NIGHT SHIFT: Night Shift Detectives Take a Walk on the Dark Side in the City of Demons

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Night Shift Detectives Take a Walk on the Dark Side in the City of Demons

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This NIGHT SHIFT column has been produced with the assistance of more than a dozen people who live in and near Baltimore, Maryland. They all posted publicly on the Facebook Page of the Baltimore City Police Department.

Baltimore, as I call it, THE CITY OF DEMONS – now gives Chicago a run for its money for murders and daily shootings – in a city and state with strict gun laws and presided over by corrupt politicians. A procession of Baltimore mayors has been shown to be incredibly incompetent and corrupt. They give the old Tammany Hall in New York keen competition and rival any big-city crooked officials in St. Louis, Boston or San Francisco.

The hapless Mayor Pugh and her appointee as Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa who is now in prison for not paying taxes for ten years. Pugh is on leave while the Maryland State Prosecutor investigates UMMS and other government bodies of buying her Healthy Holly books by the thousands to influence her official acts as State Senator and Mayor.

The next mayor to go to jail in Baltimore will be another liberal Democrat, Catherine Pugh, who began her glide path to crime riches by playing off her children’s book series “Healthy Holly” while a Maryland State Senator and serving on hospital boards in Baltimore City – extorting these institutions into buying hundreds of thousands of dollars of her self-published books as she favored legislation vital to their operations. Mayor Pugh’s innovative crime slime continued when she was elected to be Her Honor running the city. Her House of Cards is now falling and yet no one seems embarrassed about it. After all, the last Mayor gave the criminals in Charm City a license to riot in 2015 when she declared that she ordered to cops to stand still and give the rioters “room to destroy”.  The Mayor prior to her was caught stealing funds that had been set aside for buying Christmas gifts for children.  The Mayor’s crooked children’s book dealings has now fractured to expose others self-dealing with the largest medical system in the state, promising more revelations of corruption.

Each of these Mayors have catered to the voters who want to disarm police and turn them into smiling beat cops who ignore crime and pass out ice cream cones.  Since 2015, there have been four police commissioners, and one hapless soul who was the acting commissioner. One of them is now in federal prison following his conviction for failing to pay taxes for ten years.  The newest one has been on the job for about a month.

Meanwhile, Baltimore grows more violent by the day as the once fine city turns into a cesspool of criminality.

The shrieking politicians who seem to dominate the city council and the tremendously incompetent states attorney have done everything they can to keep the police department from ridding the streets of the dangerous drug dealers and killers who regularly kill innocent citizens caught in their shootouts, including murdering children.  But it is the police that the politicians want reined in and handcuffed, not the killers.

Let’s take a look at one bloody day in April.

Baltimore Police reported that on April 11, 2019, at 11:17 am, officers were called to the 2800 block of Parkwood Avenue for a ShotSpotter alert. When officers arrived, they found three shooting victims in the area.

The first victim is an adult male with a gunshot wound to his stomach. The second victim is a 27-year old man with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. The third victim is a 39-year old man with gunshot wounds to his leg. A short time later, a fourth shooting victim arrived at an area hospital with a graze wound to his body.

All four victims are currently being treated for their injuries at area hospitals.

The first victim has died from his injuries at the hospital. Homicide detectives are now investigating this incident.


The following discussion ensued on the Facebook Page of the Baltimore City Police Department on April 11, 2019:

Jason R.

“So, there was just a car chase, that was aired by WBAL helicopter… When is it okay to hit someone in a vehicle Commissioner Harrison? Your officers are dead wrong. You could have killed or even maimed this suspect. Regardless of the wrong committed, this young man still has rights. Shameful behavior. A vehicle should never be used as a weapon.”

Tess M.

 “So, if they hadn’t stopped him and it was your child in the road that was ran over and killed, you’d be singing a different tune. You people just never cease to amaze me.”

Marquest C.

“Jason R. are you aware that if he had not run, he would have been taken in custody peacefully and not hit by a car? Just saying.”

Abbie S.

“Jason R. Nonsense. Allowing criminals to run from law enforcement only creates a free pass for them. Everybody would run – why not? They are the perps here, the criminals who need to be stopped and taken off the streets. Hard to imagine why anyone would help/defend the criminals fleeing – but here you are.”

Jamowl B.

Jason R., they should have run over them twice b4 they got a chance to hurt an innocent person that had nothing to do with the dumb ass life they choose to live

Norfolk S.

 Jamowl B., Sad people like you think this way, that why cops running around kill people now. You can only kick a dog so many time til they bite back. When they do, don’t start complaining

Julie M.

Jason R., well he deserved to be hit…he shouldn’t be out stealing cars that people work hard to pay for!

Julie M.

Jason R., that’s what’s wrong with this city…people worry about criminals’ rights rather than victims’ rights! The Baltimore City Police Dept. did the right thing by running him down with their vehicle. Lucky they didn’t shoot him!

Rick T.

Why weren’t these men at work?

Christina L.

Sadly, they probably were “at work”. Drug dealers are killing each other off at an alarming rate.

Nicole H.

Christina L., and they can KEEP killing each other until they’re all gone!

Jerome B.

I thought they were selling Healthy Holly books? 🙂

Jamowl B.

That’s why our city is the way it is. When in the hell did so many people start taking up for the criminals? If you get caught doing a crime man up, you got caught so whatever comes with it is how it goes. I’m confused, do they want the criminals off the street or on the street

Brian S.

Excellent point.

These folks sum up the debate between those in power, the liberal elite of the Democratic Party in Baltimore City that are driving all those who can afford to do so, to leave the City of Baltimore and those cringing in fear as gunfire was heard across the city and the people who are frightened about living in the city. The people are leaving. The population of Baltimore in 1950 was nearly one million. In 1970 the number of citizens dropped to 900,000. Now the people fleeing the city have left behind only 620,000. More than half of the 309 murders in Baltimore in 2018 took place when the victims were shot in the head. They call that “execution style”.

Plenty of murders take place in broad daylight giving City-wide Shooting detectives plenty to do while waiting for the NIGHT SHIFT to take over for the new crop of calls for homicide detectives.


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