HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL: Drug dealer Kevin Briscoe kept his business inventory stuck where the sun doesn’t shine; now he is off to the big house

HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL: Drug dealer Kevin Briscoe kept his business inventory stuck where the sun doesn’t shine; now he is off to the big house

CENTREVILLE, MD. – Drug dealers who ignore the possible consequences of their deadly acts of distribution of fentanyl and other narcotics can be really anal – especially when they keep their supply of drugs stuck up their derriere. This drug dealer, Kevin Briscoe, evidently depended on a supply of Centreville junkies who truly epitomize the term “dopers” by buying his dope. Now his former customers can just look around for a new dealer and Briscoe can contemplate what may be deposited in the future in his former drug stash storage compartment.


Queen Anne’s County States Attorney Lance Richardson reported on Nov. 22, 2019, a Queen Anne’s County jury on Oct. 31, 2019, convicted Kevin Tarrell Briscoe, 27, (DOB 03/14/1992) of 304 Queen Anne Circle Drive #D4, Centreville, Md., of Possession with the Intent to Distribute both Fentanyl and Cocaine on October 31, 2019. The case was prosecuted by Deputy State’s Attorney Michael “Mick” Cuches while the hapless taxpayers of Maryland ponied up the payment for the services of Matthew Connell of the public defender’s office.  Briscoe was ordered jailed the day of the jury’s decision, pending sentencing on Jan. 10, 2020.

Citgo-in-Centreville-scene-of-drug-deal-with-Briscoe, Photo from Google

The charges arose on September 29, 2018, at approximately 12:55 when Queen Anne’s Sheriff Corporal Charles Harris received a telephone call from an individual who stated he observed what he believed to be a hand to hand drug deal in the Citgo parking lot located at 426 South Commerce Street in Centreville. Corporal Harris received a description of the individuals involved and their vehicles, however, the caller remained anonymous.

Corporal Harris and Officer Futrel Jackson then responded to the Citgo and upon their arrival observed three men and the vehicle matching the description given by the caller. These individuals were identified as Sean Michael Merrigan Jr., (DOB 06/01/1990), of 1012 Dulin Clark Road, Centreville, Md.; Reginald Demby, and Kevin Briscoe.

3 min (0.7 mi) via Kidwell Ave from Citgo scene of drug deal to the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s headquarters. Map from Google.

 It was discovered that Briscoe, an ex-con with a record of convictions for burglary, had an active arrest warrant.  Briscoe was convicted in Queen Anne’s Circuit Court of fourth-degree burglary on July 5, 2016, and sentenced to 18 months in jail.  His prior probation was revoked as a result of the conviction and he was sent back to the Maryland Department of Corrections – the Big House. Briscoe was convicted of theft on Jan. 10, 2014 and given a suspended 30-day sentence.

During the search of Briscoe, Corporal Harris noticed the end of a plastic baggie sticking out of Briscoe’s rectum.

Briscoe was then taken to the Centreville Police Department where a strip search of Briscoe was authorized by Sgt. Robert Hobbs in compliance with their departmental policies. This increased search was authorized due to the nature of the initial call, the observations by the officers of the nervous actions of the individuals, their history, and the fact that the officers were unable to locate any contraband indicative of drug dealing.


 During the search of Briscoe, Corporal Harris noticed the end of a plastic baggie sticking out of Briscoe’s rectum. Corporal Harris removed the baggie and placed it on the floor of the holding cell. Inside of the plastic baggie was one Alprazolam pill, and two smaller plastic baggies. Inside of one plastic baggie was fourteen (14) grey capped vials each containing cocaine. Inside of the other smaller baggie were five (5) clear capsules, each containing a white powdery substance initially thought to be heroin. 

Corporal Harris removed the baggie and placed it on the floor of the holding cell.


Later, Officer Jackson returned to the Citgo and reviewed the surveillance footage of that afternoon. The video showed a white pickup truck arrive and meet with the occupants of the silver vehicle for a short period of time, then leave the Citgo parking lot without the occupants of the pickup truck getting gas or going into the building.

The drugs were seized and sent to the Maryland State Police Crime lab where they were tested and came back positive as Alprazolam, Cocaine and the suspected heroin turned out to be Fentanyl.

Briscoe was charged with possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and fentanyl, possession of those substances, as well as possession of alprazolam, and possession of paraphernalia.

Through his defense attorney, Briscoe filed a pre-trial suppression motion arguing that the police lacked reasonable articulable suspicion to stop and interview him and that his eventual arrest was unlawful. The contested Motions hearing was held before Circuit Court Judge Thomas G. Ross, after which a written opinion ruled that the police officer had sufficient reasonable articulable suspicion to speak with  Briscoe, and, nevertheless, the existence of the arrest warrant for Briscoe was sufficiently attenuated so as to dissipate the taint of any purported illegal stop.

