Letter to the Editor: Slaughtered Innocents – Marijuana’s Vicious Legacy

Letter to the Editor: Slaughtered Innocents – Marijuana’s Vicious Legacy

The recent stabbing slaughter of the helpless innocent little 3-year-old birthday girl at her birthday party in Boise Idaho is the latest horrific example of soaring rates of the murder and maiming of innocents by vicious drug-enraged psychopathic maniacs.  See at link: 

News of that blood-soaked tragedy came on the same day as toxicology reports were published documenting marijuana use by the Travis County Texas Church shooter who slaughtered innocent children and other church-goers there last year.


A major contributor to the growing continuation of such massacres of innocents is the failure of most government and health officials to conduct and publish the results of forensic drug testing of all such suspects to disclose the ”Unknown Cause” often cited in most other massacres of innocents.


That verification of marijuana use by the mass murderer in the Texas Church massacre adds to the growing evidence that marijuana is a major driving force behind other sadistic mass murder of innocents.  See example.  Others follow:


The mass shooter who blew Rep. Gabby Giffords’ brains out was found to be a big pot user.  And the maniacal group of youths who viciously torture-murdered little Catherine Fuller in Washington D.C. had just used marijuana, see at Google “The Infamous Brutal Murder of Catherine Fuller.”


Another sadistic child slaughter and the murderer’s connection to marijuana is documented in news accounts of the knife slaughter of an innocent 8-year-old child at play in Alexandria, Virginia, see at the link:


The involvement of Marijuana in senseless violence has been documented in thousands of other mass murders.  But in their commitment to the deification of pot, many journalists will not ask for forensic drug test results in reporting these otherwise unexplainable irrational incidents.  Thus, with many studies now documenting the connection between marijuana use and irrational violent behavior, federal legislation will be needed to force that truth to be publicized to overcome the de facto cover-up of that vital information. 


But with massive amounts of drug money influencing lawmakers to continue enabling the marijuana traffickers to expand their child-brain-poisoning markets throughout this nation, such legislation will not happen without endangered and terrorized citizens rising up and throwing out of office all drug-money-corrupted public officials and hug-a-thug politicians.  They are the ultimate driving force behind such tragedies as the huge Las Vegas mass shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, soaring school shootings, the Annapolis newsroom murders and now this horrific child’s birthday party stabbing death.


Only then will we be able to elect and appoint statesmen and women who will expose the truth about marijuana to free our people from the slavery of drug addiction and its resulting death and destruction.


    Growing mass murders, soaring drug-related depression, suicide and overdose deaths all due to an “Unknown Cause?”  This trend will continue to spiral out-of-control upward unless this nation wakes up from its drug-money influenced denial and finally realizes…       IT’S MARIJUANA, STUPID!


And then we need to begin punishing those responsible commensurate with the horror, tragedy, and grief currently destroying children, families and communities throughout this nation.


DeForest Rathbone,


National Institute of Citizen Anti-drug Policy (NICAP)


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