Keith Green was picked up and taken in for questioning the day after the murder of Claudia Pickeral. Photo by Ken Rossignol


In 2014, Green was considered for parole and a petition with over 752 names was sent to the Maryland Parole Commission opposing that action.


According to the Maryland Sex Offender Registry, Keith Allen Green is registered at the ATI Physical Therapy located in the Festival Center in Waldorf, Md, 3018 Festival Way, next to the GNC.


Maryland Parole Commission Members

Appointed by Secretary of Public Safety & Correctional Services with Governor’s approval & Senate advice & consent to 6-year terms:
David R. Blumberg, Chair (chosen by Secretary of Public Safety & Correctional Services with Governor’s approval), 2021
John R. Greene Jr., 2018; Rev. Donna M. Hill, 2019; John Dale Smack III, 2020; John W. E. Cluster Jr., 2021; Jane Chace Miller, Esq., 2021; Steven J. DeBoy Sr., 2022; Jason E. Keckler, 2023; Christopher J. Reynolds, Esq., 2024; James Brochin, 2025.

Will group homes for convicted killers that the Parole Board sets free from prison before their terms are complete be located next to the homes of these bozos on the
Parole Board?

Christopher Reynolds – appointed to an interim term in April 2011; re-appointed in January 2012; term will expire in December 2017. Commissioner Reynolds has engaged in the private practice of law for almost 40 years in the District of Columbia and Maryland. He has been and still remains active in a number of civic and community groups serving in leadership positions and giving guidance on governance issues. When he is not working with the Parole Commission, he is a volunteer with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) nominating committee. He enjoys the challenges of working on parole matters.


Prior to preparing release orders, staff must ensure that the offender is serving a parole eligible offense, have completed all pre-release contingencies, there are no outstanding warrants and/or detainers, and the offender’s home plan has been approved.

News and Commentary
By Ken Rossignol

Claudia Pickeral murdered at Longview Beach Md. by Keith Allen Green.

LONGVIEW BEACH, MD. – Thirteen-year-old Claudia Pickeral alighted from her school bus one warm afternoon in February of 1997 a short walk away from her home. Standing nearby was a next-door neighbor, Keith Green.

According to the Maryland Sex Offender Registry, Green now resides at 745 University Drive in Waldorf with an elementary school playground as close to him as Claudia Pickeral’s school bus stop was the day he killed that 13-year-old.  Green can now watch as children play as he selects his next victim.
Dr. Brown Elementary’s playground backs up to the house at 745 University Drive (see marker)  that convicted child killer Keith Green lives in as part of a group home operated by Stepping Stones LLC – which houses transitional inmates from the Maryland prison system. Maryland official let Green out of prison ten years early, cutting short his 30-year prison sentence for the murder of 13-year-old Claudia Pickeral on Feb. 19, 1997. There are a dozen sex offenders living near schools in St. Charles. Many of the group home residents are convicted criminals and the expensive housing is paid for, in many instances by funds from Maryland agencies.  Photo from Google 

Green had been studying the rapidly developing girl and while he was home alone – his wife was at work – he made a move to accost Claudia. She resisted, he persisted and began to choke her.

Keith Green watches as police scour the murder scene that he left behind the day before when he ended the life of Claudia Pickeral as he attempted to rape her as she left her bus stop next to his house. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo by Ken Rossignol 

A visitor to the small, predominately black waterfront community of Longview Beach was on her way to visit a friend and as she drove by the bus stop, she observed Green dragging the body of Claudia Pickeral across a lawn as he attempted to hide the body behind a neighbor’s house. The motorist stopped at a home nearby and called 911.

Keith Green talks to Detective Ernest Carter about the murder of Claudia Pickeral. After the Maryland State Police assumed control of the case from the St. Mary’s Sheriff investigators, Doolan and Long, he was charged, brought to trial and convicted. Photo by Ken Rossignol

A large police response brought more than a dozen law officers to the scene and detectives began their investigation.

The next afternoon, police recruits were combing the area for clues and Keith Green stood out on his lawn, arms folded, as he pondered the progress of the probe.

