MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT: Drug seizures highlight road patrol as troopers bust drug dealing June Bugs; Baltimore drug dealer’s best gal was stacked and packed with a gun in her bra

MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT: Drug seizures highlight road patrol as troopers bust drug dealing June Bugs; Baltimore drug dealer’s best gal was stacked and packed with gun in her bra

PIKESVILLE, MD – Troopers over the weekend made more than 3,800 traffic stops that led to dozens of impaired driving arrests and the recovery of multiple loaded handguns and drugs.

From Garrett County to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, troopers statewide arrested 59 impaired drivers between Friday, June 7 and Sunday, June 9, 2019. Two of the impaired drivers arrested were also charged with illegally being in possession of a firearm. A third loaded handgun was recovered from a traffic stop and the driver was also in possession of drugs.


Among the arrests made over the weekend of June 7, 8, and 9, 2019, include the following incidents:

In Frederick County a traffic stop led to a handgun recovered along with drugs. The drugs seized included 60 oxycodone pills, nine vials of crack cocaine, approximately 9 grams of heroin and two strips of suboxone.


Arrested in Frederick County on June 9, 2019, was Donnell Corey Baker Jr., 21, (DOB 04/01/1998) of 1714 East 31st. Street, Baltimore, Md.  The arresting trooper was Tfc. Jared Daniels who noticed a taillight out on Baker’s Chevy SUV as he traveled westbound on I-70 at 4:51 am at the 59-mile marker, near Route 144 in New Market, Md.

Also, with Baker and riding shotgun, was Kia Maia Coleman, 26, of 408 Park Place, Hagerstown, Md., who was in possession of bags of heroin in her purse. While many women push up their bras with toilet paper to enhance what nature didn’t see fit to provide, Coleman had a loaded .380 caliber handgun nestled between her breasts in her bra. She was truly packed and stacked.


Coleman was safely stowed in a jail cell as ordered held without bond by a Judge. She has nine charges of drug dealing and felony raps for guns to her credit and will likely proudly present those charges to her free attorney, provided by the taxpayers of Maryland.

 Baker is an ex-con thug who went for the big time as a teen, got charged as an adult and who is prohibited from possession of a firearm, which he allegedly had one of such instruments in his vehicle, in violation of Maryland law – thus proving once again that criminals do not obey laws. Baker has sixteen charges associated with his arrest and Maryland taxpayers will be thrilled to learn that they will be providing him with a free attorney.  Baker was ordered held without bond as six of the charges are felonies, as he faces a preliminary hearing on July 2, 2019 in Frederick County District Court.

Baker violated his probation in a theft conviction in Harford County from 2017 on May 23, 2019 and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Knowing that a warrant was out for him, police say that he lied about his identity to Trooper Daniels, and picked up an extra criminal charge.

The original sentence on the conviction was eighteen months suspended to three years’ probation and a fine of $500 suspended to only $100.  A charge of possession of forged currency was put on the Stet Docket as part of his court case.  Free public defender Kelly A. Casper represented Baker in the theft case.

One of the reasons that Baker shouldn’t be driving around the Free State of Maryland and expect to stay free – that is being sent back to prison – is that he entered a guilty plea to armed robbery in Harford County Circuit Court on Dec. 16, 2016.

The then-17-year-old conducted an armed robbery in a Craigslist dealing.  Maryland State Police tracked Baker down after identifying him as one of two suspects who robbed the victim at gunpoint in a transaction in Edgewood where Baker was supposed to buy a Play Station 4 and a Video One Box.  When the victim realized that the cash was funny money, Baker and his associate produced a gun and threatened to shoot the victim before fleeing with the stolen property. With a search warrant, the police arrived at the lair of Baker in Alameda and found the gaming device and a gun as described by the victim. The plea deal with Harford County States Attorney Joseph I. Cassilly provided a sentence in prison of fifteen years. Like all plea deals, the citizens of Maryland got the raw end of the stick and Baker’s sentence was suspended to a mere two years.  

In Anne Arundel County a traffic stop on June 7, 2019, led to a drug seizure of 46 gel capsules of heroin. The heroin seized all together weighed approximately 12.5 grams. 

The person arrested in Anne Arundel County is identified as Ronald Martin Ruppert, 42, of 7100 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Md. The arresting trooper was Tfc Brandon Wilson. Ruppert now faces felony drug distribution charges as he allegedly was equipped to add to the opioid fatal overdose epidemic in the mid-Atlantic region.  Don’t expect Ruppert to use any of his allegedly ill-gotten gains from selling heroin to pay for his own lawyer, as he provided information to the District Court Commissioner needed to pick up a free attorney paid for by taxpayers. Awaiting trial in Anne Arundel District Court on July 2, 2019, Ruppert has been ordered held in jail without bond.

A guilty verdict in Baltimore City in 2015 to possession with the intent to distribute drugs let Ruppert off easy with only two days in jail and three years of probation.

In addition to the impaired driving arrests, troopers throughout the state issued 2,774 citations, 2,631 warnings and 447 safety equipment repair orders. The Maryland State Police want to remind drivers that troopers will be working additional impaired driving patrols throughout the year.

The Maryland State Police continue to support the Maryland Department of Transportation’s campaign “Toward Zero Deaths.” These high visibility enforcement efforts reduce the number of aggressive driving, motor vehicle crashes in which speed, alcohol, and other driving violations are contributing factors to crashes on Maryland roads.

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