DIRTBAG ROUNDUP: Three District Mutts Busted for Armed Robbery, Carjacking

DIRTBAG ROUNDUP: Three District Mutts Busted for Armed Robbery, Carjacking

BRYANS ROAD, MD.  – The plans of three thugaloos from the District of Columbia to grab some fast cash and drugs at the point of a gun went astray when an off-duty Federal police officer arrived at the CVS Pharmacy as a customer and was notified by an employee of the robbery in progress.

The venture from the crime capital of Washington, D.C. to the wilds of the suburban Charles County in search of easy targets – instead of stores which refuse admittance to such desperadoes as the Three Thugateers of DC – by posting armed guards and bullet-proof doors and windows – took place in broad daylight on a sunny day in Southern Maryland.  There were two factors present that ruined the glide path of the criminal careers of the alleged miscreants on Dec. 6, 2019 at precisely 4:41 pm, according to Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry.

First, when the armed robbers began their fleeting moments of terror inside the CVS Pharmacy, ordering clerks in the store to hand over cash and prescription drugs, they didn’t count on the presence of an off-duty Federal police officer arriving at the store as a customer.

The armed robbers had entered the store and “taken control” of the busy pharmacy which had many customers and employees inside, reports police.

Sheriff Berry reports that an employee of the store told the officer what was taking place and the officer took “immediate action” said Sheriff Berry.

When two of the suspects attempted to flee in their getaway car, the driver reached for what the officer believed was a gun and the officer opened fire, hitting no one. The driver fled, leaving behind his two erstwhile companions in crime.

The other factor the DC criminal gang didn’t plan on was the well-trained and rapidly responding Charles County Sheriff Patrol Officers who descended upon the CVS store and quickly apprehended the remaining two dirtbags as other officers on the lookout for the escaping heathen captured him near Bensville Road after the remarkably untalented driver managed to crash into a telephone pole and then beat feet. His escape was quickly ended by a fleetfooted flatfoot.

Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry in front of Sheriff’s Headquarters. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Sheriff Berry reports that the getaway car, now in a state of demolition in the utility pole, was carjacked in a nearby county earlier that day. A loaded semi-automatic handgun with an extended ammunition magazine, ski masks and gloves were recovered.

The suspects, Alonzo Lamont Gholston, 18, (DOB 11/03/2001) of 1034 Euclid Street Apt. #104 NW Washington, D.C.; Barry Tyson, 17 (DOB 07/21/2002) of 4332 Texas Ave. NE Washington, D.C.; and Blake Joshua Isiah McKinney, 18, (DOB 11/28/2001) of 1001 Irving Street, Washington, D.C., were charged by Charles County Sheriff Detective Ryan Johnson with armed robbery, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, loaded handgun possession, false imprisonment, possession of a firearm by a minor, use of a firearm in a felony crime, theft under $1,500, and other related charges. Tyson was charged as an adult.


Social media posts following the arrests of the Three Thugateers reflected a general lack of confidence in the ability of the justice system to provide meaningful punishment for this armed gang and expressed a belief that they all had criminal records, even for armed robbery, as juveniles. Such records, if they exist, are not available for the public to view.


Alonzo-Lamont Gholston in the slammer for the armed robbery of CVS Pharmacy in Bryans Road, Md. on Dec. 6, 2019. Gholston was the driver of the stolen car that crashed

Alonzo Lamont Gholston was held without bail in the Charles County Jail until a hearing is held and the taxpayers of Maryland will be providing him with a free mouthpiece in court. A bond hearing is set for Dec. 9, 2019, which determines if he can continue his criminal career during the Christmas Robbing Season and a preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 3, 2020.  Gholston has not yet been apprehended for any criminal acts he may have committed in the District, according to court records.  

Barry Tyson charged in the armed robbery of CVS Pharmacy in Bryans Road, Md. on Dec. 6, 2019

Barry Tyson was also consigned to the slammer as a reward for his excellence as a supporting actor in the criminal endeavors of the sixth of December.  The question is; will his Mommy want him back?

Blake-Joshua-Isaiah McKinney caught red-handed in the armed robbery of CVS Pharmacy in Bryans Road, Md. on Dec. 6, 2019.

Blake McKinney was also sent to the Charles County Jail to enjoy a free room and hot meals and avoiding the heavy traffic on Rt. 210 leading back to the District.  Like his pal Gholston, McKinney has not yet amassed a criminal record in the District of Columbia courts as any crimes he may have committed have not yet been solved nor he accused of perpetrating any such incidents of lawlessness. Give him time.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call Detective R. Johnson at (301) 932-2222. Tipsters wishing to remain anonymous may contact Charles County Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS.


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