ELECTION 2022 Realtor PAC Passes Out Woke Bribes to Candidates As Part of Statewide Effort to Erase Legacy of Decades of Blockbusting; Focus on St. Mary’s Commissioner Candidates Financials


Did Candidates Send a Masseuse to Ease Pain for Parlett from Repetitive Motions in Greasing Access Skids for Possible Winners of GOP Commissioner Primary?




CHARLOTTE HALL, MD. –  All candidate bank accounts in St. Mary’s County lead to the offices of a developer in Charlotte Hall.

The Maryland Realtor’s PAC doled out tons of donations to St. Mary’s commissioner candidates as well in every other county. The memories of Blockbusting, where real estate agents would send out flyers and solicit business by warning that blacks were moving into neighborhoods in D.C. and Baltimore, resulting in white flight to the suburbs, are effectively being replaced by the new Woke culture. Such a recipient of Woke is BJ Hall, who has only been a Republican for six months and was endorsed by the Realtors who enclosed a fat check.

The June reporting period of campaign finance reports for candidates for the office of St. Mary’s Commissioner reveals that Charlotte Hall developer John K. Parlett leads the pack for moola.

Parlett sat down on June 2, 2022, and it is possible he wore out his antique Chinese Quill, fashioned from a tail feather of an Emperor’s Peacock, signing check after check, maybe even running out of his favorite India ink, forcing him to switch to his ceremonial 24 Karat Gold Cross pen.

Parlett’s long day of providing an advance auction of stolen goods, as inspired by the famous quote of Baltimore Sun columnist H. L. Mencken, continued as he wrote many more checks, dozens of them to other county commissioner candidates including Mike Hewitt, Eric Colvin, and Scott Ostrow.

John K. Parlett donated from each of the following business entities that he owns:

  • Business Center Drive LLC
  • Charlotte Hall Commerce Center LLC
  • Pembrooke LLC
  • St. Mary’s Gateway Center LLC
  • CMI Group LLC
  • CMI Associates LLC
  • Charlotte Hall Square LLC
  • Parlett Affiliated Co. LLC
  • BKJ Investments LLC
  • Mount Wolf Road LLC
  • CMI Group LLC
  • Business Center Drive LLC

(There may be other firms that Parlett used for donations to candidates)


Parlett doubled down with his donations from the above firms to two-term incumbent Mike Hewitt.

Hewitt lost his bid for the Democratic nomination for St. Mary’s Commissioner President in 2006 to Jack Russell and switched his party affiliation to Republican, winning his first term representing the Hollywood – Leonardtown district in 2014.

According to Maryland election campaign finance reports filed by Mike Hewitt on June 9, 2022, Parlett sent checks to Hewitt in the amount of $200 each from the business entities listed above.

 All of Parlett’s checks were dated on June 2, 2022.

Hewitt was given $500 on May 20, 2022, by Rodney Gertz, of Quality Built Homes which is one of the largest homebuilders in St. Mary’s County.

In 2006, when Hewitt was a Democrat, he donated $2,000 to the campaign of Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley who was seeking to defeat incumbent Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich.

On May 18, 2022, Hewitt received a campaign donation from the Maryland Realtors PAC after receiving the endorsement of the Southern Maryland Association of Realtors, in the amount of $2,000.


Scott Ostrow has been making the rounds and picking up checks from the people voted most likely to be appearing before the Planning Commission, the Board of Appeals, and the St. Mary’s Commissioners with their projects and plans.

Ostrow found that the Realtors PAC decided to endow him with a greater largess than they bestowed upon BJ Hall or Mike Alderson and provided him with a check for $3,000.

John Parlett wrote checks in the amount of $100 from each of his business entities on June 2, 2022. Great Mills Trading Post provided a contribution in the amount of $2,000 on March 14, 2022. Commissioner Mike Hewitt’s wife Elaine provided a contribution of $200 to Ostrow on May 6, 2022. Defense contractor Dwane Macrae wrote a check to Ostrow for $600 on May 6, 2022.


