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St. Mary’s County voters have a choice in a few races when it comes to marking their ballots for the offices of the Board of Commissioners. Depending on your perspective, the choice may be profound, or maybe not so much.

In the race for Commissioner District One, the south end of the county from Hermanville down to Point Lookout and over to Valley Lee to Piney Point, the sprawling district is currently represented by Commissioner Eric Colvin. Colvin is a well-meaning gentleman who has a masterful command of the facts, figures, and scorecards of the St. Mary’s County Government. On some issues, he has voted like a Republican, which he is. On others, Colvin has steamed ahead as if he were a liberal Democrat since being elected in 2018.

Democrat candidate Sheila Milburn, based on her appearance at a candidate’s forum held on October 12, 2022, at the Lexington Park Library, projected herself as a standard federal government employee complete with a standard bureaucratic view of the world. In her introduction at the forum, she noted her background, which included meetings where she was respected and others where she wasn’t recognized – giving the viewer the impression that this mature woman was still dealing with respect issues.  

The maturity level and even-handedness one would hope for in a commissioner who deals with important issues of taxing and spending shouldn’t be handled by a person who carries over having her feelings hurt years ago at a meeting on the base. Translated, her butt was hurt, and she wants you to know about it.

Likewise, Colvin thought it was important when reviewing his impressive academic achievements to include the fact that he graduated tenth in his class from Leonardtown High School. Color Eric anal, and just think, all this time, we thought he was the smartest kid at Leonardtown High School when in fact, he was the tenth smartest. Who knew?

Running for Commissioner in St. Mary’s County seems to be rapidly devolving into a 21st Century version of the seventies-era ‘Gong Show.’ 

Milburn included her desire for more affordable housing and an in-patient mental health facility. That statement belies that St. Mary’s County is one big nuthouse and always has been. Half the county is on drugs, and the other half should be. It is refreshing to have a commissioner candidate wanting a building, presumably with a wall around it, high fences, barbed wire at the top, and even a moat to keep the crazy folks captured inside. There is one in-patient mental health facility in Maryland located at Clifton Perkins State Mental Hospital, and Maryland can sure use another one in St. Mary’s County.

With the three Democrats in the race all pouncing on their Republican opponents (The Weed Kings) for the approval of the Pot Factory in a residential area in a Critical Area without any public hearings, one could say that this year’s election is also the ‘Bong Show.’ All the GOP incumbents blamed the now-retired Land Use Director Phil Shire for the approval of the Pot Factory and claimed to know nothing about it, it was snuck in without their knowledge, and it won’t ever happen again – we swear on our grandmother’s grave.

The three GOP incumbent commissioners running for another term appeared in the October candidate forums sponsored by the leftist groups, the NAACP, the League of Women Voters, the St. Mary’s College Center for Democracy, and the loco loons of the St. Mary’s Library that allows drag queen shows for children.

When asked about programs for youth, Eric Colvin pointed to the vast array of church activities, ball leagues, scouting groups, and Parks and Recreation programs available for young people in the county, along with a YMCA on the way in the Great Mills area.

Sheila Milburn’s answer was full of generalities and confusion, but she delivered her remarks passionately and professionally.

Many of the questions from the crowd had the typical setups of ‘gotcha questions’ posed by supporters of the candidates designed to trip up the opponent of their favorite candidate. Given the liberal makeup of the Democratic Party candidates, Tuttle, Russell, Milburn, Bill Bates, and school board candidate Marsha Williams, the slant towards the far-left progressive agenda was clear. The leftist candidates are superior, more intelligent, and firmly in charge of all the moral high ground.

House of Delegates District 29-C Democrat Candidate Bill Bates, a career Maryland government employee, had the typical view of those uneducated on economic development in believing that somehow government produces economic progress instead of the reality that it is government stupidity, regulation and corruption that impedes economic growth.  


Small business owner Todd Morgan, the GOP candidate for District 29-B in the House of Delegates, who is completing his third term as a St. Mary’s County Commissioner, pointed out that he is conversant with all levels of government while having a background in business to know how economics works. 

