WOMEN WHO ATTACK WITH CARS: The Wild World of Entitled Violent Women Who Drive Over Food Servers, Bus Driver

WOMEN WHO ATTACK WITH CARS: The Wild World of Entitled Violent Women Who Drive Over Food Servers, Bus Driver

The recent attack of the employees of the Waldorf Taco Bell by two Prince Georges County Correctional Officers, first with their fists and then with their car is similar to the attack by a Montgomery County woman who decided to skip out on her bar bill at a Rockville tavern. That woman, Tracy Carrillo, of Silver Spring later entered a guilty plea to second-degree assault in a plea deal with the weak Montgomery County States Attorney John McCarthy. Carrillo admitted to using her car to run into a bartender in the parking lot of the bar who was attempted to write down the tag number of her car as she and her friends decided to skip paying their check and fled.

TACO HELL: PG Jail Guards Turn Waldorf Fast Food Joint into Taco Hell; Cranky Cranks Ran Car into People, Store

Another District woman attacked a Greyhound bus in Washington and then ran over the bus driver, to the horror of onlookers, some of whom recorded the video on their cell phones and provided them to WUSA9 News.


ROCKVILLE, MD. – After easy treatment by the Montgomery County States Attorney when charged with striking a Rockville bartender with her car, tossing the woman up over the hood of her car, and fleeing in order to skip out on paying her tab, Tracy Carrillo now awaits charges of DWI in Montgomery County.


Tracy Michelly Carrillo, (DOB 10/28/1993) of 9727 Mount Pisgah Road, Silver Spring, Md. was indicted by the Montgomery County Grand Jury for her actions in striking a bartender of a Rockville restaurant with her car in November of 2015, as she was fleeing the tavern without paying for her bill.  The bartender was attempting to write down Carrillo’s tag number as she and her friends were running out on their tab for a night of drinks.

Montgomery County States Attorney agreed to a plea deal for the criminal charges of assault and theft on September 26, 2016.  The deal allowed for the theft charge to be dropped in return for a plea of guilty to second-degree assault and a verdict of Probation Before Judgement before Circuit Court Judge Paul H. Weinstein.


Skipping out when it’s time to pay the bill is routine for Carrillo as after she was indicted by the Grand Jury on May 12, 2016, she had been summoned to appear in Circuit Court on June 3, 2016 for her initial appearance and court records show she failed to appear, causing Judge John W. Debelius to order her bond to be forfeited and issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

At the plea hearing before Judge Weinstein, in addition to the guilty plea, Carrillo was also ordered to pay a fine of $250 and court costs.

Carrillo was arrested for DWI on March 22, 2020 at 2:07 am by Montgomery County Police Officer K Strnad when stopped on Korth Place at Inwood Avenue as he operated a 2011 Toyota.  Trial on the charges from over a year ago are still pending as many cases linger on due to courts altering their schedules due to the Covid Pandemic.

Police: ‘Dine-and-dashers’ hit bartender with car after skipping out on $33 bar bill

by KEVIN LEWIS/ABC7, June 6, 2016

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA Reporter Kevin Lewis) – A female bartender is recovering from injuries after getting hit by a car occupied by college-age individuals who’d ordered alcoholic drinks, but then left the establishment without paying, police say.

The car’s alleged driver, Tracy Carrillo, 22, of the 4600 block of Prestwood Drive in Olney, is now facing charges of first-degree assault and theft of less than $1000.

According to charging documents filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court, Carrillo and three friends entered Miller’s Ale House in Rockville and consumed alcoholic drinks on November 22, 2015. Later in the evening, Carrillo and a female accomplice exited the sports bar, but before her two male accomplices could follow suit, the bartender recognized the group’s intent of “dining and dashing.”

The bartender escorted the two young men into the business’ parking lot, where she saw Carrillo behind the wheel of an idling tan Toyota Corolla. Carrillo was overheard asking her friends, “Do you think I’m okay?” One of her male accomplices replied, “Yea, you’re good.”