Parlett sent $100 from each of his concerns to Michael Alderson who also picked up a campaign donation of $1,000 on April 25, 2022, from Del. Matt Morgan. Morgan’s occupation was listed on the Alderson campaign record as “Government”. Morgan is also a real estate agent.

Developer Phil Dorsey is in for a donation to Alderson in the amount of $1,500.00 from his Vail Rugby LLC.

Elizabeth O’Connor

Elizabeth O’Connor, a candidate for the GOP nomination in District 3 of the St. Mary’s Commissioner race, reported contributions of $150 in the June report for campaign finance in Maryland. O’Connor loaned her campaign $4,685.20 on April 13, 2022.

Dawn Murphy

Dawn Murphy has filed for County Commissioner District 3 and has yet to file either a campaign finance report or an affidavit certifying that she will spend less than a $1,000 per reporting period. Murphy initially began a Facebook campaign page that hasn’t been updated in several weeks and has no visible campaign.  

On June 1, 2022, Dawn Murphy posted the following:

Hello Everyone! Time is drawing near. I want to let everyone know I am very proud that I have not asked for one dollar. Times are very hard for families with wondering if they put gas in the car or put a meal on the table. Please get out and Vote for change. Don’t vote for the same old people. Those are the ones you complain about. If I am elected, I will do all I can to support my constituents and help you. I will do my best to get taxes lowered. I am also on board for School choice. Our children need the opportunity to the best education for them as an individual.

Inflation is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s here to stay for years to come. Gas is projected to be $6.00 a gallon by the end of August and 10 dollars a gallon by the end of the year. I want you to understand this is intentional from the current administration. Pushing our country into the Green New Deal is just not sustainable at this time. To get to the GND will take years. This Country is just not ready.

I know I won’t be popular because I will not be a part of the Good Ole Boy system, we have in Leonardtown but I will do right by all of you. So much more I could say.

I am looking for a venue so all can meet me. Stay tuned for a date and time.

Dawn Zimmerman

Dawn Zimmerman is a candidate for the GOP nomination in District Four of St. Mary’s County Commissioners race and has filed affidavits declaring that she will not spend more than $1,000 in the two reporting periods through June of 2022. Zimmerman maintains a Facebook page that depicts her as being strongly against Mandates as were imposed by the same crowd of loons who were demanding a year ago that those who resisted the Jab be jailed that are now threatening to riot over the elimination of Roe vs Wade.

Zimmerman is followed on Facebook by over 1,814 people, which is nothing to sneer about.

Her opponent in the GOP race, Scott Ostrow, has 204 followers but managed to find followers who write checks.

Roy Alvey

Roy Alvey is his own best contributor by dumping $5,000 from his pocket into his campaign, and likely enjoys campaigning and going around to events and meet and greets, and heck why not. The worst thing that can happen for him is to actually beat Eric Colvin and then he would have go to Leonardtown every week for county commissioner meetings. The developers, at least Bubby Knott, are keeping their fingers in the pie by doling out three mini contributions from various firms of $100 each. 

Parlett didn’t send Alvey any loot, at least not by the reporting period filed in June. Democrats Howard Thompson and Keith Fairfax have both provided Alvey with $200.

 As far as his positions on issues, Alvey states on his Facebook page that taxes should be cut and his campaign signs have arrived. Alvey paid back $2,000 that he loaned his campaign rather than use the funds for sending out glossy flyers to each household in the area.

Eric Colvin

The Realtor PAC unloaded a check for FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS on Colvin for some sort of great activity he has partaken in over the last four years that while unknown to the general public has surely been noticed by the real estate agents. Maybe Pot Factories will become the newest form of Blockbusting which served Realtors so well in past decades at scaring people into selling their homes at cheap prices as blacks moved into white areas of Prince Georges County and Baltimore City. Colvin’s complicity in allowing the Pot Factory to flourish, be permitted, built, and to overwhelm the Abell community is worse than having an industrial facility that burns rubber tires or makes paint or processes paper. 

