JUDGE UNDER INVESTIGATION The second act of the Compass Marketing litigation involving Maryland Judge Michael White, Deputy States Attorney Daniel White and State Police Lt. George White, and millions allegedly purloined now begins


St. Mary’s Deputy participating in Garage Poker Gambling abruptly retires and files for Sheriff


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SEASON TWO – The story shifts to investigatory actions

SEASON THREE – Trade Secrets Saga for 2023

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The Maryland Judiciary Commission delegated to riding herd on judges has now opened an investigation into the conduct, affairs, financial entanglements, and allegations of theft contained in a federal RICO complaint naming St. Mary’s Chief Judge of the Orphans Court Michael R. White.  

The allegations against James C. DiPaula, Michael R. White, Daniel White, Julie White, Patrick Miller, and Flywheel Digital involve the alleged theft of millions of dollars by Michael White and Daniel White from Compass Marketing at times which the company employed them. Lt. George White, the commander of the Forestville Barack of the Maryland State Police, was the information technology director of the international marketing firm, worked full time at the same time that he was the head of the legislative detail of Maryland State Police providing security for the Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Treasurer, Speaker of the House and President of the Senate. 

Since the litigation was filed in Federal Court, DiPaula abruptly quit his post with the University of Maryland Medical Systems and fled Maryland for a $25 million posh homestead in Palm Beach, Florida.

 The lawsuit alleges that George White, son of Judge Michael White, attempted to extort Compass Marketing by demanding payment of vast sums of money in return for turning over the keys to the digital store of Compass Marketing.

A subpoena has been sent to Compass Marketing instructing the custodian of records of the firm to provide documents to the Commission on Judicial Disabilities for a hearing set to be held on June 1, 2022, at ten o’clock in the morning. The order for the production of records was signed by Judge Mark S. Chandlee, the Judicial Inquiry Board of Maryland chairman.

The Documents Ordered:

Governing documents, corporate charters, articles of incorporation but not limited to by-laws, stockholder rights plans, stock ledgers, stockholders agreements, documents relating to the designations, preferences, conversion and other rights, voting powers, restrictions, limitations as to dividends or otherwise), qualifications, and terms and conditions of the stock of each class which the corporation is authorized to issue, including conditions of the stock of each class which the corporation is authorized to issue, including but not limited to any stock issued to Michael R. White for the period of January 1, 2015 to the present, and any and all documents establishing or memorializing, or documenting any and all positions held within Compass Marketing Inc., by Michael R. White, including but not limited to descriptions and establishments of the powers, duties and responsibilities of each such position, the time periods each position was held by Michael R. White, and the terms upon and date which Michael R. White left each such position.

The order for the production of records was signed on April 27, 2022.

While the Office of the State Prosecutor works on a probe of the actions of Deputy States Attorney Daniel White for allegations of theft, he continues to work on criminal case prosecution for St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz, as indicated in two recent press releases published by Fritz on his official Facebook page.

“State’s Attorney Richard Fritz announces that on April 25, 2022, Dequan Sabien Gantt (DOB April 17, 2001) pled guilty to felony assault on a law enforcement officer and illegal possession of a regulated firearm that occurred on May 21, 2021. Mr. Fritz would like to thank Deputy State’s Attorney Daniel White for successfully prosecuting both cases.”

Prior to publication of the official notice, Fritz signed criminal referrals to the Office of The State Prosecutor, according to responses given by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department to a request for Public Information. Another such release was published by Fritz on April 21, 2022, again giving credit to Daniel White for conducting the prosecution and April 13.

The time period specified in the investigation of Judge White covers the time from when he was sworn in as a Judge of the Orphans Court in 2015. Michael White was elected in 2014 in the General Election and again in 2018. Judge White has never attended or graduated from law school, and only two Maryland jurisdictions require Orphans Court judges to be attorneys.

Judge Michael White is a candidate for the GOP Primary Election on July 19, 2022, and has recently attended political campaign functions at the Moose Lodge in Mechanicsville and a reception sponsored by the St. Mary’s Republican Women. Should the Maryland Commission on Disabilities take action against Judge White, he could be removed from the court.

The most recent investigation of a Southern Maryland Judge is the one currently underway involving Charles County District Court Judge Lou Hennessy. Judge Hennessey’s hearing date was rescheduled to April 4, 2022, and court records on their website do not show any action that took place on that date or offer any explanation as to what, if anything, took place at the hearing or if it was actually held.

