Is it a crime in Maryland for a Judge to lie under oath?

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Is it really a crime for Maryland Judge Michael White, Chief Judge of the St. Mary’s Orphans Court, to sign his name to a check drawn on an account that involves allegedly embezzled funds from a company when the check is made payable to his brother, Daniel White, an assistant state attorney in St. Mary’s County and states on the face of the check that the funds are intended for James “Chip” DiPaula, the former head of the University of Maryland Medical Systems and Chief of Staff for Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich? Was the check for $65,000 used for paying the IRS in order to have a federal tax lien against Daniel and Kelly White released?

There is nothing like getting Judge Michael White under oath to learn the real truth. 

Judge Michael White was sworn to tell the truth, his version of the truth, or perhaps any version of the truth, in litigation pending in court.  Judge White was asked repeatedly, both in a court deposition and by Commission on Judicial Disabilities investigators, if the signature on the check was his.

Check issued out of Compass account for $65,000 to Daniel White, signed by Michael White, and Memo stated Final Payment to James DiPaula and Patrick Miller.
RELEASED-stated-on-Aug-19-2015-federal-tax-lien-$65,527- on Daniel White and Kelly White.
Appellate Court-Judge-Michael-Reed-Chairman-of-Maryland-Judicial-Disabilities-Commission

In June of 2023, the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities held a Reprimand Hearing on Judge Michael White regarding lying to investigators and gave the Judge a minor reprimand, leaving him on the bench to rule on estates left by the deceased in St. Mary’s County as Chief Judge of the Orphans Court.

Call it like it is…a clown show, a circus, a farce, and THE FIX.

That is the Commission on Judicial Disabilities for Maryland. The CJD is led by an associate Judge of the Appellate Court, Michael Reed. Judge Reed has the education and experience learned at the feet of some of Maryland’s trickiest politicians and worked at one of the most elusive law firms in order to have the background to give Judges every consideration and the public the raw deal that citizens expect from the elite in Maryland.

The reprimands of the Commission show that Judges can stay on the bench when they break the most critical of rules of conduct involving honesty, deceit in participating in partisan politics, and lying under oath.

The rules of conduct for Judges are applied very differently for attorneys, who are routinely disbarred for much of the same actions.

When the Commission held its first-ever public hearing on a reprimand, the hearing wasn’t live-streamed so the public could see it. It wasn’t recorded, and the media was not allowed to take any photos or video of the proceedings. Therefore, only reports of the nearly two-hour proceedings were available from news reports and the official summary.  

The Maryland Judiciary provides video of proceedings of disbarment of attorneys, which can be quite entertaining but fails to allow the citizens the opportunity to learn more about the character and abilities of those who are appointed or elected to the positions of a judge in Maryland.

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