ALL HAIL ERIC COLVIN for his role in the Pot Factory at Abell.

The developers loaded up Colvin with big fat checks too, with Parlett sending out his largest of campaign donations, most of them for $200, from his various dozen different companies.

2018 Democratic St. Mary’s Commissioner President candidate Howard Thompson, who lost to Randy Guy that year and is currently the Chairman of the Planning Commission and an official of the Lundeberg School of Seamanship at Piney Point, and is a frequent contributor to Republican commissioner candidates, provided a donation of $201.00 to Colvin on May 6, 2022.

Photo caption: SIU-affiliated Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education welcomed U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) for a tour in 2019. Pictured at the school in Piney Point are (from left) SIU Political and Legislative Director Brian Schoeneman, SIU Secretary-Treasurer David Heindel, Acting Paul Hall Center VP Tom Orzechowski, Senator Van Hollen, SIU Executive VP, Augie Telle, and Howard Thompson of the Seafarers School.

Randy Guy

St. Mary’s Commissioner President James Randy Guy is opting for the very tricky task of being elected to a third consecutive term in the post, having first won in 2014. Guy must have done something right in the eyes of the developers as Parlett managed to summon up enough energy and ink to send checks of $100 each from nine of his companies, while Bubby Knott sent along $250 checks from two of his companies.

Howard Thompson seems to be interested in keeping his key power role as Planning Commission Chairman and donated $500 to Randy Guy on May 5, 2022. Thompson was the losing Democrat against Guy in 2018. 

Former St. Mary’s Commissioner Barbara’ Babs’ Thompson, who served as commissioner president from 1994 to 1998 before losing to Democrat Julie Randall, spent $40 on Randy Guys fundraiser on April 22, 2022. 

Former three-term Democrat Commissioner Dan Raley placed a bet of $50 on Guy.

Former St. Mary’s Commissioner Dan Morris also plunked down $40 on April 22 at the Guy fundraiser at the VFW hall, which wasn’t very well attended, as the Guy campaign began sputtering when Tommy McKay entered the race. 

Current commissioners O’Connor and Morgan placed big bets of $150 and $250, respectively, while Commissioner Eric Colvin showed enthusiastic support for Randy Guy with forty bucks.

Delegate Matt Morgan, unopposed in both the primary and general election, passed out two hundred bucks to Guy at the VFW fundraiser. Randy Guy reported having $6351.22 on hand at the date of the report filed on June 7, 2022.


According to Randy Guy’s campaign website, he has no scheduled fundraisers. He appears to rely solely on the generosity of the developers who need approvals from the county, such as the Pot Factory achieved in 2018 to build their vast stinking plant in a residential neighborhood in Abell.

Due to the lack of any planned activities on the part of Randy Guy, who seems to simply fold up his campaign gear, pack up his truck, and give up the election to whatever will be, will be – Randy appears to have given up but will still have to call McKay on election night to concede. Still, the call will likely come from his beach house in North Carolina.


Tommy McKay’s campaign reported contributions of $4,750.79 in the June report. Top donors to McKay were Leonardtown Mayor Dan Burris in the amount of $1,000; Murphy’s Store owner Gilbert Murphy, $250; Robert Gertz and Rodney Gertz, both of Crownsville, who each sent checks for $1,000 on June 2, 2022. Gertz’s owns the Quality Built Homes, a large residential developer in Southern Maryland. When McKay filed his report on June 7, 2022, he had $5,107.32 in his bank account.

McKay’s work over the past few months to regroup what was a winning formula when he won the post of Commissioner President in 2002, including gaining the backing of four-term commissioner Republican Larry Jarboe. Also, the original Reagan Conservative Commissioner Francy Eagan, not a has-been as deemed by Guy, is building a team that will result in a knockout punch to Randy Guy. 

