DIRTBAG ROUNDUP: Cops fill the jail with the hole in the wall gang in next door burglary by den of gypsies, tramps, and thieves

DIRTBAG ROUNDUP: Cops fill the jail with the hole in the wall gang in next door burglary by den of gypsies, tramps and thieves

Timothy Patrick Hogan, child sex abuse, burglary St. Mary’s Sheriff March 1, 2019, April 27, 2019

GREAT MILLS, MD. – When a group of Lexington Park area miscreants decided to help themselves to the residence of a neighbor who was at work, another neighbor called 911 to report the burglars.  Among those rounded up were two Fords and one Hogan, all of which were well-known to police. Timothy Patrick Hogan has been the subject of easy plea deals and was wanted for alleged child sex abuse at the time of this newest escapade in crime and slime.

Maryland State Police troopers from the Leonardtown Barrack, along with St. Mary’s Sheriff’s deputies arrived at a residence at 4500 block of Military Lane in Great Mills to answer the report of a burglary in progress on Friday, April 26, 2019 at 3:07 pm.

Jalonte Dalquan Ford, convicted of firearm possession and back on streets in 90 days in St. Mary’s County.

 Police say that a witness observed the dirtbags enter a residence and the homeowner confirmed no one had permission to be inside.

Police say that troopers and deputies found evidence of a burglary and had reason to believe that the alleged perpetrators were still inside.

The cops gave the dirtbags orders to come out with their hands up or a K-9 dog would flush them out. The emerging dirtbag was identified as Divante Quntill Kyler, 27, of 45263 Woodstown Way, California, Md. Kyler was wanted for two of the all-time favorite topics of most bench warrants for many males in Lexington Park – the offenses of failing to appear in court for driving while suspended and being a deadbeat dad. Kyler allegedly added lying to the cops to another reason for the community at large to hold him in minimum high regard.

Divante Quintil Kyler, of California, Md., was arrested in 2018, on outstanding warrants for FTA/Child Support, Motor Vehicle-Unlawful Taking, Violate Exparte/Protective Order, and Theft by Cpl. Carberry

This is only part of the story that unfolded as police continued to probe the daytime burglary of a working citizen’s residence.

A St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team and a K-9 searched the townhouse and didn’t find any other culprits secreted inside. However, the searchers did find evidence that more than one big bad bears had been inside of the home and found a hole in the wall of the cheaply built townhouse that extended into the home next door.

Given the amount of criminal activity in the general area, it was no surprise that the cops would find that the residents of the townhouse connected by the hole in the wall were also dirtbags who had no intention to confessing to criminal activity. Being a bunch of bozos who live the life of crime, they were doing what all mindless morons do – smoke weed. The effluent of their smoke and dope wafted past the doorway and was detected by the acutely sensitive noses of the flatfoots who determined that the den of criminals inside were up to no good.

The police must have already known who the second suspected burglar was and spotted him inside of the den of inequity – one identified by police as Timothy Patrick Hogan, 27, of 45716 Military Lane, Great Mills, Md. Hogan was wanted for sex abuse of a minor by the St. Mary’s Sheriff.

The police paddy wagon was soon going to fill up as two Fords of the house of ill repute were arrested by Maryland Trooper Allison Oyler for harboring a fugitive and hindering. Jalonte Dalquan Ford, 20, and Jajuan Dalshawn Ford, 23, both of 45714 Military Lane, Great Mills. The Fords will appear in St. Mary’s District Court on June 6, 2019, to explain their alleged unlawful conduct to a Judge.  In the meantime, they were released back upon the Greenview Knolls neighborhood to blend in with their cultural cousins.  Taxpayers will be overjoyed to learn that their hard-earned money will pay for a free lawyer to represent them.

On Jan. 2, 2019, Jalonte Dalquan Ford was arrested by Deputy Gerard Muschette for carrying a handgun, having a loaded gun in a vehicle, theft, possession of more than ten grams of pot and possession of a gun by a minor.  In that case, Ford was held without bond while he obtained the legal services of Maryland Senate President Mike Miller of Clinton. Sen. Miller struck a plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz on Feb. 19, 2019, and Jalonte Ford entered a guilty plea to possession of a gun and the other charges were dropped. THE DEAL: Ford was sent to jail for eighteen months with all, but 90 days suspended, which made him available to be back in his crib looking for new ways to extend his criminal resume and build his street creds as he continues on the glide path to prison.

     Detectives with the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division responded to further investigate.  A search of the Ford residence revealed marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a handgun magazine, handgun ammunition and a starter pistol.  

THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY All Crime All The Time – Copyright 2019

    All the suspects were transported to the St. Mary’s County Jail (The Hotel St. Mary’s) for processing.  Hogan was charged with two counts each of 1st and 2nd Degree Burglary, Malicious Destruction of Property and Theft $100 to $1,500.  Kyler was charged with 1st Degree Burglary, Malicious Destruction of Property and Theft $100 to $1,500.  Jalonte Ford and Jajuan Ford were charged with Harboring a Fugitive and Hindering.  Additional charges are pending.

Hogan was brought before a District Court Commissioner on April 27, 2019 and ordered held without bond pending an appearance before a Judge for the seven criminal charges, four of which are felony counts, posted against him in connection with the burglary.  A free attorney provided by taxpayers will represent Hogan in court.

Hogan was arrested for burglary by St. Mary’s Deputy Thomas Seyfried on April 25, 2018, and in St. Mary’s District Court, States Attorney Fritz made a plea deal with Hogan and dropped the charge. No fine and no time.

Richard Fritz

After being charged with armed robbery and burglary in 2010, Hogan struck a plea deal with States Attorney Fritz on April 8, 2011. THE DEAL: in return to pleading guilty to first-degree burglary, all other charges were dropped, and Hogan was sentenced to five years and 681 days in jail with all the time suspended except for one year, ten months and eleven days, according to court records.  He was given credit for time served of 681 days,

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