OPINION: THE RAMBLER – “Oh shut up, silly woman, said the reptile with a grin. You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.” Al Wilson, The Snake 1968

“Oh shut up, silly woman, said the reptile with a grin. You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.” – Al Wilson, The Snake 1968

This column by Carlleen Cairns was published just before the 2010 election when the voters threw out the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, triggering a GOP takeover of Congress following the debacle of Obamacare.
Carllleen Cairns died on March 7, 2021.

Nature of the Beast

            I have always liked the lyrics to the above song, for the lyrics clearly embrace the nature of the beast and the stupidity of those who fail to understand that no matter what you do, the beast will always be the beast.

The song opens with a woman stumbling across a half-frozen snake; she takes the snake home, wraps it in silk, and feeds it milk and honey. After recovering, she hugs the snake telling him how beautiful he is as she is speaking, the snake bites her, his bite is filled with venom, she cries out to the snake asking how he could do such a thing, the above quote is his response to the dying woman. No matter how helpless or beautiful the beast can appear, it is still a beast and will always act according to its nature.

It was 2010 a few days before Democrats were tossed out by the voters and Steny Hoyer booted as majority leader.

            If the Liberals/Progressives retain control of the Senate and House this election season, we need to change our National Anthem from The Star-Spangled Banner to Al Wilson’s The Snake. Over the past two years, our elected leaders have shed their skin and bared their fangs; they have proven that they have simply been deceiving us when all along they have been a brood of vipers just waiting to sink their fangs into the electorate and spread their venom throughout this nation.

            We have given the Liberals/Progressives everything we have, our trust, our children, and our future; our hard-earned money and the very freedoms so many have shed their blood to preserve; we were enticed by their beautiful words and phrases. At the first opportunity, when surrounded by others of their kind, they have bitten the very hand that has fed them and allowed them to grow strong and powerful.


            We have watched as the very foundations of our nation have been ripped out from under us; we have been told to sit down and shut up. Our elected leaders laughed in our faces as they raped our Constitution and shredded our Bill of Rights. They have, with great arrogance, marched among us, daring us to say a word as they shoved Obamacare down our throats. When you, their employer, attempted to speak out and question their actions, you are called “domestic terrorists,” “racists,” and too stupid to make your own daily decisions.

            When the electorate spoke in the primaries, we were once again ignored by those who say they represent us. Many candidates who lost their primaries are now mounting write-in campaigns. Get over yourself; the people voted; you lost, you do not have the divine right to the title you are so desperately attempting to hang on to. You care not a wit about the people; you are simply drunk on your own self-importance.

            In just about every state this election, we have a chance to send the brood of vipers back to their snake holes, back to the swamp from which they slithered. This is the most important election of my lifetime; the fate of a nation and the future of generations to come will be determined. If we re-elect the snakes slithering around our districts now, all will be lost; our feet will be firmly planted on becoming a third-world nation. We have the opportunity to administer the antidote to the venom working its way through our nation.


            When you pull the lever or mark your ballot remember the way you have been treated, remember the meetings where your voices were silenced, where you were treated with contempt and mocked by those who consider themselves better than you, the people who placed them in office. Elected representatives work for you; you do not work for them. Those of you with children and grandchildren look into their eyes and decide if their future will be brighter and more hopeful by re-electing those who currently hold the position. If not, vote them out. This election is too important to sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to cast their ballot. Do not depend on your family, friends, neighbors to bear your burden and your responsibility. You must become engaged and let your voice be heard.

The choice is up to you either to administer the antidote to the venom infecting our nation or, as a nation, die a slow and painful death.

Doomed Souls

Carllleen Cairns died on March 7, 2021.

By Carlleen Cairns, December of 2011

“And if anybody had doubts, he felt guilty and kept his mouth shut—because they made it sound like anyone who’d opposed the plan was a child-killer at heart and less than a human being. They told us that this plan would achieve a noble ideal. Well, how were you to know otherwise? Hadn’t we heard in all our lives—from our parents and our schoolteachers and our ministers and in every newspaper, we ever read and every movie and every public speech? Hadn’t we always been told that this was righteous and just? Well, maybe there is some excuse for what we did at that meeting. Still, we voted for the plan—and what we got, we had it coming to us. You know, ma’am, we were marked men, in a way, those of us who lived through the four years of that plan in the Twentieth Century factory.”

