ELECTION 2022: Coming attractions! WEED THREE KINGS – The Abell Pot Factory Collusion; Colvin rants about ‘Annapolis’ hinting at supporting Code Home Rule in coming years and ducking checks and balances under the existing need for State Senator to approve crazy commissioner stuff…and more

HOW ABOUT THAT BUNCH OF CANDIDATES attending the GOP meet and greet at the Ridge Firehouse on June 30, 2022? About one hundred people were in attendance, and all but about ten were Republican candidates, and their entourages gathered to socialize and exchange gossip about the latest developments and non-issues in the races for local and state office.

 A big bunch of scowling red-faced officials of the Hogan Administration put on a protest in Annapolis earlier in the day to rant and rave about the Democrat Governors Association spent more than a million dollars on Baltimore TV ads promoting Frederick Delegate Dan Cox and his bid to gain the GOP nomination for Governor over the Hogan endorsed Kelly Schultz.

The local excitement increased when Elvis showed up at the Ridge firehouse to push his campaign for reelection to the St. Mary’s Orphans Court. Elvis (Judge Mike White) must have gotten some cool new suits with the PPP money he and his son, Lt. George White, gained from the taxpayers for their Woodville Pines LLC Garage Poker Series gambling joint in Waldorf.   Mike White was sporting a purple shirt and tie in his formal Elvis attire, with long sideburns perhaps designed to enhance his image as a Judge and hoping to be Biden’s next pick for the Supreme Court. Mike White would cover all the bases of misunderstood alleged criminals, orphans, judges, vindicated chop shop alleged coconspirators, and relatives of Ricky Fritz’s prosecutors.


Eric Colvin apparently thinks he is coy, cute, and glib, all rolled into one transparency package. Eric made a big deal at the ‘candidates forum’ held at the Lexington Park Library by the League of Tight-Drawered Women Voters and a couple of other sneaky leftist groups, the NAACP and the St. Mary’s College Self-Appointed Paragons of Rightful Thinking – about how he puts up on his Facebook page each action taken each week by the St. Mary’s Weed Action PAC, otherwise known as the county commissioners. Colvin smugly predicted that the legalization of marijuana, which will be on the ballot, would pass as if he had just passed gas, and no one was going to notice due to a sudden breeze stirring the room and alleviating all of having to shoulder the blame for noxious odors. Colvin, Guy, and Hewitt are on the ballot for reelection to the Board of Commissioners, and Colvin was quick to note that the building permit for the Pot Factory was issued before he was elected to the Board in 2018.

Eric Colvin apparently believes that absolves him of any responsibility for the Pot Factory, just like Hewitt says he was ‘agin it,’ yet he was on the Critical Areas Commission. He dutifully investigates every complaint about any alleged infraction in the critical area that is reported to the county’s LAND USE AND GROWTH MANAGEMENT office (LUGM) or, as all geezers call it, the SOBs at Planning and Zoning.   Randy Guy sure isn’t responsible as he only reads what the staff prepares for him, and he sure as hell doesn’t want any investigation to determine what in the hell happened to plop down an Industrial Manufacturing Facility that refines an agricultural product into a chemical and leaves an odor emitting to the neighborhood (residential) that outclasses the best output of any pen of hogs.

Colvin ranted on when one of his supporters asked him a loaded question about the terrors and injustice of having to GO TO ANNAPOLIS for approval of decisions that the County Commissioners could make in Leonardtown.

Now, the same pack of big money folks such as John K. Parlett and his dozens of LLC firms donates to Colvin and Sen. Jack Bailey. But, at least Senator Bailey can act as a double check and balance for the nonsense and baloney that is created by the nimrods of the Commissioner Table. “ANNAPOLIS” – screamed Colvin in answer to the question about whether he favored Code Home Rule — “ANNAPOLIS!!!” YELLED Colvin, as he noted the voters had turned down Charter Government before (three times) and said he wouldn’t support changing the process AT THIS TIME.

Parlett was on the last Charter Government Committee, and he advocated for the change to local home rule without any checks and balances by having local laws be approved by the legislative delegation of St. Mary’s County before such nonsense as can be proposed from time to time can be approved.

Parlett said that the county needed a COUNTY EXECUTIVE to be a “Benevolent Dictator” for St. Mary’s County. At the time, Parlett would have taken that job out for a spin or installed one of his purchased politicians for the role.   You can bet your bottom dollar that Tricky Eric has his eye on such a post if he can sneak into law as he helped sneak in the Pot Factory. DOES ANYONE REALLY BELIEVE COLVIN, GUY, AND HEWITT when they talk about how the Pot Factory wasn’t their responsibility? Who should be blamed? They own it, and each of these dolts should be tarred and feathered and run out of town.


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