Now you know who is really running this country.

It isn’t the people who have been on welfare for generations and have perfected the art of lolly-gagging to gain free housing, medical care, food, and a pot to do whatever in without ever lifting a finger except to vote for those who will assure their life-style.

Not the fat cats on Wall Street.

It is not the people living on endowments, trust funds, generous pensions in their retirement – most of whom likely earned those pensions.

The people running America really are not the race-baiting, procrastinating, muddle-headed mental midgets that we call our elected leaders – most of whom couldn’t find a bleeding elephant in a snowstorm or their head from whatever deep and dark place that they stuck it.

It sure isn’t the academics – who, as a lot, really missed out on gaining any real education as they floated to the top of the septic tank through sheer will, generous handouts from inherited title and wealth, butt-kissing, and now are in the position to control billions in endowments that buttress America’s largest private and public universities and colleges. Yet, somehow, they stuck out their well-manicured greedy hands for handouts from the Payroll Protection Program. They are the epitome of scum and explains how they managed to float to the top in the first place.

Those who really run America aren’t the country clubbers who have ascended to the thrones of boardrooms, penthouses, private islands, and unlimited power checked only by the occasional scandal triggered by a wistful whistleblower, talented legal teams of hedge funds desirous of a hostile takeover, wrathful wives, and the blundering boobs, celebrity-seeking dullards and duplicitous jackals of the largely discredited and politicized media who live by the mantra that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

None of those referred to above are worried about a thing as the nation has closed the largest economy in the history of the world.

All of those, as mentioned above, are in the same category as cockroaches who it is said will survive a nuclear blast.

They are set.

The people who run our small businesses, operate our transit systems, work and manage every facet of our airline companies, cruise lines, hotels, and restaurants, build and maintain our housing communities, construct our roads, bridges, skyscrapers and commercial venues; work in our real estate and financial firms processing payments, loans and savings accounts; and provide the daily medical needs of health care of all types except for those directly involved with the Chinese Virus, are mostly sitting at home, wondering when the unemployment checks will arrive, or the much-ballyhooed Stimulus Check will land.

The officials who deem that posting videos of themselves in daily activities will somehow help the people who have been thrown out of work, left without a way to pay the rent or mortgage payment will never “get it.”

Imagine FDR posing with gourmet ice cream in a gleaming kitchen that displayed refrigeration equipment worth more than the homes of the people out of work live in who were watching that illustrious video.

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was virtually saying to the frustrated and out of work Americans – “Let them eat gourmet ice cream like I do” – at the same time that she and the House of Representatives weren’t even in Washington working to solve problems and end the shutdown safely and responsibly so the people who do run America can get back to their lives.

In 1918 through 1919, the Spanish Flu swept the world, and in the United States, the “Flu” was devastatingly pervasive, killing many people. While the “Flu” as it was referred to in contemporaneous accounts, filtered into small towns from cities, roared through Army camps and Navy training bases, canceling musical entertainment organized for dances to raise money for War Bonds, sickening physicians, closing schools, and filling the morgues, what didn’t happen was the shutdown of industry, transportation, stores or the war effort – which by the summer of 1918 had sent over one million American troops to France and won the war against the Hun and the militarism of Kaiser Bill.

Americans can decide to reopen and accept the consequences and the rewards with the risk or stay closed and listen to the ‘Sky is Falling’ crowd of nerds, nitwits, and nincompoops. That crowd is not risking a thing – they will survive.

Americans who really run the country know who they are and what they must do – go back to work. After all, if the American Middle Class does not return to work, how will all the bloodsuckers feed?

They will have to turn on each other.

The tax-takers will be insulted to find out that they aren’t really entitled to anything they don’t earn and will seek to forcibly acquire what they believe they are due.

Their target in a riot, crime, and piracy will be those who are the “haves.”

Fortunately, the Second Amendment has protected the Middle Class in one very important right – that of bearing arms, and most of the Middle Class is armed and ready to protect their lives and their property.

The Globalists and the high and mighty associated with the people at the top, not only of this article but of life in America, in general, detest not only the Second Amendment but have been busy issuing arrogant dictates in THE NAME OF HEALTH restricting the First Amendment rights to practice religion as one sees fit, to assemble, to redress grievances against the Government and to practice these essential rights despite what the ‘GOVERNOR class’ believes is permissible under their Executive Orders.

The difference between Governors and God is that God does not believe he is a Governor.

Real leaders lead; mental midgets issue orders.

We also know who our real heroes are – the medical professionals who have cared for and healed those inflicted with this deadly virus allowed to flourish and spread from Communist China.

America needs to go back to work and do it now. Yes, people will die, but less will die from working than from shriveling up in doom, despair, and mayhem from civil unrest, poverty, and Depression.

Editorial Opinion
Ken Rossignol
Editor & Publisher

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  1. Your editorial, “Rest in Peace” was right on target! The cause is illustrated by the story about the monkey they taught to hit a golf ball. Finally trained to hit it 200 yards straight as an arrow. So they took him to a real golf course and put him on a 400 yard par four hole. First drive, 200 yards straight down the fairway. Second shot again 200 yards ending right beside the hole. Then he addressed the ball and… two hundred yards!!! Our golf- monkey control-freak bureaucrats made the one-size-fits-all Coronavirus rules that restrict all activities in the whole nation to the 10-person occupancy restriction– regardless of its suitability. Thus killing all small businesses and killing our freedom. Yes, Rest in Peace America. The golf-monkey control-freak bureaucrats killed us.

    1. Killing off small business is the most effective way for control to be exercised over America by the Globalists, Socialists and Communists who have always wished to eradicate freedom and democracy.

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