The above quote is only a very small part of the conversation between a former worker of the Twentieth Century factory and Dagny Taggart in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. For those of you familiar with Atlas Shrugged, you know how the story of Twentieth Century factory ends, the end is predictable for those who know and understand human nature, and it is the end our Founding Fathers worked hard to prevent, yet it is the end we as a nation have now chosen with our vote that made us the “marked man” of Twentieth Century factory.

As a nation, we have kept our mouth shut and went along with the plan; after all, we did not want to be thought of as heartless and less than human, so in silence, we voted for the plan knowing deep within our souls we were voting our own destruction. We chose to be destroyed rather than face the insults and sneers of those with a hidden agenda. We stood down so they could stand up. This was not a hostile takeover but one of grand design to silence any questions or thoughts outside of the box. For those of us who questioned the plan, we were threatened and shouted down not with thoughts or ideas but rather with hollow words and flowery phrases.

As with Twentieth Century factory workers, we have been told the plan is a “noble idea” after all, isn’t true sacrifice for others the noblest act one man can give to another. As so many hear in church every Sunday, if Jesus could lay down His life for man’s salvation, what is a little sharing with those less fortunate than you. I find it rather amusing that those same people who preach with such fervor on their soapbox of self-righteousness are the same ones who choose not to live by their own standards. These are the same people who attempt to convince us that they and only they have the answers to all of life’s questions; as I look around this nation, I would say they have done an excellent job of selling their fake bill of goods, and much like the Twentieth Century factory workers we have sealed our own fate.

I sometimes wish I could be one who sees life through the prism of grand delusions in my own narcissistic mind, believing that I am like one of the gods on Mount Olympia looking down on the little people who, unlike me, are not one of the noble ones. So, I must lead them by the hand, all the while whispering that their worth can only be found while following my lead; their worth is only what I deem acceptable in my eyes and what makes me feel superior in my own twisted thoughts. Heaven help me for some reason; I can’t live my life by the moral code of that forged in the deepest pit of Hell; I understand that man can never reach a “noble idea” for man is imperfect and flawed. Ego and control have always been the weapons of tyrants and killers of the soul. The Bible warns us not to fear those who can take our earthy life, but those who can snatch the soul for eternal damnation are to be feared above all else. As I gaze around at my nation today, I better understand what the Bible means, for we have become a nation of snatched souls.

Like the workers of the Twentieth Century factory, we have agreed to the “noble ideal” of working according to our abilities so that we can supply others with their needs. In only four short years Twentieth Century factory went from being a major player in the world market to a company that was both financially and morally bankrupt. For to give a man what he has not earned by his labors but what has been earned by the labor of others is to doom both of them to a hate-filled hellish existence, only those with such a noble idea are left with feelings of god-like delusions as they choose who wins and who loses. Yet, in the end, we all lose, for those who produce soon grow weary of the demands of those who demand.

Ultimately the largest loser in this game will always be those who enforce the “noble idea” for the biggest lie they told is to themselves; they cover their lies and manipulation with poetic phrases to mask the foul stench of their deceit while in their minds, they are the noblest of the noble; however, their soul knows there is nothing noble about them, they are genuinely filthy liars.  A sickness of the soul is far worse than a sickness of the mortal body, for the body will soon decay, but the soul lives on for all eternity the darkness of their souls will be exposed; they are soul branded, marked, and claimed by their owner in Hell.

If we do not shake off the Rip Van Winkle slumber to which we have fallen, we will soon find ourselves tethered not with the soft bounds of tyranny but with the cold hard shackles of inescapable slavery, for the noble ones cannot exist without the labors of a few and soon those who labor will be no more as they give up or become part of the monster created by the noble ones, their efforts just a memory leaving behind the hyenas snapping and snarling over the last remains of those who provided for their daily existence. It is at this time when the noble ones will find themselves on the floor of the jungle to be ravished by the remaining hyenas, for without the workers, the noble ones will have nothing left to stave off their own tortuous demise.

Unlike the Twentieth Century factory workers, there are a few of us willing to confront and call out the noble ones, we who are willing to risk all to prevent this nation from the same fate as Ayn Rand’s Twentieth Century factory, but time has become our enemy. It is time to denounce the lies and stand forth with truth, for the Bible tells us that the truth will set us free, so it stands to reason that a lie will enslave us, call the noble ones precisely what they are, liars straight from Hell, to fail to do otherwise is to sentence your own soul to Hell.

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