ELECTION 2022 GOP primary in St. Mary’s has low flow of bucks while Sterling dominates Fritz in social media campaigning

ELECTION 2022 Big Money Sitting on Sidelines As GOP Primary Has Six Weeks to Go

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – With a few exceptions, the largess of loot coming to candidates is sparse thus far in the GOP primary election races for St. Mary’s Commissioner and Sheriff. The next reporting is yet to arrive on June 14, 2022, and the current outlook on reporting of contributions and expenditures could change quickly.

The major fundraising effort in terms of crowds was that of Jaymi Sterling when she packed the social hall of the Hollywood Volunteer Firehouse, a room that can easily hold five hundred.

The event on April 26th found Sterling joined by her parents and family in a festive meet and greet that included hundreds of photos of attendees photographed with Governor Larry Hogan and First Lady Yumi Hogan.  

Neither Sterling nor her opponent for the Republican nomination for St. Mary’s States Attorney, Richard Fritz, have filed new reports as of June 2, 2022. The original report for Sterling showed her with a bank balance of $80,000 while Fritz raised about $5,500 from three defense attorneys. Both are sure to report sizeable new amounts in both spending and receiving for the June 14 deadline.

Fritz has come a long way in the social media arena as his YouTube channel contains one video, entitled ‘Experience Matters,’ and has but 18 subscribers. In contrast, the video was viewed 110 times. Fritz has provided nine videos on YouTube for voters to become familiar with him. Each of the Fritz campaign videos appears to have been viewed a little over 100 times. The videos show a candidate in a way that may give pause to those thinking about voting for him for yet another term.

Fritz says that his opponent has never handled a homicide case in the comments under his video.

On his Facebook campaign page, Fritz boasts a little more than 530 followers and touts an upcoming fundraiser at the Belmont Farm on June 5, 2022. The videos posted by Fritz on Facebook, the same ones from his YouTube page, appear to pick up a little over 400 views on some.

In contrast to the Fritz campaign effort on social media, a video on Justice by Jaymi Sterling posted on Facebook was viewed over 1200 times in just two days after being posted. Sterling’s campaign Facebook page has over 2600 followers. A Fritz video posted on his campaign Facebook page on May 23 has gained 419 views in ten days. Sterling’s campaign takes a back seat to Fritz on YouTube, with only three campaign videos posted and a smattering of views. Sterling only has eight subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Sterling has 334 followers on Twitter and picked up 3,314 views of her video.

From a content and appearance standpoint, Sterling’s composure, attractiveness, delivery, and content are far superior to Fritz in every way as he pronounces himself to be best for the job as prosecutor.

 It will be tough for Sterling to top Fritz’s performance in his interview with ABC 2020’s Chris Wallace with his famous quote, ‘it happens all the time.’

Sheriff Candidates in St. Mary’s Social Media Scorecard

Steve Hall has 45 followers on Twitter.

John O’Connor has 3,056 followers on Twitter.

Todd Fleenor does not appear to have set up a Twitter page.

Sgt. Todd Fleenor filed for Sheriff in St. Mary’s County.


Fleenor – 335 followers. Fleenor posted the following comment on his Facebook page next to Police Training Commission records of his time as a police officer in Maryland:

“Tough on crime comes with complaints. As long as my family, my coworkers, and the law-abiding citizens of St. Mary’s county are safe, then my work is successful.

I have been ON the front lines since day 1. No other candidate can say that.

I am proud of the work I have done and even more so, proud of the men and women I have been able to do the work with.

If you have any questions about the attached information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’d like to thank Steve Hall for access to this information.”

St. Mary’s Sheriff Candidate John O’Connor interview April 24, 2022

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O’Connor has more than 3,600 followers on Facebook.


Hall – 1461 followers on Facebook.

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