Cadets from the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy search the Claudia Pickeral Murder scene for clues. Photo by Ken Rossignol

Several television satellite trucks were parked on the small side streets of the neighborhood and reporters talked to detectives while a dozen neighbors chatted among themselves and viewed the crime scene.

Feb. 25, 1997 – On the second day of the investigation into the murder of the 13-year-old Longview Beach girl who died of strangulation at the hands of a vicious killer, the forward progress of the probe was temporaily cast into severe turmoil when a St. Mary’s prosecutor and the county’s sheriff sidelined the chief investigator in favor of a deputy who is known in law enforcement circles as a prima donna.

 John Horne

By the end of the day as the grieving Thompson family, along with their neighbors and friends attended a two-hour candlelight-service at the Long Beach Clubhouse after planning funeral arrangements, the family of the dead girl had the added trauma of what some say is race-based political grandstanding  at the center of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department investigation interfering with bringing the killer of their child to justice.

Early the next morning a meeting of Sheriff’s detectives working on the homicide probe met to lay out the case for review by Sheriff Richard Voorhaar. Voorhaar, to the surprise of the detectives, arrived with St. Mary’s Deputy States Attorney Christy Chesser and Assistant States Attorney James Tanavage.

Maryland State Police cold case squad led by Roger Cassell, top left, attend a public meeting on Claudia Pickeral investigation. Photo by Terrence Greenhow

During the meeting, Voorhaar told Chesser to not hold back on her views. Chesser reportedly told the detectives that she wanted a deputy who was not currently assigned to the criminal investigation division, Cpl John Horne, to handle the questioning of the chief suspect in the case. Chesser’s move was approved by Voorhaar who then told the leadinvestigator and supervisor, Sgt. Ernest Carter, who had been personally directing the probe, to step aside and let Horne take over questioning of the suspected killer.

Keith Allen Green now lives at 745 University Drive, Waldorf, Md., after being released from prison on Aug. 2, 2018 for attempted rape and murder of Claudia Pickeral.

As both the victim and the suspect are both black, as is Sgt. Carter, and the theory that society is color blind and race never makes a difference is all a cruel mockery of the truth, the sole purpose of the investigation underway last week, that of arresting the killer of the young child who was merely walking home from school was sidelined as the white sheriff and white prosecutor made decisions that had the community howling by the time the sun set on Friday as word spread that Carter had been benched.

To make matters worse, Horne, according to police sources, has refused to work under Carter since the senior detective was put in charge of the detective squad two years ago.  Voorhaar had recently attempted to create a special sergeant’s post for Horne but was rebuffed by the County Commissioners who saw through the Sheriff’s finagling of the merit system.

CAPTAIN CROOK – Assistant Sheriff Steve Doolan busted by Sheriff Voorhaar after loot scandal unfolded.

Search Attempted Was of Victim’s Home,
Not Suspect

Horne’s first decision after Friday’s meeting was to send out white detectives out to the murder scene, where the houses of the victim and the suspect stand side by side, to conduct a search.

St. Mary’s County Md. Sheriff Richard Voorhaar and Maryland State Police Maj. Gary Cox attend a vigil urging the arrest of the killer of Claudia Pickeral. Photo by Terrence Greenhow

But to the horror of the Thompson family, the two plainclothes cops didn’t come armed with a search warrant to root through the suspect’s home in an attempt to find physical evidence which could possibly link the suspect with the murder and change his status to that of the defendant.

Mission Impossible

Instead, Cpl. Horne had sent the detectives on a true ‘Mission Impossible’: their assignment was to ask the Thompson family for permission to search their house.

In no uncertain terms, the officers were greeted with loud protests and were told to leave the property after the family learned of their assignment.

Jeers of ‘you won’t come in here and plant any evidence’ were shouted, reminiscent of the O. J.Simpson trial testimony of planted gloves and socks.

A woman at a candlelight vigil for Claudia Pickeral held to urge police to make an arrest.  Photo by Terrance Greenhow. 

The Thompson family couldn’t understand the cruel hoax of the police even if their intention had been to find any notes or diaries that the girl might have kept which could point the finger of fate at the felon who took her life.

