The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.
H. L. Mencken


When a police officer files a claim for medical treatment due to his work, the claim by him or her should be taken very seriously and examined carefully to be sure that the officer is treated respectfully.  Last year, one commander of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department filed a lawsuit against the Board of County Commissioners, claiming that stress was too much for him to handle on the job and he needed compensation. 

The lawsuit was settled in his favor by the St. Mary’s Commissioners and sent back to the Workmen’s Compensation Commission of Maryland for action in favor of the Sheriff’s commander.

Evidently, the compensation provided to the Sheriff’s commander made him feel so much better, and the award must have soothed the stress for him so he could continue his career.  The commander got so much better, so fast, that he has been able to put all that police work stress behind him. With his twenty-seven years on the job under his belt, one might expect that this commander would simply retire and get away from all the pressures of being a senior official in a growing county in Maryland.  

Yep, get away from the stress of supervising a large number of law enforcement personnel who are confronted with tense situations each and every day. Stress. Stress. Stress. Each and every day. Yep, retire and go fishing.

C-18-CV-19-000205 | In the Matter of Steven Hall
Case Number
Saint Marys Circuit Court
File Date

Appeal – Administrative Agency – WCC

But this isn’t the way it all worked out. 

This Sheriff Commander was so resilient, with all that taxpayer money in his pocket to make him recover from the stress, so quickly, greenbacks, cash money, tax-free – that he decided to stick around and stay in law enforcement. This Sheriff’s Commander isn’t just going to take an easy desk job – not that Sheriff Tim Cameron is running short on easy desk jobs – he’s got plenty of them and has staffed those jobs with his old friends over the years in an orgy of double-dipping.

This St. Mary’s Sheriff Commander has recovered from his nearly terminal and terrifying case of STRESS OVER THE TOP on the job that he has decided to run for the office of St. Mary’s County Sheriff and has filed in the GOP primary in 2022.


In 2014, this St. Mary’s Sheriff Commander didn’t want to comment on his being suspended for two weeks by St. Mary’s Sheriff Cameron after an outing with high-powered rifles on a farm next to the Wildewood neighborhood resulted in live rounds blasting into a home, with some live rounds landing in a baby’s bedroom just feet from crib where an infant was sleeping.

St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron said he was “mortified” that the target practice by his officers was so reckless and dangerous to the community.

 Sheriff Cameron promised a “thorough investigation,” which is code for ‘shut the hell up and quit asking questions as this is a personnel matter and you will never learn the truth.’  Cameron typically answers in a bit more polite way, but the result is the same.

Cameron never issued a report.  

Leaks are great in any government agency.  One leak from the Keystone Cops in Leonardtown is that the Sheriff’s Commander in charge of the Special Operations who was suspended for allowing the shockingly dangerous gunfire to be conducted without a proper background to absorb the live fire from the police gunfire – Captain Steve Hall – allowed a civilian vendor to be involved in the gun frolic that sent live rounds in the baby’s room. 

Now that 2014 incident didn’t cause Hall to seek compensation for his stress over the matter.  Clearly, his stress must come from other duties associated with his command position.  Choosing between jelly-filled and glazed donuts when ordering donut delivery from Dunkin’s. Or where to go out to eat at lunchtime. Or is it time to drag out the armored truck for a spin?

Now Captain Steve Hall wants to be elected Sheriff. Maybe Hall doesn’t know that the Sheriff’s job is stressful. 

Sheriff Cameron said in 2018 that he was running for another term due to his need to arrange for his succession. Cameron’s handpicked successor blew up Cameron’s plan for who would be his successor when he was forced to quit while under investigation for truthfulness. Thus, Cameron ran again in 2018. Now when he sees his newest handpicked successor struggle to answer as to why gunfire landed near an infant and why he sought compensation for stress last year – Cameron just might fire up the old campaign machine one more time. After all, he needs to have the Sheriff’s Headquarters named after him, not after that one-term Sheriff Joe Lee Somerville.  Like, what did he do anyway? Yep, the HQ needs to be named after Tim Cameron. Lots of pomp, ceremony, bugles blowing, flags waving, and candy passed out to the kids.  Speeches too.


Fritz-and-Cameron-thank-The Enterprise reporter John Wharton-for-positive-news-coverage when he retired. Now they’ll have to kiss up to the Hambone Gazette since the Emptyprize is no more.

