CHESAPEAKE FISHING REPORT: Rock beginning to show up as water warms

Cocktail Shrimp Croakers, a specialty of Capt. Larry Jarboe.


Capt. Larry Jarboe on his Wavewalker fishing kayak

TROPHY ROCK SEASON UNDERWAY at Buzz’s Marina in Ridge, Md. 


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Morning sun for spring trophy rock season at Buzz’s Marina in Ridge Md.


Spring Rock Season is here at Buzz’s Marina 2018
Buzz’s Marina won’t sell much ice on days like this but the fish are happy
Ida Mae starts out our season right away! Father and son Stewart’s getting it done!. Photo Buzz’s Marina Ridge Md.


Rarely, do we have bad weather in the Florida Keys.  But, this weekend the wind blew strongly and it rained intermittently.  Jennifer who was raised in the Keys only had one day to take her family out to catch fish during a short trip south.  Her husband, Jeff, wanted to fish in the ocean.  Her daughter, Amanda brought her boyfriend, Joe, along.
Behind the lee of the reef, the calmest water was a 3-4′ sea.  We caught fish, lost a shark, and Joe pulled in a nice Mutton Snapper.  We decided to take an intermission and go back to the dock.  I filleted fish so they could have a delicious “hook & cook” lunch at Shipwrecks Restaurant next door.
After a wonderful meal of panko fried grunt fillets, we launched the Wavewalk W700 kayaks at the down tide end of little Snapper Creek and fished as the tide carried us into Largo Sound.  In the calm water, Jeff pulled a big Bermuda Chub from the mangrove roots and everyone caught Mangrove Snappers.  The rain held off until the end of the day so we had a memorable trip with a bag of fresh fillets for more meals.
Though the nice weather is preferred, the Wavewalks and skilled fisherfolks can bag fish for the table most anytime.
Joe and Jeff might have caught the biggest fish.  But, Amanda is definitely the bag lady.

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Catfish Bill Davis
Catfish Bill Davis has been busy back in the Potomac

CHESAPEAKE FISHING REPORT: Rock beginning to show up as water warms

Gregory Martin was fishing the area where Nanticoke River striped bass exit into the bay and caught this beautiful 51-inch, 48-pound striped bass. Photo by Brad Martin

From Maryland DNR: Patience is supposed to be the hallmark of an angler, but many had theirs strained this past opening weekend for trophy striped bass season. Most understand it has been a chilly spring, and low water temperatures have delayed striped bass spawning in the tidal rivers.

In the past couple of days, we have seen water temperatures finally reach acceptable temperatures for the fish. There was a big spawn on the Choptank River, and the Nanticoke, Patuxent and Potomac rivers should be on the same general schedule.

The striped bass that has spawned in the past few days will make their way down the tidal rivers and should hit bay areas in a few days. There is warmer weather predicted so there will be more spawning action – meaning the 2018 trophy striped bass season should kick into gear this weekend and for the next couple of weeks. Good luck out there and remember fishing is supposed to be fun.

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