The hapless cops who had been given the job of jolting the family with one of the most outlandishly inept moves in local law enforcement history cruised back to Leonardtown with their tails between their legs, leaving behind them a sizable portion of the local black community up in arms.

NAACP President Nace Bowman left, spoke at the vigil. 

With the local neighborhood convinced the only suspect in the case did the evil crime, it was vital that the presence on the case of Sgt. Carter and Detective Darryl Somerville, the son of the county’s only black man to ever be elected Sheriff, was a soothing and reassurance that justice would be done. The task of bringing about justice includes justice for the suspect, should he eventually be cleared, justice for the family by finding the killer whoever he might be, and justice to the community at large.

Why did the appointees of Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan approve this release/

Black Minister That Got Off One Arson Charge, Was A Suspect In Burning His Own Church, Now Is Charged With Torching His RV

Vigil for Claudia Pickeral held in Longview Beach Clubhouse. 

The pride of the community was that the job of determining the identity of the killer could be accomplished by a black man, was quickly disassembled last week.

Green tells where he was at the time of the murder

Green was interviewed on Thursday by ST. MARY’S TODAY as he stood in the driveway of his home watching the semi-circle of television satellite trucks, reporters, police and Thompson family members surrounding the murder scene next to his home.

Green said that he was in his yard sitting in a white wrought iron lawn chair nearby the driveway at 2:30 pm Wednesday. He said that he had put up a red cable between two treesso his Rottweiler “Buster” could run. But because the directions warned against the devise being used to restrain aggressive dogs that he had put “Buster” backin the dog’s pen next to the garage and then gone inside.

“I was watching TV and I might have gone to sleep,” answered Green when asked what he did after he had gone inside and what he was doing when the murder took place.

The interview with Green, who said he is 33 years old, was laid off by Griffin Carpet not long ago and has been laying carpet with a friend in Waldorf but was currently unemployed, was conducted just after noon and again around 3:00 pm just 24 hours after the Leonardtown Middle School student was strangled.

Green said he lived in the house with his wife and three daughters. He said he had grown up in the frame two-story house, which has a one-story addition, had failed to graduate from Chopticon High School and then joined the U. S. Army in 1981. He claims a clean record and said he has never been involved in any criminal activity.

He says his mother had raised him, a sister and a brother, along with several foster children and two adopted children. 

Keith Green lives in this group home that is listed in land records as owned by Keyona and Steven Brooks of White Plains, Md., and operated as a Sober Living facility under the name of Christopher Shannon. Charles County Sheriff Spokeswoman Diane Richardson told THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY that the Sex Offender Unit is well aware of the presence of Keith Allen Green in the group home, located next to the playground of the Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School. Richardson said that officers report Green is in compliance with the terms of his parole and is tightly monitored.  THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo


WALDORF, MD. – According to Maryland real estaterecords, the house located at 745 University Drive in the Carrington Neighborhood of St. Charles in Waldorf which is occupied by a group home isrented by Sober Living from a couple who live in White Plains, Md.

The home is listed in land records as being residential but not the principal residence of Keyona and Steven Brooks, of Sandestin Place in White Plains, Md. Records show that the Brooks bought the house on Dec. 5, 2005, for $318,000 during the height of the housing boom. The previous owners had paid$132,000 for the property on Oct. 3, 1991.

Sober Living lists two facilities in Waldorf whichoperates under the name of Stepping Stones Recovery LLC.

Stepping StonesRecovery LLC lists two facilities in Waldorf, Md., two facilities in Montgomery County, one in Wicomico County, three facilities in St. Mary’s County, ten facilities in Anne Arundel County, and the contact or Owner, listed on both is Chris Shannon, 410 837 3600.

Stepping Stones
Recovery LLC
is registered in the State of Maryland and the resident agent
is Claudia L. Hinsch of 9510 Kentsdale Drive, Potomac, Md.; the principal
office is located at Suite 342 Thompson Creek Mall, Stevensville, Md. From the Stepping Stones website:
:We are proud to offer recovery housing for individuals dealing with substance
abuse as a necessary step in the process of freedom from drugs or alcohol. We
provide the structured, clean, and safe living environment required for the
rehab process. Call or fill out a form today to learn more about availability.”

