JUDGE AMY SUPPORTS LEFTIST DEMOCRATS with her donation from the bench.

REPUBLICANS: If you vote for Amy Lorenzini, you just might be voting for a Democrat…

Congressman Steny Hoyer Endorses Judge Amy Lorenzini

“As a resident of St. Mary’s County, I am proud to offer Judge Amy Lorenzini my endorsement. Ever since her appointment to the Circuit Court two years ago, she has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of fairness and firmness upon which our legal system depends. Judge Lorenzini deserves the opportunity to continue her tremendous service for our community. With great character, intellect, and respect for the law, she exemplifies the high standards we ought to expect from all our Circuit Court judges. I strongly urge St. Mary’s County voters to join me in supporting Judge Amy Lorenzini.” 

BIG DEAL, STENY. You can’t even win your home county in fourteen years and haven’t in decades. Isn’t it about time you retired?

Hoyer lost St. Mary’s County to Republican Charles Lollar in 2010


Judge Amy Lorenzini contributed to the St. Mary’s County Democratic Central Committee after she became Circuit Court Judge in 2022.

Judge-Amy-Lorenzini-supported-leftist-Democrat-Central-Committee-with-donation-after-she-became-Judge, according to Maryland Campaign Finance records.
Socialist-Democrats-leader-Brandon-Russell, left,-led-the-gathering-for-Judge-Amy-Lorenzini, center,-election-effort-in-Leonardtown-on-May-3-2024. Photo courtesy of Social Coffee.

BREAKING: A SECOND Maryland Democrat official has now said that Second Amendment activists are domestic terrorists who need to be “doxed.”

Collin Foster is an elected member of the St Mary’s County Democrat Central Committee and was recently hired/appointed by the state party.

Two weeks ago, the Secretary of the Maryland Democrat Party posted a picture of Second Amendment activists in Annapolis and called them “homegrown terrorists.” He said that the FBI should investigate them and that they should be “doxed” (have their private information published online) solely for protesting new gun control legislation.

Now, Collin Foster says he “fully supports” this dangerous and disgusting statement.

Any Marylander who sacrifices their time, money, and energy to come to Annapolis to exercise their constitutional right to protest deserves respect — NOT to be attacked.

The Maryland Democratic Party should immediately condemn these hateful remarks and ask for resignations. Their silence is deafening.

On another note, Collin Foster is the Student Affairs President at his Maryland-based college. It is deeply disturbing that someone with such obvious hate for his fellow Marylanders is in a position to influence college policy and play a role in advancing student well-being — ESPECIALLY considering the anti-conservative, anti-free speech movements taking hold on campuses across the country.

March 12, 2019, from CHANGE ANNAPOLIS Facebook Page:

Today, the House of Delegates passed a bill making “X” an option when specifying gender on driver’s licenses. The bill has already passed the Senate.

Some of you didn’t believe that Maryland Democrats would vote AGAINST American students and FOR giving taxpayer-funded scholarships to illegal immigrants.

Well, here’s the proof…

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