Randy Guy is left to his own devices without someone writing a script for him. That is okay and serves him well in familiar settings such as the occasional Friday night dinners at the Avenue American Legion Hall, where Randy has been a loyal and constant fixture in the kitchen for many years.

Without the developers funding Guy’s campaign, he depended on the support of candidates, new and old, at his event in April, netting not so much. Good thing Randy can count on the developers.

On the other hand, McKay has found that many understand the plight of small businesses just like McKay’s stores, which have been in business for seventy-five years and are struggling like many other firms.

St. Mary’s Commissioner President Tom McKay, Commissioner Kenny Dement, and Commissioner Larry Jarboe led a team of department heads to tour devastated homes along the Potomac to find ways the county could assist citizens. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo


Many residents recall the massive effort McKay led after Hurricane Isabel to allow those whose homes and businesses were devastated to get permits and have regulations abated as they recovered from the massive storm.

Hurricane-Isabel-damage-to-Shifflett-home-at-Old-Breton-Beach-2003. Commissioner Larry Jarboe is at the right. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

 Many remember that open public forums were one of the hallmarks of the term that McKay led from 2002 to 2006.  

Mega-Pot Factory in Critical Area Yields Furor

The ire of the residents of the Seventh District over the Pot Factory cannot be underestimated. At least Randy Guy, Eric Colvin, and Mike Hewitt didn’t plan on the public reacting to their blundering and parsimony over doling out the truth.

Tommy McKay was greeted by a crowd of nearly 100 well-wishers willing to put down $250 a couple to fund his effort to win the nomination of the Republican Party held at the home of former Commissioner Francy Eagan. The soirée on the Potomac brought out old warhorse and longtime Democrat House Chairman Johnny Wood to champion Tommy’s effort. A passionate plea from Kimmy Gibson explained what and how the Pot Factory was dumped on their families and their neighborhood by the arrogance and complicity of Randy Guy.

Former House Chairman John Wood. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

 At the Potomac Gardens, on June 21, a candidate ‘meet and greet’ for the 7th District, featuring Mike Alderson Jr, Debbie Mills Burch, Chris Palombi, Dorothy Andrews and Matt Morgan, and Tommy McKay spoke. One report was that he ‘hit it out of the park.’


Rita Weaver appears to be running a stealth campaign for the GOP nomination for St. Mary’s Commissioner President, with a lot of time spent looking for votes on St. Clements Island, where she volunteers with maintenance and can pass out her flyers to tourists from Northern Virginia.

On June 25, Weaver held a low-key and apparently successful event at the Foxy Fish in Mechanicsville. Her breakfast gathering charged $30 a person and $50 per couple. The approximately fifty people shown in Rita’s Facebook page photos included candidates and their families. They were Roy Alvey running for commissioner, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Debbie Burch running for renomination as the GOP candidate against Faye Wheeler, Marsha Williams making a bid for St. Mary’s School Board, and Karolyn Bender, a candidate for School Board.

Rita Weaver reported more cash on hand than Guy or McKay when she filed her report on June 7, 2022, and stated she had $8,100.00 in her bank account balance.

Attorney and developer Phil Dorsey’s Vail Rugby LLC gave Weaver $1,500; perennial Democrat candidate Joe St. Clair donated $200, Ridge Hardware gave Weaver $100, Gilbert Murphy contributed $100, builder Donald Cropp donated $100, George Baroniak donated $300. Most of the rest of the donations to Weaver for a couple of fundraising efforts prior to the filing came from small contributors.  

At this writing, the tenacity shown by Weaver and the general evaporation displayed by the vanishing Randy Guy will likely result in Weaver coming in second to McKay.

The omission was unintentional if any fat cats were left out of this story. In the future, contribute more money to get the appropriate desired attention.

For those who have been spreading around cash, of which it is said to be substantial, remember, only The Shadow knows.

Update: Marcus Drake, a candidate for Hollywood-Leonardtown commissioner district was omitted from the above article. Below is his June 2022 campaign finance report.

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