The Maryland business listing which hosts theArticle of Incorporation does not disclose the names of the officers of the Limited Liability Corporation.  The business entity protects the owners of the LLC from any liability of the actions of it’semployees or residents of its rehab centers such as convicted child killer Keith Allen Green, who lives next to Dr. Brown Elementary School in Waldorf.

The for-profit business owns rehab centers through
the Mid-Atlantic region in addition to Maryland, according to their website.

The Rehab Center Tycoons appear to be placing convicted killers for the State of Maryland and making a profit while failingto disclose to the surrounding community or school officials what their businessis about or the possible dangers to the community.

This statement appears on their website and reveals the source of their customers:

provide safe and productive halfway houses in Maryland for individuals
suffering from substance abuse. As part of our initiative to help our patient’s
transition in a secure manner, we work closely with hospitals, health
departments, private recovery/rehab centers, the courts, and corrections

Also living on down the street from Keith Allen Green is:

Ezra Porter Jr., who resides at 621 University Drive, in St. Charles. Porter is a third-degree
sex offender.

WUSA 9 News reporter Bruce Leshan reports on the placement of convicted killer Keith Allen Green next to Dr. Brown Elementary School in St. Charles Carrington Neighborhood of Waldorf, Md. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo. 
Maryland legislators have failed to provide a basic protection for school children, to ban group homes for dangerous convicts from living near or next to schools.  

“She kept a lot of foster kids, some of them had problems she couldn’t handle,” said Green.

Green was very agitated and said he didn’t get any sleep the night the girl was murdered. He said he just stayed in his house while a helicopter roared overhead and police dogs attempted to track the killer’s path leading from the west side ofOverland Road.

When asked why he didn’t come outside to find out what was happening next to his home, he said he had asked a friend, who told him of the murder and then he didn’t have any interest in being outside.

Signs at Dr. Brown Elementary warn that drugs, tobacco, and pets are not allowed but a convicted child sex offender and convicted murderer lives in a house allows Keith Allen Green to sit in a lawn chair in his backyard next to the school playground and select his next victim.   The Maryland General Assembly could pass a law forbidding group homes near schools instead of worrying about banning the use of straws.

“I don’t go to funerals and that type of thing,” said Green, who’s eyes darted around nervously as the crowd ebbed and flowed along the nearby streets. “It’s so scary, I didn’t know what to do.”

Green says he’s a suspect

“My wife called me from the base housing office where she works, she says I am a suspect in the murder. I can’t believe that, I didn’t kill her, I don’t know why anyone would think I did it. But my wife says it’s all over the base that I’m the suspect.”

The home of Keith Green at Longview Beach was later torched in an arson fire. 

Green said that he had considered the slain girl for baby-sitting for his children but that his wife would only let her parents watch her kids. When asked to describe Claudia’s nature, he said she was quiet-spoken. When asked to describe her physically, Green was asked, was she, as are some teenagers, slender and small or was she taller and more developed, Green didn’t hesitate to declare the latter.

“Oh, yeah, she was really well-developed, not that I would be interested though,” said Green.

“She would get off the bus up the road and walk down here every day,” said Green, who noted that he would likely get around to chopping off the lower branches of the bushy cedar trees on the vacant lot next to his home which was part of the murder scene taped off by the police.

Claudia Pickeral’s parents the day after the murder await news of the capture of her killer.  THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo by Ken Rossignol

“When he saw me take the dog in, he waited for that moment. He waited for the weather to break,” said Green referring to the warm spring-like weather that prevailed in the area for several days, beginning on the Wednesday. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear nothing.”

“It could have been me,” said Green with a very long pause, then continuing with, “it didn’t have to be her.”

Green then said that whoever killed her was “a pervert”.

“Whoever did this probably hid right in there,” said Green pointing to the grove of trees and
bushes marked off with crime scene tape where Claudia’s boots were found early
on Thursday morning.

