DEMOCRAT DIRTY TRICK: Candidate admits she isn’t eligible to be on the ballot – Senator Jack Bailey urges Md Election Officials to take action to remove her illegal effort to become St. Mary’s Commissioner President


Gov. Larry Hogan with St. Mary’s State Senator Jack Bailey. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

DEMOCRAT DIRTY TRICK: Candidate admits she isn’t eligible to be on the ballot – Senator Jack Bailey urges Md Election Officials to take action to remove her illegal effort to become St. Mary’s Commissioner President

It’s hard to believe that Steny Hoyer and his St. Mary’s County Democrats couldn’t find another person to fill out their ticket for the Board of County Commissioners as they only fielded four people for five slots.

  For the Democrat commissioner ticket, they found two guys who are married to husbands and a lawyer who issued a press release certifying to the public that she is not eligible under the law to be a candidate in the election due to her lack of residency.

All three of these candidates are clearly setting records for breaking new ground for St. Mary’s County Democrats and should be embraced by all members of their party. Democrats should get out the vote for all of their ticket, including Del. Brian Crosby, who is running with the support of Montgomery County Democrats and loads of big liberal money donors.

This is an election in St. Mary’s County unlike any that came before, and that says a lot since a prior Democrat Commissioner President won his party primary election while he was in jail for tax evasion.

The Republican Commissioner Board has been spending money like liberal Democrats, but the best way to tell the difference between them and their opponents is that while the Republicans allowed a Pot Factory to blossom in Abell with no public hearings, none of the Republican commissioner candidates claim to be married to a husband.

With the mentally challenged Joe Biden opening the southern border of the United States by his Royal Decree, he sets the example for down-ballot Democrats like Natalie Weech that the laws mean not a damn thing and to do as you please. 

The voters just might be impressed by Natalie Weech and her smattering of tattoos, and with her new job in the St. Mary’s public schools, whatever it is, it will likely be one more thing that parents who have been moving their children to private schools and homeschooling can take comfort in knowing they made the right decision.

Senator Jack Bailey has sent a letter to the Maryland election officials that asks them to take action and do their jobs. The letter is posted below.

Why didn’t the St. Mary’s Election Board do its job prior to now? Are they just potted plants until someone dumps water on them?

ANNAPOLIS (Oct. 5, 2022) – The Maryland State Board of Elections issued the following statement: The St. Mary’s County Board of Elections has notified the State Administrator of Elections that Natalie Weech, currently running for President of the St. Mary’s County Commissioners, is not qualified to serve in that office. The time to replace Ms. Weech on the ballot has passed according to § 5-1004(b)(2) of the Election Law Article. Her name must therefore remain on the ballot by operation of law. St. Mary’s County residents will therefore see Ms. Weech’s name on the ballot this fall and may still vote for her. Pursuant to § 5-1302(b) of the Election Law Article, if Ms. Weech receives the most votes in the election, the office of President of St. Mary’s County Commissioners will be considered vacant. Once vacant, the office of President of the St. Mary’s County Commissioners will be filled by a Governor’s appointee in accordance with § 9-402 of the Local Government Article.


Let’s go, sez Brandon!


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