That’s when, police say, Carrillo turned the compact car in an attempt to exit the bar’s parking lot. The bartender, on a mission to recoup Carrillo’s $33. 34 bar tab, sprinted to the parking lot’s exit lane and made a mental note of the car’s license plate number.

Yet, instead of surrendering, police say Carrillo pressed on the car’s accelerator and struck the bartender who rolled onto the hood of the car and then slid into the street. Carrillo and her friends did not stop to render aid, but rather accelerated continuously, and then fled down Rockville Pike, police say.


Paramedics were called to the scene. The bartender initially refused treatment but was admitted to Shady Grove Hospital the following day with multiple contusions, bruised ribs, bruised lungs and whiplash. During a sit-down interview with police around 11 days later, officers could still observe scars and bruises on the bartender’s body.

“Oh my God! Are you kidding me,” Miller’s Ale House customer Michelle Martin exclaimed. “She did that over $33? What in the world was she thinking? She could have killed that poor woman, and now her life is ruined too, going to jail and all.”

Carrillo, who was recently indicted in Montgomery County Circuit Court, did not return multiple phone calls seeking comment. Investigators say she has a previous arrest for driving under the influence and reckless driving. Court documents indicate that she attends Howard Community College and works part time as a babysitter.

Her father, however, did tell ABC7 that his daughter is innocent. He believes the bartender copied down the wrong license plate number, which led to his daughter being identified as the culprit. Carrillo’s father, however, could not explain why his daughter’s car had front-end damage, nor could he explain why his daughter was seen on bar security cameras moments before the incident.

Should a jury find Carrillo guilty on all three counts, a judge could sentence the 22-year-old to 26.5 years in prison and/or $500 in fines.


(August 31, 2018) In a road rage incident caught on a camera, a woman became irate and starting smashing windows of a Greyhound bus, even attempting to run over the driver multiple times with her car in Northeast DC Thursday evening, Metropolitan police said.

The young woman shown bashing a Greyhound bus in a viral video is mentally ill and needs help, an uncle of the suspect told News4.

An alarming video released by D.C. police on Friday showed a woman smashing the driver’s side window of the bus with a car jack and hitting the bus driver with her car as he apparently tries to stop her from leaving the scene of a crash. Police said she also used a baseball bat to crack the windshield.

Seth Silver said the suspect, 20-year-old Mariana Silver, of Northeast D.C., is his niece. He said he was stunned by her behavior.

VERDICT: Nothing happended to this lunatic who ran over the bus driver and damaged the bus as she attempted to enter and assault the passengers. Another Banana Republic of DC Memory

DateDocket TextImage Avail.
08/31/2018Arrest Warrant Filed-FelonyImage
09/01/2018Alert Served LU 55 Arr War- Felony served on: 09/01/2018 For: SILVER, MARIANA WIN #: T100988286
09/04/2018Arrest Warrant Filed-Felony Arr War- Felony created on: 09/04/2018 For: SILVER, MARIANA WIN #: T100988286
09/04/2018Case Disposed – Warrant Disposed
DispositionDateCase Judge
Closed-Warrant Executed09/01/2018ALPRIN, GEOFFREY M

On reflection,  I believe you missed the point.
This was NOT a police matter, but a person in need of mental health services.   Cops cuff and stuff, and many people just need an unregistered comfort animal, teddy bear, or mo money to ease the pain and suffering. 
As a public service, someone should have called the health department or their local delegate or senator to report these “events.” Listing the “resource number” would be the best measure to help or resolve these “cries of need.”  List the number, and then to help with the “recently revised phone menu”, “if you are underserved,  press 1.”  If you are of “color”, press 1 or 1a.”  If you think you will speak with a person, hang up.  To get all the benefits you are entitled to, press 4, 7, 9, 13, 16, 22, 37, 56, 76, and 82.  Thanks Joe.

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