Girl’s belongings mysteriously appear

Police Investigators said that the area where the boots and some photos from the girl’s missing bookbag were found, was searched thoroughly on Wednesday night and were not present, leading to the belief that the killer returned to the scene of the crime overnight, thereby relieving him of the custody of what would be extremely incriminating material which would be found later during any searches which may have taken place.

Possible Murder Scenario

When a possible murder scenario of the death being just a horrible mistake that began with friendliness being mistaken for possible flirting and a confrontation between the girl and a man quickly getting out of hand with one thing leading to another, to touching and then a scream, and finally to an “accidental death” was suggested to Green, he simply gazed into the cedar grove and nodded.

Beyond this parking lot on the side of the Dr. Brown school building is the playgrounds and the house at right is the group home in which Keith Green resides.

When told that this type of thing happens often and the police would understand as that scenario would simply be a “accident” and not murder, but if he did such a thing, that Green should simply give the police a statement. Green nodded and said he while he didn’t kill her, he would like to talk to Sgt. Carter.

“I know Sgt. Carter,
I can talk to him,” said Green.

At that point, Green remained near the cedar grove while Sgt. Carter was summoned. Detective Sgt. Carter spoke with Green for about twenty minutes away from the earshot of reporters who were standing nearby.

Green released after questioning

But with Carter excluded from the Friday night interview, which lasted nearly three hours, Green was released without any charges being placed.

This much is known about the brutal murder of the school girl, the first since the murder of a St. Inigoes high-school student who was picked up by a delivery driver for Branch
Electric along Rt. 5 twenty years earlier and killed.

Claudia Pickeral was walking home from her school bus stop on Overland Road in Longview Beach at about 3:15 pm Feb. 19, 1997 when she was grabbed by a man who was lurking in the shade of several tall cedar trees as the girl neared her home.

She was strangled, according to the Maryland Medical Examiner, by a man who literally choked the life out of the young girl. As the killer dragged her lifeless body across the gravel lane, in the opposite direction of her home; a woman motorist saw the killer and his dead prey. The man was startled and dropped the girl’s body and ran towards the lower end of Longview Beach.

The motorist, Harriette Johnson, who was touring the middle-class black community which stretches upwards from the shore of the Wicomico River more than a mile to a hilltop which offers commanding views of the Potomac to Virginia; was inspecting the area for a possible home purchase.

The playgrounds of this school immediately abut the backyard of the group home in which Keith Allen Green resides. Green was released ten years early from prison where he was sentenced to a term of thirty years for the murder of Claudia Pickeral, 13 years of age, in Longview Beach in St. Mary’s County on Feb. 19, 1997. 

Harriette Johnson told the jury at Green’s murder trial, “…when the person saw us coming, he dropped the arm of the child. . . . He looked up and took off down the hedges of the house.”

Upon observing the sight of what is routine horror in the movies but shocking in real life, shewent immediately to a nearby home to use a phone to call for help.

Ironically, the witness to the murderer dragging the dead girl selected the home of the youngster, and her mother answered the door, according to family members. The mother called a neighbor, Robin Lindsey, and they both ran to the scene.

Claudia Thompson, mother of the slain child, later recounted in court what took place after Johnson came to her door seeking help.

“I went racing down the road looking for her,” Thompson said. The Post quoted her at trial as stating: “She spotted her lifeless child lying in the driveway of an empty home. A neighbor was already attempting cardiopulmonary resuscitation.”

“Her clothes were all disheveled, all over the place,” Thompson said in a flat voice.”She had bruises on her forehead and on her cheek. She had hand marks around her throat.”

Lindsey attempted to revive the lifeless body with CPR, but to no avail.

“When I first got there, she had no pulse. I could see my own daughter’s face in her face. But after a few minutes I thought at one time we had a faint pulse, but it fadedaway,” Lindsey told ST. MARY’S TODAY. “There were fingernail marks and bruiseson her neck.”

The killer disappeared down the side yard of a vacant house, having left the body in the front yard.

A track by a policedog led to a nearby marsh, but a person cannot walk the marsh and there was no sign of a boat nearby.