 After all, Fritz is running again, and they have been a great tag team all the way back to 1998 on that night when Cameron was the midnight shift supervisor and Fritz, Voorhaar, and their designated actors were assuring that the voters would never read anything critical about them before casting their ballots that day by cleaning out newsstands of all available copies of the election day edition of ST. MARY’S TODAY before the polls opened.

Mike Tyson & Richard Fritz discuss rape. 2002


Just as Fritz is readying his golf sponsorship signs for the loyal members of the bar to sponsor for his spring campaign fundraiser, and have them all line up to be sponsors of his fundraising oyster roast and start collecting on all those promises from the Good Old Boys who have been the beneficiaries of dropped charges, Stet Dockets and PBJs over the years to come alive again as his street team to invade local bars to buy drinks with walk-around money; a fresh opponent is ready to file to run him out of office.

Will Fritz simply activate his NUCLEAR OPTION and file criminal charges against this opponent, heck, there have been lots of leaks about what fierce accusations will be branded across this opponent.  In 2000 he threw 120 criminal charges against his opponent, and all of them were dropped or decided to be without foundation.  But by the time the stink flowed up from the Walled City of Leonardtown, his opponent was tarnished and whipped like a junkyard dog.  The Good Old Boys got a big laugh over that one.

Fritz has only lost two elections since 1994. He lost the Democratic Primary to Walter B. Dorsey that year, and in 2004 he was skunked on both the Democratic and Republican primaries by Karen Abrams.  Most remarkable was that with Republican voters, Fritz came in third in the Judge’s race. Think about it. Over 72% of Republicans voted for two Democrats, Abrams and Bryan Dugan, over Fritz, and the woman in the race, Judge Karen Abrams, retained her seat on the bench and was elected to fill the 15-year term.

 There was a reason for this. The Good Old Boys had nothing to gain with Fritz winning the Judgeship and a lot to lose.  With Fritz as States Attorney, the Good Old Boys can all get lots of great plea deals and never have to appear before a Judge.  If Fritz were to win in 2004 and became Judge, he couldn’t do anything for his old pals. He would have to recuse himself for any cases involving the Good Old Boys.

That is part of why he lost.

The rest of it has to do with how many voters saw his response to Chris Wallace in the interview on ABC News 20/20 when he said that three men having sex with a 15-year-old ‘happens all the time.‘  The Abrams campaign had numerous gatherings where the videos were played for women who had not seen them.

In Judicial elections, candidates must file to run in both party primaries. Strange yes, but you are living in the Peoples Republic of Maryland.  Lots of stuff here are strange.


Jaymi Sterling is being urged to file, and those in the know expect her to do so by the end of November.  Will Fritz pull out his old bag of tricks again with a strong, well-liked Republican woman in the race for states attorney?

Jaymi Sterling was Deputy States Attorney until she blew the whistle on the hoodwinking job Fritz pulled by spending thousands of dollars taking his staff to Ocean City for two conferences that had been canceled due to the Wuhan Flu.  Sterling also is aware of the inner workings of the Fritz prosecution team.  Her father, Gov. Larry Hogan, is a seasoned politician and can be expected to campaign hard among St. Mary’s Republicans – and they really like Hogan.

Governor Larry Hogan with Karin and Jack Bailey and their children. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

While plenty of colorful happenings have taken place over the years in St. Mary’s County election history, don’t count on being bored this time. 

The St. Mary’s County Wonky Democrats couldn’t put on a decent election or draw a bigger crowd than a one-armed bearded lady with two midgets riding an elephant could draw.  The St. Mary’s Democrats elevate their top nutjobs to run for office with talking points created by Terry McAuliffe and Al Sharpton. Even the big-deal Democrats of Maryland politics are so far left that they have been made honorary citizens of San Francisco.

There was a day not long ago when Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans by five to one.  No more.


The latest public hearings of the Redistricting Commission were attended by about three- and one-half people, all pointing out that the commission members were all ‘White Republicans.’  The Marxist Democrats probably all went to a wine bar for some more whine and sat around a big table creating new “Racist” signs for their next protest.

  • Jaymi Sterling with her husband, children and parents as she starts her new job as a prosecutor on Anne Arundel County, Md.

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