The case then proceeded to a jury trial on October 31, 2019, before Judge Paul Bowman, a retired judge of the Circuit Court for Kent County.  At trial, Corporal Harris and Officer Jackson testified about the events of September 29, 2018. Additionally, Maryland State Police Corporal Michael Buckius, a member of the Queen Anne’s County Drug Trask Force, testified as an expert in the field of drug identification, detection and distribution. He testified that the amount of cocaine and fentanyl possessed by Briscoe indicated an intention to distribute. He further testified regarding the characteristics of fentanyl and cocaine possession by mere users, as opposed to those who possess it with the intent to distribute. He further testified that the video surveillance footage from the Citgo was consistent with hand-to-hand drug transactions.

Queen Anne Sheriff Gary Hofmann

The jury convicted Briscoe of all charges and Judge Bowman revoked his pre-trial release status. Briscoe was then ordered to be held at the Queen Anne’s County Jail pending the results of a pre-sentence investigation.

Sean Michael Merrigan Jr. was charged by way of criminal information filed by the Queen Anne’s States Attorney on May 30, 2018, with four counts of possession of drugs and paraphernalia and in a plea deal with Richardson on June 29, 2018, Merrigan entered a plea of guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia. THE DEAL: the drug possession charges were dropped.  On Nov. 27, 2018, Merrigan failed to appear in court and a bench warrant was issued which was served on June 17, 2019, and Merrigan was jailed pending a hearing and was released two days later.

Queen Anne’s County States Attorney Lance Richardson

Sean Michael Merrigan Jr. entered into a plea deal with Queen Anne’s States Attorney Lance Richardson on Jan. 23, 2015 when he faced charges of reckless endangerment, felony first-degree assault, second-degree assault. THE DEAL: Merrigan entered a guilty plea to reckless endangerment and the more serious felony charge was dropped. Merrigan was sentenced to five years in prison with all but two months and 29 days suspended – which he was able to serve in the local country club jail instead of going to the state prison.


Sean Michael Merrigan Jr. entered a guilty plea with the Kent County States Attorney Robert Jones in Kent County Circuit Court on March 3, 2010, following his arrest by Maryland Trooper T. Wiest on May 25, 2009. THE DEAL: a fine of $100 and one year of probation which court records show was violated on Oct. 26, 2010.


Sean Michael Merrigan Jr. was one of three men observed by Maryland State Troopers illegally dumping diesel fuel along the shoulder of Clannihan Shop Road on May 3, 2010.

“Upon interviewing the three suspects, they advised their plan was to take the large fuel tank to a local junkyard for payment of scrap metal,” state police said in a press release. “Since the junkyard would not accept a tank containing fluid, the suspects punched an 8-inch hole in the tank and proceeded to dump the contents.”

The three bozos hoping to cash in on the high prices paid for metal at that time, decided to let the diesel fuel simply drain out of the hole while they drove down the highway but police said that they soon noticed “a large amount of smoke” coming from beneath the pickup, which had resulted from a large volume of diesel fuel flowing from the metal tank and “producing heavy smoke upon contact with the exhaust system of the Dodge truck.”

Police said that the smoke was created by the stream of fuel “coming out of the tank in a solid stream.”

“The tailgate of the truck was opened as the stream of fuel continued to pour out onto the roadway and into the surrounding fields,” Maryland State Police said in a release. “They did not attempt to slow the stream of fuel coming from the tank.”

The result of the Merrigan gang’s effort to spread the fuel oil around so they could sell the tank for metal scrap money resulted in a large area of the roadside being contaminated and a hazmat incident requiring the response of the fire department and a state hazmat unit.


Police did not report on where or if the gang had stolen the tank of fuel oil prior to their great oily misadventure.  With Merrigan were Shawn Patrick Prendergast (DOB 09/27/1987) of 185 Brownsville Road, Centreville, Md., and Shane Michael Prendergast, both of Centreville.

The three felony charges of improper disposal hazardous materials against Merrigan and the Prendergast boys were dumped by the Queen Anne’s County States Attorney on June 18, 2010, proving that the evidence was soaked up by the hazmat team, the police officers did not show up in court, someone lost the photos of the evidence, no one took photos of the evidence, the prosecutors are simply nitwits or Merrigan dropped the dime on competing drug dealers in order to have his charges dropped. It’s reader’s choice day, you pick.  

Assistant Attorney General Michelle Barnes of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office Environmental Crimes Unit was the prosecutor of record for two charges of felony discharge of oil and pollutants in Queen Anne’s Circuit Court on Feb. 14, 2011, when Merrigan was found not guilty.

 Barnes was formerly Dorchester County States Attorney, elected in 1998 and in 2006. Former Attorney General Doug Gansler appointed her to the Environmental Division post in 2007 and as a result, Barnes resigned her post as prosecutor for Dorchester County.  Since leaving the Maryland Attorney Generals staff, she opened her law firm representing criminal defendants from her Cambridge office.

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