ELECTION 2022: Politics; Woke, CRT, Marxism


ELECTION 2022: Sheriff race in Calvert County kicks off with shoot-out practice for a hot year in Chesapeake Beach

MARYLAND REDISTRICTING: Democrats Are A No-Show Of Their Plans On Gerrymandering Of Legislative And Congressional Districts For Political Gain

ELECTION 2022: St. Mary’s County Commissioner President Randy Guy Filed For A Third Term

RACIST ST. MARY’S? Critical Race Theory Now Being Imposed On St. Mary’s County Public Schools; Who Knew That The Schools Were Being Led By White Supremacists All These Years?

GRIDLOCK SOLOMON’S BRIDGE & GREAT MILLS: How officials have been ignoring the traffic tie-ups at the intersection of Rt. 5 and Rt. 246 for decades while Solomons Bridge may still be falling down; 301 bridge finally under construction

Clarke Guy, Commissioner Unaffiliated candidate in St. Mary’s County District 3. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Jack Bailey, left, with Dr. Bud Virts, the son of the late Sen. Paul J. Bailey at Trent Hall farm on the Patuxent River. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Calvert County Commissioner 2nd District Candidate GOP  Tim Hutchins – THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo










Steve Waugh thought he had a cakewalk for another term in the Maryland Senate.  THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot on Main Street Annapolis Oct. 22, 2018
Ted Belleavoine Democratic candidate for St. Mary’s County Sheriff.  THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Democratic Candidate for Calvert County Sheriff Mike Hawkins
Andrew Rappaport, chief of District Court Division of Calvert States Attorneys Office and candidate for States Attorney in 2018 Election. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
St. Mary’s County Commissioner President Randy Guy says to curb development in Charlotte Hall. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo.
Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo


Eric Colvin is the GOP candidate for District 1 in St. Mary’s Commissioner race.















ELECTION 2018: Two Democrat Delegates Candidates Went Into Hiding The Night Of Debate; Robbie Loker And Julia Nichols Took A Powder

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s Sheriff; State Senate District 29 Candidates Debate At Lexington Park

ELECTION 2018: Republican Eric Colvin makes his case to be elected St. Mary’s Commissioner over Democrat Timothy Ridgell 

ELECTION 2018: ELECTION FLASHBACKS: 2006 in St. Mary’s County and 2018 Updates on Politics

ELECTION 2018: Calvert Sheriff – Democrat Mike Hawkins says he has the experience needed to put Calvert on the right track and retire tired ideas of 16-year incumbent

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s County Sheriff – Ted Belleavoine Reveals Problems And Proposes Solutions For St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s Commissioner President Randy Guy Cites Crushing Results Of Overdevelopment On Schools, Roads And Law Enforcement In Charlotte Hall – Says “Keep Waldorf In Waldorf”

ELECTION 2018 Desperate To Win At Any Cost, Sleazy Steve Waugh Blames Teen Suicide On Opponent’s Wife

ELECTION 2018 NRA Endorses Senate Candidate Jack Bailey with Grade of A; Waugh Failed to Get Better Than C

ELECTION 2018: Turmoil At The Top: The Case Of The Deceptive Detective Capt. Dan Alioto – WHEN A LIAR COP CAN’T TESTIFY IN A CRIMINAL CASE; BAD GUYS MAY BE RELEASED

ELECTION 2018: Little White Lies – Starring Cameron’s Commanders

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s County Sheriff Candidate Tom Phelan Will Put An End To Ineptness & Corruption

ELECTION 2018: Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry Reflects On His Job, Notes 23% Decrease In Crime; Explains Why He Is Seeking 2nd Term

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s Sheriff Debate For GOP Primary – Tom Phelan And Tim Cameron

Election 2018 Debate On May 21, 2018, Between Maryland Senate Republican Candidates Jack Bailey And Steve Waugh

ELECTION 2018: Meet the Candidate – Andrew Rappaport Calvert States Attorney

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s County Commissioner – CLARKE GUY – District 3

ELECTION 2018: Calvert County Commissioner District Two – DAVID GATTON GOP Primary

ELECTION 2018: Meet The Candidate – KATHRYN A. MARSH – GOP Primary Calvert County States Attorney Race June 26, 2018 Election

ELECTION 2018: District 29 Maryland Senate – MEET THE CANDIDATE: Jack Bailey

ELECTION 2018: Democrat Candidate For Nomination For Governor, Kevin Kamenetz Died Of Heart Attack

ELECTION 2018: Meet The Candidates – CRAIG KONTRA – Candidate For Calvert County Sheriff 

ELECTION 2018: Calvert County Commissioner District Two – Meet The Candidates Q & A With Tim Hutchins 

ELECTION 2018: Meet the Candidates – Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Race – Part One Of Q & A With Sheriff Tim Cameron

Election 2018: Gov. Larry Hogan gives a resounding boost to Senate Candidate Jack Bailey in Bushwood Barnstormer

ELECTION 2018: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Endorses Jack Bailey for GOP nod for St. Mary’s Senate Seat

ELECTION 2018: FOLLOW THE MONEY – Del. Matt Morgan’s free ride is over as popular Chaptico resident Robbie Loker is now his opponent.

Election 2018: Republican Gov. Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin interview covered Maryland’s balanced budget, tax cuts, Eisenhower. McKeldin was the last GOP governor to succeed himself in office, elected in 1950 and 1954; he was twice elected Mayor of Baltimore. Gov. Larry Hogan is destined to join this exclusive club according to recent polls and the leading Democrat dropping dead from a heart attack.
Maryland History in Politics: Governor Theodore McKeldin interviewed on Longines Chronoscope in 1951