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The St. Mary’s States
Attorney Race

When the voters of St. Mary’s County first had an opportunity in 1994 to vote for Rick Fritz for States Attorney, they took a pass and reelected Walter B. Dorsey.

In 1998, at the last minute, Dorsey opted not to run, and at the last minute that left only Fritz and Assistant States Joe Mattingly Jr.

Mattingly wasn’t a sparkling kind of candidate, more like an undertaker than a politician. Mattingly wore a dour look over his full beard and topped off his demeanor with a straw hat as he ambled into a room wearing his cowboy boots.
Dorsey put his weight behind JAM anyway and when the dust settled and the last votes were in, Mattingly had lost by 1734 votes to Fritz.

A close race considering that Fritz put his campaign deputies to work the night before the election to clean out newsstands and intimidate all-night store clerks into turning over their complete stock of the ST. MARY’S TODAY to keep voters from reading about the criminal record of Fritz.

Former Deputy States Attorney Jaymi Sterling is riding the wave of one of the most impressive political campaigns in St. Mary’s County in recent history. The last time Fritz attempted to win an election against a woman he bragged in advance he would whip sitting Judge Karen Abrams and take away her robe to begin sitting on cases within a month of the 2004 General Election. Fritz lost both the GOP and Democratic Party Primaries to Judge Abrams and he never made it to the General Election.


When Carla Bailey found out what Rick Fritz was saying about her many years later, she decided to set the record straight.

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