Crime & Drugs: drug arrests in Southern Maryland – outcomes, and accountability; what happened to the SHRIMP EXPRESS?


Timothy A. Ridgell, 36, of St. Inigoes, Md., shown in this photo taken on June 1, 1994, under arrest by Maryland State Trooper Donald Harrison for possession of drugs after his arrest on Md. Rt. 5 in Park Hall, Md. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photos

The following photo caption appeared in ST. MARY’S TODAY with this photo on June 7, 1994.


Trooper Don Harrison, right, with the driver of a tractor-trailer, Timothy A. Ridgell, 36, of St. Inigoes after observing the rig being operated recklessly. Several thousand in drugs, scales, glassine pouches and foil were found in his cab. His load of shrimp bound for New Jersey was later searched by police. ST. MARY’S TODAY photo

A heavy-duty wrecker prepares to tow the big rig operated by Timothy A. Ridgell of St. Inigoes following his arrest on drug charges on June 1, 1994.
Foil-and-papers-retrieved-from-cab-of-Timothy-A.-Ridgell’s-tractor-trailer-loaded-with-shrimp-and-drugs-June 1,1994.
This big rig was sidelined on the shoulder of Rt. 5 in Park Hall, Md. on June 1, 1994, following the arrest of Timothy A. Ridgell of St. Inigoes on charges of transporting drugs and distribution material.
Maryland State Troopers, Craig Tyer, left and Bernie Green search inside the truck cab after Timothy A. Ridgell was arrested for possession of drugs, scales, glassine pouches, and foil.
Maryland Trooper Craig Tyer supervises the seizure of the SHRIMP EXPRESS operated by Timothy A. Ridgell.
Maryland State Police Lt. Fred Davis and troopers inspect cartons of frozen shrimp for drugs after the arrest of the driver, Timothy A. Ridgell, of St. Inigoes, Md., on June 1, 1994, after a search warrant was obtained and the truck towed to the State Police Barrack parking lot in Leonardtown.


When charges disappear from official records with no prosecution or conviction there are several reasons for that mysterious outcome. No charges involving drug dealing on the part of Timothy A. Ridgell, of St. Inigoes are posted on Maryland court records.

Possible reasons:

  1. The evidence was lost, the witnesses disappear, or the police officers fail to appear in court.
  2. The accused works with investigators from the police agency and or the DEA to snitch on higher-ups in the drug distribution chain in return for all charges dropped.
  3. Favoritism is shown to the accused due to the standing of that person in the community and the influence wielded in politics and the Good Old Boys club.
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