Cpl. Jeff McLane called investigators from the tri-county police training academy and volunteered the use of the two-dozen sheriff’s trainees to look for evidence. The blue-suited recruits soon arrived and marched in army fashion down the dusty lane for the television cameras after alighting in military precisionfrom some two-dozen separate vehicles.

Untrained Eyes of Boot Troops

The eager fresh troops assembled for a pep talk by instructors and Lt. James R. “Ronnie” Maloy,, the newly assigned commander of the criminal investigation division and soon went to work walking shoulder to shoulder through the crime scene with their untrained eyes scanning for evidence, obviously happy to be out of the classroom.

Television City Grows Around Murder Scene

Whatever the community failed to grind into the ground on Wednesday afternoon before the first police units arrived on the crime scene, soon disappeared forever under the heels of 48 boot as television reporters from five stations in the Baltimore and Washington markets instructed their cameramen to scan the scene in preparation to go live for the evening newscasts on Thursday.

As WUSA Channel 9’s big white transmission truck lumbered into position just in time to let that station’s reporter, Bruce Leshan, who was the first TV reporter to arrive in Longview Beach that day, to go on the air, dusk began to settle over the countryside.

The satellites and microwave antennae’s beamed the news of the awful wickedness that had taken place the day before in what had been one of Southern Maryland’s most peaceful communities.

This resident of the group home next to Dr. Brown Elementary School’s playground first said he didn’t know Keith Green, then he summoned him to the door to greet reporters. WUSA 9 News reporter Bruce Leshan is filming the group home at 745 University Drive in Waldorf,  Green said he is innocent and was asked if he had apologized to the parents of Claudia Pickeral as a condition of his parole. ‘I didn’t do it, I’m innocent,” Green told THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY, and then refused to answer any other questions.

Clarence “Sonny” Thompson, the dead child’s step-grandfather said quietly as he looked across the cedar grove and the vacant lot towards Green’s house, “You see it every day in the city, you just never expect it down here.” 

Evil vs. Good

The sudden and swift presence of Satan which appeared on Wednesday and used the murderer’s hands to do his dirty deed was soon countered with an appeal to God to bring comfort and healing to the dead child’s family as the huge crowd in the Longview BeachClubhouse swayed to music and joined in prayer.

Further offerings of prayer were expected in funeral services at Holy Angels Church in Avenue which were set for yesterday after press time.

While the Thompson family, there many relatives and friends prayed for God’s help in gettingthrough this horrible chapter of life in the land of pleasant living, the firstinterview of the only suspect, without Sgt. Carter taking part, ended withoutsuccess.

Over the weekend, the mother of the suspect was expected to arrive in town from her home in Florida and likely would dash any further hopes that the police had being able to talk to Green about his whereabouts on Wednesday and any connection he may or may not have to the crime.

Voorhaar Put Politics Over Solving Murder

But the political consequences of the week’s events could have serious impact on the future of the current Sheriff.

Voorhaar’s support in the black community parallels his standing in the rest of the county, likely somewhere around ground zero.

His recent elevation of Sgt. Maloy to the rank of Lieutenant is the second time in the past year he has reached over Sgt. Carter to make a promotion of another Sergeant to the command position he had earlier promised Carter.

ST. MARY’S TODAY has learned over the weekend that Lt. Maloy made a forceful case to Voorhaar for keeping Carter on the investigation after the early morning meeting on Friday.

Voorhaar could be heard outside his office, replying in a loud voice, that Carter was friends with Lt. Donald Purdy and since Purdy was likely to run against Voorhaar next year, that Carter would conduct the investigation in a fashion that would make Purdy look good. Maloy allegedly told Voorhaar that the Sheriff’s idea about the motivations about Carter wasn’t true and that Carter was the best detective to lead the investigation to a successful conclusion.

Voorhaar Won’t Be Prosecuted for Malfeasance

LEONARDTOWN, MD. –In a special report released by Maryland State Prosecutor Stephen Montanarelli, St. Mary’s Sheriff Richard Voorhaar was reportedly told that he would not be charged with malfeasance in office for his interference into the murder probe of a 13-year-old Longview Beach girl last Feb. 19th.

