ANGELA ALSOBIDEN – Violent Crime Soars in PG County As Democrat County Executive Alsobrooks Seeks Senate Seat in Maryland in Contest with Law and Order Record of Governor Larry Hogan


The race in Maryland for the open United States Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Ben Cardin, famous mostly for his aide who videotaped gay sex acts in a U.S. Senate hearing room, will turn on the issue of crime and which candidate is best equipped to do something about the spiraling crime rate in America.

The race is between Democratic candidate Angela Alsbrooks, the current County Executive of Prince George’s County and a former state’s attorney, and Republican candidate Larry Hogan, the former Maryland Governor.

As of May 25, 2024, the number of murders in Prince George’s County adds up to 37 (that the police know about) according to the crime statistics accumulated by the PG County Police Department.  Murders for the same point in time in 2023 added up to 33, showing that the killers of Prince George’s are working hard to off their victims while Braveboy is the State’s Attorney.

In the week ending May 25, 2024, there were five sex offenses and five rapes, with the year-to-date tally clocking in at a hefty eighty sex offenses and forty-four rapes, compared to ninety-seven sex offenses and forty-nine rapes in the same time period in 2023.

Robbery remains a popular sport in the crime division of Prince George’s County life that is not committed by politicians and elected officials.  There were 26 robberies in the week ending May 25, 2024, compared to 27 robberies in the same week of 2023.  A special auto squad set up by the PG Police seems to have dampened the appetite of hoodlums in PG County, as in the May 12 to May 18 week of 2023, there were 13 carjackings compared to 4 in the 2024 week of May.  

The year-to-date figure for 2024 carjackings is 134 compared to the 2023 year-to-date of 178, still making Prince Georges County a hellhole to live in. This is certainly a statistic that Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks shouldn’t want to talk about in a debate with Republican U.S. Senate Candidate and former Governor Larry Hogan.

Governor Larry Hogan features the Maryland State Police sign in Annapolis as he reopened the Barrack which had been shut down by the O’Malley administration. Photo courtesy of the Taxpayers of Maryland.

Overall, as Alsobrooks begins to map out a campaign for the United States Senate, the horrible record she has of managing Prince George’s County is going to be a tough sell as violent crime is up over twelve percent for the year to date. As Alsobrooks was the elected state’s attorney for eight years, her soft-on-crime approach in massive numbers of plea deals for violent crimes helped lay the groundwork for the criminal class of Prince George’s County.

Maryland State Police Beat / Hogan reopens door to Annapolis State Police Barrack closed by O’Malley

Gov. Larry Hogan on Crime Victims

Gov. Larry Hogan announces results of 18 new indictments, including two more correctional officers sneaking in contraband at Jessup state prison; now corruption sweep has cleaned out more than 100 alleged criminals in Maryland prison system

CRIME CONTROL: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore from repeat offenders, violent gangs and weak-kneed liberal judges

Angela Alsobrooks was PG States Attorney and continued to evade accountability for the fare evader Leon Quarles

Election 2018: Campaign Cash Continues Culture of Corruption in PG — on Angie Alsobrook’s List of those who may pay to play as she decides run for PG Exec or to replace Hoyer

So. Md. Police Beat: Purple Drank Charges for Christopher Smith; 3 others indicted; charges dumped by PG Prosecutor Angela Alsobrooks

MURDER USA Convicted of Robbery & Carjacking; PG Prosecutor Alsobrooks cut deal in 2014 that let Devonte Proctor out on streets to kill Terria Petty

PLEA DEALS: Raquan Zimmerman Given Sweet Plea Deals by States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks

PLEA DEALS Prosecutor Angela Alsobrooks Gives Sweet Deal to Admitted Gun-Toting Drug Dealer James Wilson Jr.

MURDER USA Roland Proctor won’t have to worry about shelling out for a Father’s Day present for his old man; charged with killing dear old Dad; Only Five Years in Prison for Murder in Plea Deal with Prince Georges County States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks

Alhaji Bah could have done some real time from robbery and drug dealing charges, but State’s Attorney Alsobrooks gave him a plea deal. Now the deal is murder.

When PG State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks failed to imprison Alhaji Bah on robbery and drug charges, he was left free to conspire to kill a man. Bah was convicted and appealed his conviction, the appeal verdict is shown below and in the case file.

Here, the evidence was sufficient for the jury to find that the appellant conspired with at least one other person to kill Mr. Puryear. The State introduced text messages and witness testimony, in particular Ms. Washington’s testimony, tending to show that the appellant lured Mr. Puryear to the location where he was killed. Moreover, the forensic evidence, i.e., the appellant’s fingerprints on the rented Nissan, the saliva found at the scene matching the appellant’s DNA, and the cell phone location data, placed the appellant at the scene at the time of the murder. The appellant’s Google searches further indicated the appellant’s knowledge of the murder prior to the information being released to the public, thereby suggesting his involvement. This evidence, combined with the fact that Mr. Puryear was shot at nearly 30 times, using three different firearms, supported the inference that the appellant was involved in a concerted action with at least one other individual to murder Mr. Puryear.

Additionally, the State provided a potential motive for the killing. It introduced evidence regarding the botched drug transaction involving Mr. Sanders and Mr. Puryear the day before, where Mr. Sanders was hurt and Mr. Puryear escaped. Ms. Washington testified that the appellant did not appear to believe Mr. Puryear’s version of the events. The appellant showed consciousness of guilt by lying to the police.
Although the evidence was circumstantial, a rational trier of fact could have concluded that the appellant conspired with others to commit the murder. The evidence was sufficient to support his conviction.


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