This endorsement advice in the form of a humorous graphic choice between outhouses for readers appeared in 2016.

Ditto for 2020.

President Donald Trump did exactly what he promised in 2016, to appoint those to the Supreme Court who would protect the Constitution instead of writing laws from the bench that endorse contemporary “feelings” instead of supporting the laws and the Constitution.

Readers are encouraged to vote to reelect Donald Trump and say no to the socialism of Harris-Biden. The long lines that early voters are standing in for the General Election are only a preview to the bread-lines that will be a daily occurrence if Americans adopt the lies and fantasies of the Socialist agenda embraced by Joe Biden.

The policies of President Trump have envigorated the economy to the highest levels in the history of any nation in the world; have brought about opportunities for minorities never before provided by previous administrations and stopped United States involvement in endless wars in the middle east.

Trumps early moves to stop travel to China and shut down our borders and balance the reaction to the Chinese virus was the right way and has worked well.

Biden wants to lock down the country again and allow teachers who want to be paid without working while children suffer is the wrong path. Trump will get America moving again, bring vaccines out to protect the public and promote unlimited optimism instead of gloom and doom.

Turn your back on socialism, Democratic party shut downs and riots, lock downs and cities run by clowns.

Vote to reelect President Donald Trump.

Biden says we’re in for a dark winter, contrast that to Trump’s “our best days are still to come”. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2020.

Reader comments

The silent majority has a wonderful economy that benefits everyone. 

Agreed.  The silent majority has a wonderful economy that benefits everyone.  Since the inauguration years ago, it has been fair game to throw punches at the captain of the ship; becoming more fierce and aggressive without remorse or foundation.  Picture countless bullies picking on a single kid on the playground.

The fires, riots, and looting will be the new norm.  Remember it used to be just the crooks that wore masks, now many hide behind them at “peaceful protests” in an effort to create and promote chaos – all at the bidding and government payrolls for “community organizers.”  Remember that other guy who claimed on his resume that he was one?
As we dangle off the cliff’s edge and hold on to a loose root that is our only promise, it will not be the hand of a 47-year politician and an 80-year-old white man that will reach to save us.
If you like the rainbow flavors and future – be careful what you ask for.  You will not only get it, but they will get all you have.  Selling plasma may be your only hope (minus tax, shipping, hazmat fees, etc.).

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