When asked for comment on Saturday, Voorhaar said, “I would rather hold off now on that as there are comments contained in the report that I want to go over and I can’t talk about now as I don’t want to jeopardize the case.”

“I am very pleased,”said Voorhaar. “They did a very thorough job and I cooperated with the investigators 100%. I believe that the whole thing was politically motivated andI have been cleared of any wrongdoing. I am now going to move on. I have done nothing wrong.”

The complaint against Voorhaar was made by the parents of the child who was murdered as she walked home from her school bus.

Claudia and Michael Thompson wrote to Montanarelli and asked him to investigate remarks made by Voorhaar two days after the murder took place.

Sources say Voorhaar was screaming in his office while he talked to the criminal investigations commander last February. Voorhaar allegedly told Lt. James R. Maloy, that he was afraid that Sgt. Carter would quickly solve the murder and subsequently that quick closure would serve to aid the expected candidacy of Lt. Donald Purdy should he run for election next year against him.

Voorhaar denied that
he made that statement.

“I never said that,”said Voorhaar. “I expressed to Maloy a concern that cases were getting dumped so Purdy could make hay with them if he runs for Sheriff against me, he could use it against me. The statement that was printed was not true.”

Detective Steve Doolan explains why he has yet to make an arrest. Doolan later became Assistant Sheriff and retired in the midst of a corruption probe in which he gave building materials to his son and friend which had been seized from a drug dealer in a raid. 

In St. Mary’s County Circuit Court, Keith Allen Green was indicted on Sept. 25, 1998, for first-degree murder. A change of venue was requested and the case was moved to Prince Georges County, Md.  Green was represented by Leonardtown attorney Julian Isadore. Isadore was later disbarred and no longer practices law.

 On Feb. 4, 1999, Green was convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. 

Court Master Allows Killer to Have Visitation With His Daughters Upon Release from Prison

The arson fire of the home of Keith Allen Green in Longview Beach. A jury acquitted  Rev. Lindsey who was charged with arson. Photo by Terrance Greenhow. 

Court records show that on July 5, 2005, St. Mary’s Juvenile Court Master F. Michael Harris recommended that the Plaintiff, Leslie P. Green, of Lexington Park, Md., be granted a Judgment of Absolute Divorce, that the Plaintiff be awarded the custody of the minor children subject to the reasonable/liberal visitation to the Defendant upon his release from prison, that there be no support from the Defendant at this time due to being incarcerated, and that the Plaintiff be restored to her former name of Armstrong. The decree was granted by a Circuit Court Judge on Oct. 3, 2005.

Charles County Sheriff Berry can expect marchers to protest the parole of the vicious killer Keith Green who now lives in Waldorf

Green’s parole opposed by community

In 2014, Green was considered for parole and a petition with over 752 names was sent to the Maryland Parole Commission opposing that action.

“On February 17, 1997, Claudia Pickeral – age 13, was murdered by Keith Green as she walked home from the bus stop.  Keith Green must beheld accountable for his personal choice to kill Claudia Pickeral. Because ofhis complete disregard for human life and the brutality of this crime, justicedemands that this convicted murderer be denied parole.  He must remain behind bars where he cannot again harm another innocent human being. Keith Green must be required to serve his FULL TERM of 30 YEARS.”

The letter was posted on

As of Dec. 10, 2016, Green is no longer an inmate in the Maryland Prison system. The decisions to release inmates are not posted on the Maryland Parole Commission website and the goofball legislators of the Alice in Wonderland Maryland General Assembly have made it possible for criminals convicted of manslaughter to have their records expunged from public view.

Green is listed on the Maryland Sex Offender Registry and resides next to an elementary school playground at 745 University Drive in Waldorf, Md.

Robin Lindsey is interviewed by WUSA reporter Bruce Leshan about her attempt to revive Claudia Pickeral with CPR. Photo by Ken Rossignol

Between the time that Green murdered Claudia Pickeral to the time that he finally was arrested, nearly a year lapsed, due to the incompetence and police politics in the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department in the administration of Sheriff Richard Voorhaar. During that time period, Green sexually assaulted a child in Charles County.

Comment has been requested from Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry.