ELECTION 2018: Endorsement for Republican Nomination for Sheriff of Calvert County – Vote for Craig Kontra


ELECTION 2018: Endorsement for Republican Nomination for Sheriff of Calvert County – Vote for Craig Kontra

The recent revelation that the FBI has conducted a lengthy investigation into allegations that Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans was snaring and sharing leftover prescription drugs from the Asbury retirement center is reason enough to let Evans finish out his term in office, and be done, so he can seek the treatment he clearly needs.

The outrageous hypocrisy and double-standard for Sheriff Evans to be overseeing the arrests of scores of defendants in Calvert County each year charged with the possession of prescription drugs belonging to others and the use of these painkillers when not prescribed to them, while allegedly doing the same thing is not only cause for him to be removed from office but also to be prosecuted.

It has been more than a month since THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY published the article and asked Evans to answer questions raised in the news article. He left a phone message stating that the article was a little silly and he had a Captain answer the question about the handling of drugs turned in to the Calvert Sheriff’s Department.  Both of those responses were included with the article as requested from him before the deadline. Evans has yet to respond to the other questions.

There is a good reason that the Maryland Attorney General cannot take action against Evans for the allegations about the FBI investigation raised in the article published on May 18, 2018. The Attorney General represents the Calvert Sheriff’s Department in legal matters. Therefore, it would be an ethical conflict to be defending the sheriff and prosecuting him at the same time.

The Maryland State Prosecutor should be taking action against Evans and has not yet done so. The prosecutor often delays action when an elected official can take the path of not running for office again or is defeated in a bid for reelection. In other words, the State Prosecutor takes a pass on beating a dead horse.

Mike Evans has held the post of sheriff for four terms, and when asked why he is running again, he says he loves his job.  Evans claims that crime is lowest in Calvert than any county in Maryland. He must not be counting the times he has absconded with prescription drugs that allegedly didn’t make it to the police property held storage to await lawful disposal. Instead, it appears some of the drugs might have become lawman consumed.

How ironic it is that Evans calls the Maryland State Police to encourage them to let a local restaurant owner off of DUI charges, stops the release of Calvert Sheriff’s DUI arrests which had been routinely released for nearly thirty years, yet puts on the dog for LIVE PD featuring the DUI arrests of others – who don’t own a local restaurant.

How ironic is it that Evans would be filmed and photographed by the FBI picking up pills when opioid abuse is a growing problem leading to heroin overdoses and lethal lacing of heroin with fentanyl? Sheriff Mike Evans clearly is not part of the solution, he is part of the problem.

How can Mike Evans pick up a full medical retirement from the Maryland State Police and become a fully authorized Calvert Deputy?  When he was sent for a fitness for duty exam by Sheriff Rodney Bartlett, Evans passed and was able to keep his job as a deputy. Thus, why the medical retirement from the State Police?

Evans has held the post of Calvert Sheriff for four years, and he apparently is now fashioning himself more like a King and not the High Sheriff.

Craig Kontra is fully qualified, trained and experienced to be elected Sheriff. Calvert County Republicans are encouraged to elect Craig Kontra Sheriff.



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