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By Kenneth C. Rossignol


LEXINGTON PARK, MD. – Putting her money where her hopes are, former St. Mary’s County Deputy States Attorney Jaymi Sterling added a $30,000.00 loan from her personal savings accounts to the committee formed to raise money to propel her into office as the chief prosecutor of St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Sterling is expected to file for the office soon.

Sterling quit the job she had in Leonardtown for several years in 2020 when she said that States Attorney Richard Fritz ordered her to falsify personnel records and accounting of handling public funds in arranging staffing for the canceled Project Graduation. In addition, Fritz assigned nearly a dozen staffers to attend a canceled legal conference in Ocean City where taxpayer funds of over $11,000 were used to pay for a beach resort, meals, and travel. While Fritz and his beach bunnies and buddies were living high on the hog at the beach on the taxpayer’s dime, citizens were suffering from the economic downturn, closed businesses, and misery of the Wuhan Virus.

After quitting as the top prosecutor for Fritz, Sterling went to work for Anne Arundel County States Attorney Anne Colt Leitess as a prosecutor.

Maryland Campaign Finance reports show that on January 10, 2022, Sterling loaned the committee thirty grand to add to the $50,000 raised from 246 donors.  

Leading the list of donors to the committee is John Sterling Houser, the assistant county attorney in St. Mary’s County. Houser kicked in two donations, one of $100.00 and another $500.00. He put in another five bucks when he saw what he had done. Maybe you get a punch card for a free coffee like at Sheetz when you hit a certain number of donations.

One of the top donors to Sterling’s campaign was $6,000 that came from Thomas Eugene Kelso of Old York Road in Phoenix, Maryland. Kelso lives on an estate that he bought in 2017 for $4.2 million.

A press release issued by Kelso’s firm noted a prominent award given to Kelso in 2019.

“Thomas E. Kelso, President of Matrix Capital Markets Group, Inc., has been named the 2019 recipient of the Reverend Charles K. Riepe Alumni Award.

“Presented by The John Carroll School, an independent Catholic high school in Bel Air, MD, the award recognizes alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and community service. The winner is an exemplary role model consistent with the Catholic values and philosophy of The John Carroll School to educate the whole person and to develop young men and women of moral integrity through challenging academics and real-life experiences. It is the highest honor that can be given to alumni of The John Carroll School.”

Thomas Kelso was appointed the Chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority by Governor Larry Hogan, father of Jaymi Sterling.

A donation to the Friends of Jaymi Sterling of $5,000 came from Gary Mangum of Stevensville, Md, who is listed as retired. Mangum is listed in his biography as a member of the Maryland Stadium Authority, appointed by Sterling’s father, Governor Larry Hogan. Mangum was the CEO of Bell Nursery, headquartered in Elkridge, Maryland. Mangum’s firm has nurseries and greenhouses associated with farm families in six states and has established a long record of assisting those in need.

Mangum’s biography on the Stadium Authority website notes the following:

“He is also known for his long-term involvement and support of: The Home Depot Foundation, United Way, Hospice, and the Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation. This has led to his recent involvement with Truckin4Troops, a local group helping to connect with members of the military and their families at Walter Reed Warrior Transition Brigade as they recover from severe wounds received while serving in combat overseas.”

Members of the Stadium Authority also receive free access to the Stadium Authority VIP Box at the stadium, allowing guests to have great crabcakes and polish sausages, and free beer. One doesn’t even have to watch the game and can just socialize, which is good given the lousy record of the Orioles.

Sterling herself donated several times to the campaign to elect Joe Stanalonis to Circuit Court Judge in 2014 and can expect to receive donations from Jodi Stanalonis, wife of Judge Stanalonis, who was appointed to the bench by her father.  Gov. Hogan also appointed Jodi Stanalonis to the Maryland Stadium Authority.

Business executive James T. Dresher, CEO of Skye Asset Management, achieved success with operating more than a dozen McDonalds and Golden Corral restaurants. Dresher is also a major philanthropist in Maryland. He donated $2,500 to the Sterling committee.


Speaking of Governor Larry Hogan, he and his wife, First Lady Yumi Hogan, each donated $6,000.00 to the committee.

Isabel Mercedes Cummings, who has a long record of service to the principle of good government in her role as a prosecutor with the Prince Georges County States Attorney’s Office, as Assistant State Prosecutor under Stephen Montanarelli, and now as the Inspector General of the City of Baltimore where she rides herd on some of America’s best crooked politicians, has donated $250.00 to the Sterling campaign committee. Cummings was the Special Prosecutor who the Attorney General appointed to take over the charges that Richard Fritz piled up 120 false criminal indictments on his 2010 opponent in the General Election for States Attorney. Upon her independent review, Cummings tossed all of the counts. By then, the damage was done by Fritz to sully his opponent’s reputation.

The Good Old Boys Club of the old established politicos of years gone by, which has supported the deeply troubled incumbent Richard Fritz over the years, is showing significant signs of terminal cracks and crashes.

The younger generations of the old county families are now running things as various donations are streaming into the coffers of the Friends of Jaymi Sterling from various individuals such as Anne Mary B. Cullins ($100), Bill Cullins ($50), David Cullins ($100), Mary Lynn Stone ($1,000), Brandon Cullins ($50), John T. Cullins ($25), Mark Pettit, son of the late St. Mary’s County Sheriff Wayne Pettit ($100), Denise Kopel ($500), and many more can be found below.


Fritz talks tough on violence for TV cameras a press conference on threats by Leonardtown High students

Three criminal defense lawyers who wring great plea deals for their clients from St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz have kicked off his campaign with their donations adding up to $5,500.

They are Prince Georges County lawyer Joseph F. Vallario Jr. ($500), La Plata lawyer Hammad Matin ($4,000), and the Gunslinger Lawyer, Kevin J. McDevitt of Leonardtown ($1,000).

Missing from the usual list of campaign donors for Fritz is Leonardtown attorneys John Weiner and his brother, Ted Weiner. Ted’s job as a prosecutor working for Fritz for the past twenty years has been notable in that Weiner seldom takes on tough cases and always donates to the Fritz campaigns.  

With defense lawyers charging from $10,000 for a DUI, paying forward to the prosecutor who determines how to handle a DUI arrest, donating to the Fritz campaign is simply good business.  Fritz has a long record of allowing easy plea deals to repeat offender DUI drivers.

Famed Baltimore Sun reporter and author H. L. Mencken said about elections: “Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction of stolen goods.”


see political activist website for election: FIRE FRITZ 2022

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