH programs paid for by the taxpayers of America. As a result, the United States Congress in 2020, rushed through a complex assistance plan called the Paycheck Protection Program or PPP.

The program’s purpose was to supplement and keep working employees of firms who were suddenly without paychecks as employers cut back hours or were deemed to be “nonessential” by the political masters of the states and ordered to shut their doors. Notably, big stores like Walmart have kept open and lottery and liquor stores while small businesses were closed. Even churches were closed down, and the rest is history.

Soon after the PPP plan was signed into law, the federal government created the forms to be used by banks for individual businesses to apply for loans, which tantalizingly advertised could be forgiven.

Showing up at the Community Bank of The Chesapeake, a Southern Maryland institution, was Judge Michael White of St. Mary’s County and his son, Maryland State Police Lt. George White. The father and son own a business in Charles County, Woodville Pines LLC, and they signed documents stating that they did not own any other company. The business operated a gambling operation and requested and received a loan of $28,210.00 and stated that the average monthly payroll of the firm was $11,284.00.

The two men stated that they each owned fifty percent of the firm. The US Small Business Administration approved the loan with an interest rate of one percent.

Both men signed the documents, which included asserting the business was in operation on February 15, 2020, and had employees who were paid salaries and payroll taxes or were paid as an independent contractor and provided 1099 tax forms. The loan documents said that “…current economic uncertainty makes this loan request necessary to support the ongoing operations of the borrower.”

The borrower’s operation is a gambling operation that produces funds to pay a payroll makes the reporting of the income to the IRS problematic.

 Fortunately, a list of those judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and cops participating is available if the IRS wants to match up players with their reported gambling winnings from the Garage Poker Series held at the Woodville Pines LLC on 15125 Woodville Road, Waldorf, Md.

Kimberly A. Shaw, Vice-President, and Community Lending Administration Manager, is listed on the signature page of the loan documents for the PPP loan that Judge Michael White and Maryland State Police Lt. George White signed.

In order for Shaw to approve the loan, it would be the routine business of a loan manager to review company profit and loss statements or the last two years to verify a viable business exists. If Shaw had done so, she would have noticed that Woodville Pines LLC has a bank account at M & T bank from which over a half-million dollars has been paid to Michael White and George White since 2019.

The Small Business Administration notified Woodville Pines LLC on January 12, 2021, that the loan of $28,210.00 had been forgiven. In addition, $195.54 in interest due on the loan was forgiven as well.


When applying for the loan with the SBA through Community Bank of The Chesapeake for PPP, Judge Michael White stated on page one, #3, of the form that he did not own any other companies. This disclosure was given under a warning on the form that the certification came with the penalties for fraud and perjury. 

Fourteen days earlier, on April 7, 2020, Judge White filed his annual disclosure statement to the State of Maryland and stated that he owned 150 shares of Compass Marketing of Annapolis, Maryland.

Maryland State Police Lt. George White’s salary in 2021 was $126,000.00 which clearly shows that he did not have his hours curtailed because of the Wuhan Virus, Covid-19, Black Plague, or anything else.  His income with the Maryland State Police was not reduced and he and Judge White took the money from the taxpayers and didn’t have to pay it back.


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