DWI HIT PARADE: Two dead in the race for morgue with speed and booze blamed on repeat offender DWI driver Christopher Morgan Hynson

Photo of wreck courtesy of Dunkirk VFD.

DWI HIT PARADE: Two dead in the race for morgue with speed and booze blamed on repeat offender DWI driver Christopher Morgan Hynson

OWINGS, MD. Two people are dead in a crash on a Calvert County highway, with booze and speed on the part of the career criminal operator of a pickup truck, listed as of the causes, says Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans.

Police say that on Thursday, May 14, 2020 at approximately 3:45 p.m., Calvert County Sheriff’s  Patrol Bureau and Crash Reconstruction Team responded to a single vehicle crash on northbound Rt. 4 (Southern Maryland Boulevard) in the area of Skinners Turn Road in Owings, MD.

Units arrived on scene and discovered a black 2014 Dodge RAM pick-up truck overturned and off the roadway. Deputies located two adult occupants, who were unresponsive, and two additional adult occupants suffering from minor injuries.

Preliminary investigation revealed the pick-up truck was traveling northbound on Rt. 4 and for unknown reasons left the roadway. Two of the passengers were pronounced deceased on the scene as a result of their injuries. The deceased has been identified as Jessica Nicole Brady (34) and Gerald Michael Fragman (35).

The driver, identified as Christopher Morgan Hynson, 32, (11/15/1987) of 6018 Bayview Drive, Saint Leonard, Md., and front-seat passenger, identified as Kristin Carol Brady (30), suffered minor injuries during the crash.

At this time, vehicle speed, driver error, alcohol, and drugs appear to be contributing factors to this collision.

Cpl. V. Bortchevsky of the Crash Reconstruction Team is conducting the investigation into the events that led up to the crash.  Anyone with information about the collision is asked to contact Cpl. Bortchevsky at (410) 535-2800 or via e-mail: vlad.bortchevsky@calvertcountymd.gov.

Hynson’s most recent driving infraction took place on April 9, 2020, at 5:59 pm when he was stopped by Calvert Deputy R. Hardy as he drove a 2010 Chevy Malibu on Oakland Hall Road at St. Margaret Road at 73 mph in a 55-mph speed zone.  Proving a habitual lead foot when operating a vehicle, on Feb. 15, 2020, Christopher Morgan Hynson was ticketed by Maryland State Trooper K. Stull for doing 64 in a 55 mph zone. Hynson was operating a 2014 Acura on Rt. 4 at Industry Lane.

On Feb. 1, 2020, Hynson was cited by Calvert Sheriff Deputy A. Aranda for altering a drug test and his preliminary hearing was postponed to June 22, 2020, due to the Chinese-based Coronavirus Pandemic. Carrying around the necessary tools consistent with heroin usage, Hynson was arrested on Jan. 31, 2020 by Calvert County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Lewis for an incident that took place on Jan. 20, 2020. A court date for this criminal charge has been postponed for Christopher Morgan Hynson to July 30, 2020.  The taxpayers of Maryland will be delighted to know that they only have to pay for his free lawyer at this point in the story as Maryland legislators of the Looney Free State of Maryland have yet to mandate that free drugs be provided to junkies.

Christopher Morgan Hynson must have access to a used car lot, as on Sept. 17, 2019 he was nabbed in Anne Arundel County while operating a 1995 Ford Ranger when he was stopped at 2940 Mountain Road and failed to provide a permit to Anne Arundel County Police Officer Fohs. Hynson was also cited for driving while suspended, which explains why this mental midget who apparently believes he has a right to endanger others and, indeed, now will face charges of killing two people while driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.  In a plea deal with Anne Arundel County States Attorney Anne Colt Leitess on Dec. 18, 2019, Hynson entered a guilty plea to failing to attend the Driver Improvement Program. THE DEAL: Hynson was given a verdict of Probation Before Judgement.

DWI HIT PARADE Copyright 2020

Christopher Morgan Hynson was convicted of a fourth-degree sex offence in 2010 and entered a guilty plea on Oct. 27, 2014 to failing to register his address as required by law after he was released from the Eastern Correctional Center Maryland prison at Westover, Md..  In a plea deal with Calvert County States Attorney Laura Martin, Hyson was given a three-year suspended sentence.

As part of his criminal credentials, Hynson entered a guilty plea to first-degree burglary on Dec. 8, 2011 in Calvert County Circuit Court in a plea deal with Calvert States Attorney Laura Martin and picked up an eight year sentence in the Maryland prison system, which, under the rules of the Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary really doesn’t mean he had to serve eight years.


Christopher Morgan Hynson entered a guilty plea to assault in Calvert District Court and was given 40 days in the Calvert County Jail on April 20, 2011.

In Caroline County Circuit Court on June 8, 2010, Christopher Morgan Hynson was found guilty of sex offense in the fourth degree and was given a 167 day visit in the Caroline County Jail.


While incarcerated Hynson was given a reprieve from paying child support on Sept. 2, 2014.

Following his arrest for DWI by Maryland State Trooper J. Wiersma, Christopher Morgan Hynson entered a guilty plea in Calvert District Court on July 15, 2009, in a plea deal with States Attorney Martin. THE DEAL: A verdict of Probation Before Judgement. It only took the career criminal Hynson until Sept. 14, 2010, to violate the terms of his probation and be committed to the Calvert County Jail.

Former Calvert States Attorney Laura Martin

THE DUNKIRK VFD posted the following on their Facebook page:
At 1548 hours, Dunkirk VFD Squad 5, Engine 51, Ambulance 59, Chief 5, Chief 5A & Chief 5B were dispatched for the serious motor vehicle accident in the 7700 block of Southern Maryland Boulevard (501 box).

Units from the Dunkirk VFD found a single vehicle that had overturned. Four patients were involved and two of them had been ejected. Unfortunately, two of the patients did not survive.

Trooper Medic on the Maryland State Police helicopter closes the door on Trooper Seven after loading a patient. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Huntingtown VFD Ambulance 69, North Beach VFD Squad 1, Chief 1, Chief 1A, Ambulance 18, Prince Frederick VRS Ambulance 49, CALS Medic 105, CALS Chief 10B, EMS 20 & MSP Trooper 7 also responded on the call.

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  1. Love how you ripped this piece of garbage apart. His rap sheet speaks for itself and you are telling it as it is. The court system needs to handle these losers. I’ve run into enough of them destroying lives in So Md.

    Some info regarding the owner of the truck, whom we shall keep anonymous.

    1. The truck was “borrowed” so the driver could see his mom in St Leonard. He went way further obviously and didn’t have permission. The owner thought he was just being nice.
    2. There allegedly was Suboxone found in the vehicle. They were probably all high out of their minds.
    3. The truck launched ~50 yards in the air and flipped after hitting a curb – landed in someone’s yard. Jessica was violently killed.
    4. The driver Chris and his gf Kristin were living in the TOBACCO BARN of the owner of the truck – no kidding. LOL
    5. Chris went to Gerard parent’s house to say sorry and it wasn’t his fault!!!! the day after the accident when he got out of jail. He thought he was being a nice guy by doing that.

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