REDNECK RACIST ROUNDUP: Five Men Charged with Burglary & Property Destruction in Painting Racist Rant on Football Field at Calvert High School


The trial set on indictments on these suspects was scheduled for Jan. 25, 2021, and has been postponed until March 3, 2021.


  • High Honor Roll Criteria
  • A student must earn a grade point average of 90% or higher with no grade less than 90% in order to be placed on the High Honor Roll for each marking period. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of four high school credits to be eligible for high honor roll. Students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses will have their weighted grade factored into this award.
  • The following student-athletes meet the listed requirements to make honor roll and did a fantastic job of achieving honor roll.  Many did so while competing at a high level for one of our many other sports programs.  There were many other Cavaliers who continued to strive for excellence through the Calvert Strength and Performance Program.  We are proud of all the student – athletes of the Calvert Football program and would like to recognize them below.  Go Cavaliers!
  • 12th Grade
  • Gus Aufderheide Cade Meredith (High Honors),
  • 2019 Post Season Awards:

Program Core Value Awards

The Sean Lee, Courage Award – Gus Aufderheide (Senior, #40)

The Chick-Fil-A PG & SMAC Challenge – SMAC All – Stars

Full Back – Gus Aufderheide (Senior, #40)

All – Academic Team – Gus Aufderheide (Senior, #40)

2019 Post Season Awards – Blue Team Awards

Defensive Player of the Year – Gus Aufderheide (Senior, #40)

Student Athlete of the Year – Cade Meredith, 4.50 (Senior, #11)

2019 Blue Team includes three of the alleged burglars and racists

33 Sr Anthony Sellers

11 Sr Cade Meredith

40 Sr Gus Aufderheide

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. – When little boys at the age of ten scrawl bad words with chalk on the playground at recess, that is just the antics of a bunch of little rascals who need to be paddled when they get home from school.

When eighteen-year-old men paint racist graffiti on the Calvert High School football field, break into a classroom and cause damage to the property owned by the hard-working taxpayers of Calvert County that is the act of punks, thugs, and criminals that are headed for well-deserved periods of incarceration, should they be convicted.  

Almost all of the media reports of the alleged acts of the five men listed below fail to show or use the words, “F*** N***ers that were placed on the football field of Calvert High School. If the graphic with this story is offensive to some readers, they should not read or view this story.  This story is for readers who are “This Tall”.


  Five individuals have been officially charged in the recent Calvert High School graffiti and malicious destruction of property case from Aug. 9, 2020.

Charged in the care are Kyle Edward Hill, 18, DOB 05/01/2002, of 410 Solomon’s Island Road, Prince Frederick, Md.; Andrew Matthew Edge, 18, (DOB 11/23/2001) of 3059 Mayberry Ave., Huntingtown, Md.; Cade Allen Meredith, 18, (DOB 11/05/2001) of 505 Toms Lane, Saint Leonard, Md.; Augustine Robert Aufderheide, 18, (DOB 12/15/2001) of 395 Cambridge Place, Prince Frederick, Md., and Anthony Joseph Sellers III, 18, (DOB 11/04/2001) of 5760 Eucalyptus Street, Saint Leonard, Md. Au

ALL FIVE SUSPECTS WERE ISSUED SUMMONS WHICH SPARED THEM THE BOOKING PROCESS WHICH IS THE TYPICAL WAY THAT ALLEGED BURGLARS ARE PROCESSED. The Calvert Sheriff’s Department issued copies of the driver’s permit photos when pursued by media outlets.

All five individuals have been charged by criminal summons, with two counts of Malicious Destruction of Property less than $1000 and one count of 4th Degree Burglary.

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans reports that on Sunday, August 9, 2020, shortly before 5 p.m. Calvert County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of vandalism/malicious destruction of property to the football field and clubhouse at Calvert High School located at 520 Fox Run Blvd. in Prince Frederick, MD.

Preliminary investigation by the Calvert Sheriff’s Department revealed a racial slur had been spray-painted onto the football field, an outdoor classroom was broken into and damaged, and other areas of the school campus were vandalized with graffiti.

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigative Bureau quickly identified five 18-year-old male suspects, according to Sheriff Evans.

Anyone with additional information concerning this case is asked to please contact Calvert Sheriff’s Detective Dean Naughton at

  • Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans

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