ARMED DRUG DEALER BUSTED: Admitted drug dealer Brian Anthony Cobb II busted with —- a gun and ammo

ARMED DRUG DEALER BUSTED: Admitted drug dealer Brian Anthony Cobb II busted with —- a gun and ammo

SEVERN, MD. – Remember how it is illegal in Maryland for prohibited persons due to criminal records to be sporting firearms, yet the liberal prosecutors in Baltimore City, PG County, and Anne Arundel County routinely drop gun felony charges? 

Anne Arundel Police say that on February 3, 2020, detectives were on patrol in the Stillmeadows Community in the area of Stillmeadows Road and Jacobs Road when they observed a known wanted subject who was on probation for dealing drugs.

Police say that Cobb was taken into custody by Anne Arundel Police Officer Ranck without incident. A search of the subject revealed a Walther .22 caliber handgun and a loaded magazine – both of which are tools of the trade for drug dealers. Officers determined the subject was prohibited from possessing firearms and was served on the open warrant.


Brian Anthony Cobb II (DOB: 4/10/1992), of 1832 Jaybird Court, Severn, Maryland


  • Illegal Possession of Ammo
  • Reg Firearm: Illegal Possession

Perhaps Cobb is just as dumb as corn cob or believes that having a gun when prohibited is like jaywalking on Jaybird Court as he has a pending trial date on April 17, 2020, for an offense that occurred on Sept. 27, 2019.  Cobb has one of those free attorneys provided by the taxpayers to represent him in the case.

Brian Anthony Cobb II was papered with about two dozen traffic charges on Sept. 27, 2019, at 11:15 pm, including DWI -drugs.  A court date was set for Dec. 10, 2019, when he was stopped by Maryland Trooper Kyle Jeans while eastbound on U.S. Rt. 50 while operating a 2004 Ford in Anne Arundel County.

Following his indictment on drug dealing and theft charges by the Anne Arundel Grand Jury on March 13, 2015, Brian Anthony Cobb II entered into a plea deal with Anne Arundel County States Attorney Wes Adams on July 9, 2015.  THE DEAL: In return for Cobb pleading guilty to conspiracy and possession with the intent to distribute drugs and theft, a charge of possession of marijuana was dropped. The terms of the deal included a verdict of Probation Before Judgement and no fine and no time, but one year of probation was provided.

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