TRADE SECRETS THEFT SAGA: The Fine Old English Ascential Gentleman:


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TRADE SECRETS THEFT SAGA: The Fine Old English Ascential Gentleman:

(To be said or sung at all Ascential dinners)

By Ken Rossignol

Adaptation of the poem of Charles Dickens,
which was a parody of the song by Henry Russell
Poetic Commentary on the News

I’ll sing you a new ballad, and I’ll warrant it first-rate,

Of the days of that old gentleman who had that old Compass Marketing estate;

When Dan and Mike White spent the money of brother John at a bountiful old rate

On ev’ry mistress, pimp, and scamp, at ev’ry noble gate,

In the fine old Maryland times, when they brought in Wunderkind Chip;

Soon may they come again!

The good old laws were garnished well with gibbets, whips, and chains,

With fine old English penalties, and fine old English pains,

With rebel heads, and seas of blood once hot in rebel veins;

For all these things were requisite to guard the rich old gains and went out on their own to create Flywheel Digital

Of the fine old Ascential English Tory times;

Soon may they come again!

This secret Compass Amazon code, like Argus, had a hundred watchful eyes,

And ev’ry Ascential peasant had his good old English spies,

To tempt his starving discontent with fine old Chinese and English lies,

Then call the good old Duncan Painter to stop his peevish cries,

In the fine old English Tory times;

Soon may they come again!

The good old times for cutting throats that Dan and Mike cried out in their blood lust need,

The good old times for King & Spalding hunting the men who held their brother Johns’ secrets and creed,

The good old times when Governor Hogan, gave DiPaula glory and station as all good men agreed,

Came down direct from Paradise at more than railroad speed …

Oh the fine old Compass Marketing times;

When will they come again!

In those rare days, the Maryland mainstream press was seldom known to snarl or bark,

But sweetly sang of men in pow’r, like any tuneful lark;

Grave judges, too, little Tommy Miller, and Rachel McGuckian, to all their evil deeds left the State Police in the dark;

And not a prosecutor in twenty score knew how to make his or her mark.

Oh the fine old Compass Marketing times;

Soon may they come again!

Those were the days for Trump’s lower taxes, and quiet for the endless war’s infernal din;

For scarcity of bread, that fine old dowagers Julie and Colleen might win;

For the FBI shutting men of the New York Post up, through Hunter’s laptop to grin,

Because they didn’t think Governor Hogan was altogether thin,

In the fine old Flywheel Digital theft of Compass trade secrets times;

Soon may they come again!

But Tolerance, though slow in flight, is strong-wing’d in the main;

That night must come on these fine days, in course of time was plain;

The pure old John White spirit struggled, but his struggles could be in vain;

A Communist China’s grip was on it, and the secrets soon died in choking pain,

With the fine old English Ascential days,

All of the olden time.

The bright old day now dawns again; the cry for Judge Russell to act runs through the land,

In England, there shall be dear bread — in Ireland, sword, and brand;

And in America soon, new poverty and ignorance, shall swell the rich Chip, Dan and Mike grand,

So, rally round the new World Rulers China with the brutal iron hand,

Of the fine old English Ascential days;

Hail to the coming time!


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