WHEATON, MD. – The career of a District carjacker has been stymied by his arrest in Wheaton, on charges of robbery and carjacking, reports Montgomery County Police. 

Police say that Detectives from the Major Crimes Division charged Markeith Dwayne Jones, 20, (DOB 5/26/2001) of 1600 E Street NE #1, Washington, D.C., with armed carjacking.  Jones is accused of carjacking two victims whose vehicle he had agreed to purchase from a social media ad on Facebook Marketplace – a popular spot for criminals to lure and trap victims.

  Jones met the victims at a shopping center in Wheaton under the guise of completing the purchase.

On June 9, 2021, at approximately 10:23 p.m., 4th District officers responded to a shopping center in downtown Wheaton for a carjacking that had just occurred. 

The two victims explained that they had placed their 2008 BMW 335i for sale on Facebook Marketplace and Jones had responded to the ad.  Jones and the victims agreed on a purchase price and agreed to meet in the shopping center to complete the transaction. 

When the victims, who likely never heard about meeting in a police station, perhaps due to their own backgrounds, met Jones, he first asked questions about the vehicle and began to inspect it.  He then asked the victims to turn on the car.  Jones pointed a handgun at the victims and ordered them to move away from the vehicle.  He fled from the area in the stolen BMW.

At approximately 10:30 p.m., 3rd District Special Assignment Team officers, operating unmarked police vehicles, located the stolen vehicle in Silver Spring.  As the vehicle headed toward the District of Columbia, MCP officers called for the assistance of Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers and MPD’s helicopter. 

Jones was arrested in Washington, D.C., after a foot pursuit.  As he ran, he threw a handgun in a trash can. That gun was recovered by District Police officers.

Jones is currently in the custody of District Police on firearm charges related to this incident.  He has been charged with the carjacking in Wheaton via a warrant sworn by Officer R. Cassels. On June 15, 2021, Jones was tossed in the slammer in Montgomery County’s country club jail. Charges include armed carjacking, armed robbery, use of a gun in a violent crime and assault.

The Montgomery County Police stated that the agency wants to remind residents that selling products online can be convenient but can also be a welcome opportunity for suspects looking to commit crimes like fraud, theft, and robbery.  The Police Department has designated Exchange Zones for residents to complete online transactions at all six police stations in Montgomery County, which are easy to find with a GPS.

Jones still faces criminal charges in PG County for allegedly stealing a vehicle, property destruction and posing as a bum.



“This statement of facts is based on my best recollection without having the legal authorization to review any associated body-worn camera footage to assist in writing this statement.”

This event occurred on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, at approximately 2256 hours in front of 826 L Street Northeast Washington DC 20002. Officer Sibrian and Officer Nettles were working the evening tour of duty under the call sign “5062”. The officers were acting in their official capacity and wearing full MPD uniform.

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, Officers Sibrian and Nettles responded to assist Falcon in reference to an armed carjacking out of Montgomery County that had just occurred. Sgt. Thau and Falcon 1, report that the carjacking vehicle was a white in color BMW bearing MD hard tags 4EL8021.
A WALES/NCIC query confirmed that the vehicle was carjacked out of Montgomery County OCA/W210022043 DTE/20210609 2243 hours.

Sgt. Thau and Falcon 1 report that after the driver noticed Falcon fly over his vehicle the driver started to flee law enforcement while driving reckless disregarding multiple red lights as well as other traffic signals. Falcon 1 reports that the vehicle was driving over 120 miles per hour.

Falcon 1 advised Officers that the vehicle in question was involved in a vehicle accident at the intersection of 8th Street Northeast and Florida Avenue Northeast. The driver in question struck a Toyota Camry with DC tags FW2487 which sustained disabling damage and a Nissan with MD tags 9ER2482 which sustained minor damage.

The driver of the vehicle in question bailed out and was seeing running in the rear of the 800 block of Florida Avenue

Northeast. Officer Sibrian observed an individual running eastbound in the rear of the 800 block of Florida Avenue

Northeast. After noticing police presence, the individual stopped and ran back into the alley. Officer Nettles and Officer Ticer Sibrian lost sight of the individual. Officer Sibrian and Officers Ticer and Nettles observed the individual toss a black object into the east side of 826 L Street Northeast which was later determined to be a facemask. The individual came back out and was stopped in front of 826 L Street Northeast. The individual was later identified as Jones, Markeith DOB 05/26/2001, hereinafter referred as Defendant-Jones.

Officer Ticer canvassed the flight path of Defendant-Jones and located a 9mm ghost handgun with an extended magazine inside a blue recycling trash can at the rear of 826 L Street Northeast. CSU 65 Elensky responded to the location to process the firearm. Further investigation on video surveillance from 826 L Street Northeast shows Defendant-Jones tossing the handgun inside the trash can at 2254 hours on the homeowner’s camera feed. Fifth District Detectives recovered the footage as evidence.

At the time of recovery, the firearm appeared to be fully functional, designed to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive, and has a barrel length of less than 12 inches and is capable of being fired by use of a single hand.

Make: Ghost Gun

Caliber: 9mm

Serial Number: Obliterated

Loaded with (1) round in the chamber and (32) additional rounds in a 32-round capacity magazine. It is to be noted that the legal magazine capacity is 10 rounds, and that Defendant-Jones was carrying a firearm in a school zone located in front of Gallaudet University (800 Florida Ave NE).

A query of the DC Gun Registration was completed at which point Officers found that Defendant-Jones did not have any firearms or ammunition registered to him in the District of Columbia. (UN53 Attached).

A WALES/NCIC check of Defendant-Jones biographical information revealed that he was operating a motor vehicle without a license.

Montgomery County Detectives conducted a show-up with the carjacking victim at which the victim positively identified Defendant-Jones as the suspect of the carjacking (report numbers 210022043).

The carjacked vehicle and Defendant-Jones cellphone was taken by Montgomery County Police Detective Cassels.

Montgomery County Police will be obtaining a warrant for Defendant-Jones.

Recovered as evidence from Defendant-Jones was a black in color tactical laser/flashlight which is intended to be mounted onto a firearm, and his facemask.

Defendant-Jones was placed under arrest for Carrying a Pistol Without a License, Unregistered Ammunition,

Unregistered Firearm, Possession of A Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device, Unauthorized Use Of A Vehicle,

Receiving Stolen Property, Reckless Driving, Fleeing from a Law Enforcement in a Vehicle, Obliterate, Remove, Change, Or Alter The Serial Number Of A Firearm, Leaving After Colliding, No Permit, Fugitive from Justice, and was transported to the 5th District for processing.

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