ELECTION 2018 Desperate to win at any cost, Sleazy Steve Waugh blames teen suicide on opponent’s wife

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Sleazy Steve Waugh, (left) glum and politically dumb, uses the death of a student a second time to save his sinking campaign for re-election to Senate District 29. Jack Bailey is at right. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo.

ELECTION 2018 Desperate to win at any cost, Sleazy Steve Waugh blames teen suicide on opponent’s wife

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – The race for the GOP primary in Maryland State Senate District 29 took a turn for the sewer on June 23, 2018, when incumbent Sen. Steve Waugh, facing possible defeat in the GOP primary, posted on his Facebook page a note that blames the suicide of teen on his opponent’s wife.

St. Mary’s School Board President Karin Bailey is the wife of Senate candidate and a looming winner in the Republican primary on Tuesday, June 26th, Jack Bailey.

In his Facebook post, Waugh clearly blames Karin Bailey for her leadership on the school board with causing the death by suicide of a student.  Waugh, without offering any proof, linked the suicide to “bullying” and therefore to Karin Bailey in her capacity as school board president. Waugh also provided the commentary that not much should be expected of his opponent Jack Bailey.

Steve Waugh blames student’s suicide on his opponent’s wife St. Mary’s School Board President Karin Bailey

Baily has been surging in the race due to his promise to support the agenda of the popular Republican Governor Larry Hogan and has won the endorsement of Hogan.

Waugh has continued to show his desperation in his foundering effort to win the endorsement of his own political party.

The second attempt by Sleazy Steve Waugh to make political hay out of the death of a student

When Jack Bailey’s campaign set up the scene for a huge turnout for his campaign fundraiser at Bushwood Wharf and tickets were selling like hotcakes, Waugh put on a last-minute school safety summit in Lexington Park at the same time and date. No school board members nor law enforcement attended Waugh’s stunt to advance his political career on the death of the student murdered at Great Mills High School as they were already scheduled for Bailey’s fundraiser.

Bailey’s fundraiser was attended by more than six hundred people while Waugh mustered his true believers, numbering at about two dozen.

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