COURT NEWS: Maskless Entry to Courthouse Results in Arrest of Former School Board Candidate; May Launch Dawn Keen to Victory as County Commissioner

COURT NEWS: Maskless Entry to Courthouse Results in Arrest of Former School Board Candidate; May Launch Dawn Keen to Victory as Calvert Commissioner

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – In Virginia, the Governor has now rescinded the prior order for the wearing of masks in schools.  The CDC and top United States officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci have given so many different versions of if wearing a mask will protect one from the dreaded Wuhan Virus, which apparently Fauci provided funds for the lab in Wuhan, China from where the Covid-19 virus originated.  Fauci has told so many lies in Congress about his funding gain of function research, as shown by newly released NIH records, that, along with his various pronouncements on the wearing of masks, shows he could star as Regan in a remake of the Exorcist. Fauci’s head could spin in circles and then release a green vomit, just like in the movie.  With all of the contradictory hysteria produced by the blundering Biden Administration over the value of vaccinations and that the current pandemic is a pandemic of the unvaccinated – even though all of the new cases of Omicron variant of Covid appear to be from people who are fully vaccinated and boosted.

What is a person to do?  Wear a mask or not?

Actually, the law as handed down by the Chief Judge of Maryland where the Alice In Wonderland Judiciary is operated in Annapolis is currently in the phase of requiring a mask by anyone who enters the Calvert County Circuit Courthouse – or any other courthouse in Maryland.  The rule applies if one is vaccinated or not.  If a person has a date before a Judge or just needs to file papers in a case, or look up land records all folks going into the courthouse have to abide by the rule set by the Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals.

FBI probed allegations of Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans snaring and sharing prescription drugs from Asbury senior center in Solomon’s

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans, a connoisseur of following the rule of law, especially as it relates to the handling of expired drugs from nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Solomon’s, Md., reports that on January 14, 2022, Calvert County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Naecker responded to the Calvert County Circuit Courthouse for the report of a disorderly female.

Maryland Court of Appeals. Standing, L to R: Judge Michele D. Hotten, Judge Robert N. McDonald, Judge Shirley M. Watts, Chief Judge Joseph M. Getty Seated, L to R: Judge Clayton Greene, Jr., former Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera, Judge Sally D. Adkins

Per court deputies, Dawn Marie Keen, 42, of Port Republic, MD was advised masks were required while inside the courthouse per an administrative order issued Dec. 27, 2021, by Chief Judge Joseph M. Getty of the MD Court of Appeals in light of Omicron Variant of the COVID-19 Emergency.  The current emergency is more hysteria being promulgated by Democrats to try to forestall losing their butts in the 2022 midterm elections due to the incompetent moron in the White House trying to wreck the nation. However, it is the law and should be followed or folks who don’t want to wear a mask should try doing their court business online as courts are even doing divorce hearings online, which ought to make that particular function more popular.

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans in front of the Calvert County Circuit Courthouse. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Sheriff Evans reports that the provision states that ALL individuals entering the Circuit Courthouse of Calvert County shall wear face masks indoors regardless of vaccination status or other related health measures.

Keen allegedly refused to wear a mask and was asked to leave the building, but refused to do so. Keen was advised multiple times of the policy but refused to leave. Keen was placed under arrest and transported to the Calvert County Detention Center where she was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Trespassing of a Government House. 

Keen was keen on being elected to Calvert School Board but Facebook rants kept her in the losing column

Being such a law-abiding fellow, Evans made sure that this incident be a lesson to everyone to follow the law by broadcasting the news of Keen’s arrest far and wide. Evans is so intent on following the rule of law that when a peaceful group of protestors marched in an orderly fashion in Prince Frederick after the murder of a Minneapolis crack head by a police officer Evans brought forth a squad of armored SWAT team members, an armored vehicle and set the crowd running when they failed to move from the pavement of a side street in Prince Frederick to the sidewalks at the end of the march at the Courthouse. 

Evans ordered his troops to advance on the crowd lobbed tear gas and soon was making arrests of what had been peaceful marchers. When Evans started the melee, at that point, someone broke a window on a police vehicle, which Evans saw as an opportunity to legitimize his illegal actions.


In 2020, when Keen was running for a school board seat, she allegedly went full Facebook crazy and made some scurrilous remarks about race which an Islamic organization that has its own ties to terrorist groups, took exception to, and from that point, the Facebook post battle was on! Keen soon apologized for being unable to control her Facebook usage but lost the election anyway, as apparently, the damage was already done.

 Now, by standing up to the lunatics running the Maryland Judiciary, who are admitting the vaccine doesn’t work but Joe Talibiden wants people to get the jab anyway, Dawn Keen could file for office this year and end up being elected a Calvert County Commissioner which has a very low entry point needed for the job. Dawn Keen wouldn’t be the first colorful county commissioner in Calvert County.

WHO STARTED THE PRINCE FREDERICK ‘RIOT’? Go to the videotape, as Warner Wolf used to say…

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