The voters reelected an Orphans Court Judge in Kent County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore after being convicted of DWI. Still, her conduct and embarrassment to the Judiciary for her admitted boozing on the job and blustering with the deputy led to her being defrocked.

The following is an excerpt from THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY

Judge Amy Leigh Nickerson, of 5642 Walnut Street, Rock Hall, Md., first elected as one of three probate Judges in Kent County in 2014 and reelected in 2018, was arrested on March 9, 2018, at 10:17 pm by Kent County Sheriff Deputy H. A. Kettner, as Judge Nickerson operated a 2007 Jeep Wrangler westbound on Rt. 320 at Hawthorne Ave. in Rock Hall, Md., not far from her home and within a short drive of area bars and liquor stores.

According to court records, Judge Amy Nickerson tried to evade arrest by intimidating the deputy with her lofty title of Judge and mentioned that she ‘had a few drinks’ before leaving work at the courthouse. Most proceedings of the Orphans Court wind up by about 4 pm and are, and it was much later in the day when Judge Nickerson was stopped. When asked what was in the cup in the center console of her Jeep, she said the fluid was water; when testing later showed it was alcohol, and she finally admitted it was vodka. –MORE

Judges must adhere to conduct established to cause the public to respect and trust the Judiciary.


Except as prohibited by law or this Code, a judge may engage in extrajudicial activities. When engaging in extrajudicial activities, a judge shall not:

(a) participate in activities that will interfere with the proper performance of the Judge’s judicial duties;

(c)  participate in activities that would appear to a reasonable person to undermine the Judge’s independence, integrity, or impartiality; [or] (d) engage in conduct that would appear to a reasonable person to be coercive[.]


The actions of Judge White and Lt. White in obtaining a PPP loan for their Woodville Pines LLC, a garage poker gambling operation they conduct in Charles County, may cause them to be convicted of federal perjury violations for failing to disclose other sources of income, as Judge White and Lt. White were required to do, could cause criminal charges to be filed.


According to checks amounting to more than a half-million dollars written on the Woodville Pines LLC bank account, the operation where lawyers, prosecutors, and cops gather to play poker may be laundering money from other more nefarious activities. OR it could all be an innocent game of cards with cigars and whiskey. Emails to nearly two dozen people who have been participating in the card games have only elicited two responses. One says his name must be confused with another person and an odd and relatively creepy response from a retired State Police commander insists he has done nothing wrong.

Two St. Mary’s Sheriff Deputies attended the Garage Poker series held and conducted by Judge Michael White and Lt. George White. Sheriff Cameron was asked if he had knowledge of the activities of Stephen Simonds and Todd Fleenor using their government emails in communications with the gambling operation, and he responded on March 1, 2022, that he did not.  


On May 1, 2022, according to the campaign website for Todd Fleenor, he retired from the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department. On April 11, 2022, election records show he filed for the office of St. Mary’s Sheriff in the Republican Primary.  

Chief Mike Wilson of the Capitol Police in Annapolis, and a candidate for Sheriff of Calvert County, is a candidate in the GOP primary and was a participant in the Garage Poker Series operated by Judge Michael White and Lt. George White. The Whites also have plans for an operation in Benedict, which could be the stalking horse for a larger gambling operation.


George White brought a defamation lawsuit against former Anne Arundel County Sheriff Ron Bateman, who works for Compass Marketing, investigating the alleged fraud, theft, and malicious acts allegedly conducted by George White, Michael White, and Daniel White against Compass Marketing owner John White. Lt. George White complained in his lawsuit that the false statements made by Bateman caused the Maryland State Police to remove him from his cushy job in Annapolis and send him to the armpit of the Maryland State Police running the Forestville Barrack.  

Sheriff Bateman responded in court filings asking for all of the employment records of Lt. White that may show he worked full time for Compass Marketing while billing the State Police for a full-time salary and therefore possibly be guilty of theft of services from the taxpayers of Maryland. Lt. White filed a motion to quash the subpoena of records on May 2, 2022. The court is expected to rule on the motion, sending Lt. White into investigatory hell with the Maryland State Police combing through all of his records. 


Should those allegations be valid, a Grand Jury in Anne Arundel County could be asked to investigate how and why senior officials in the State Police failed to provide oversight for the actions of George White.


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