Commissioner Todd Morgan was asked one question, which included the false statement that the area has lost jobs while he has been a commissioner. Morgan stated adamantly that the statement was erroneous as a predicate to asking what he would do as a delegate to bring more jobs to the area. Instead, he insisted that the St. Mary’s County area has continued to grow employment numbers due to the Naval Air Warfare Center and the defense contractor community that supports the activities on the base. Morgan pointed to his years of experience in dealing with both sides of the aisle in fashioning growth in jobs and investments at all levels of government dealing with the region.

Giving lessons on economics to liberals is always a daunting task, but Morgan was up to the job at the Lexington Park Library candidate forum.

The same slant along ideology lines took place on October 3, 2022, when Commissioner District Three candidates, incumbent Mike Hewitt and Democrat challenger Brandon Russell spoke.

The Democrat candidate for Commissioner District Four, Steve Tuttle, shared the same incorrect view as Brandon Russell that the commissioners needed to take decisive action to bring about the addition of affordable housing to expand the job base.

The last thirty years’ worth of giving developers incentives to develop low-income or “affordable” housing succeeded in the Parris Glendening Administration designating the Lexington Park / Great Mills area drug and crime Hot Spots due to the influx of crime that followed the construction of Section Eight housing at Fox Chase Village, Liberty Street, Lex Woods, and other low-rent developments.  

Historically, the developers pile loads of money into the campaigns of Hoyer and other politicians. They then direct public policy to guide the zoning and sewer rules to allocate the growth of “affordable” housing, which mainly benefits the developers. The designation of the Lexington Park area to be ‘urban’ rather than rural also directed federal funds for the purpose of transferring residents of Prince George’s County to St. Mary’s County under the guise of adding ‘affordable housing.’

The challenges to the school system with more students coming from one-parent households, disruption, and fighting followed.

Two of the Democrat challengers for Commissioner are involved in same-sex marriages, thereby reducing their investment in the idea of a nuclear family and having the same commitment to public schools as candidates with children in public schools.  

For men married to men without raising a family other than dogs, reading a speech at a candidate’s forum about their passion for education is a far cry from raising children and navigating the complexities of life and schools, as District Three Commissioner Mike Hewitt and District Four Republican candidate Scott Ostrow have done in their lives.

Tuttle and Russell also haven’t been fully developed by the training and education that being married to a modern American woman can provide.

“Locke never had children. Neither did Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, or Kant. Rousseau had children but gave them all up for adoption. In other words, Enlightenment rationalism was the construction of men who had no real experience of family life or what it takes to make it work.” – Author yoram hazony

 With all of Russell’s references to the leadership he provided in 2021 attempting to have commissioner districts based on race, will he soon advocate for districts based on sexual preference? 

In any event, all the noise Russell made at the hearings held for redistricting in 2021 was factually and historically incorrect.  

Democrat-Delegate-James-Manning-McKay-chairman-of-the-St.-Marys-County-1972-McGovern-campaign – photo from Enterprise.

Delegates McKay and Briscoe were Democrats and created the at-large voting for St. Mary’s Commissioners.

James M. McKay was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1970 and Commissioner President of St. Mary’s Board in 1974. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Brandon Russell said that the at-large system of electing commissioners was the result of the actions of the Republicans, supposedly to keep blacks from holding office. In reality, the at-large provision governing the districts resulted from legislation sponsored by Democrat Delegate James Manning McKay in 1974 when St. Mary’s shifted from having three commissioners to five, supported by Delegate John Hanson Briscoe and signed into law by Democrat Governor Marvin Mandel.  

Russell didn’t seem to be impressed by Democrat Commissioner John Lancaster winning two consecutive terms running at large in the county in 1986 and 1990. Perhaps Russell never met the late Commissioner Lancaster to learn that he was actually a black Lancaster. But keeping a liberal narrative in play must never be disturbed by facts.

Brandon Russell pops up with new campaign plans on his Facebook page daily. Being a proponent of central planning and big government, Brandon also proposed that broadband be expanded in the county by the county government trenching and installing cable lines and leasing them back to Breezeline. This proposal is yet another demonstration that Russell doesn’t understand the free market or have a clue as to the cost of installing underground cable lines. But he has a phone and a Facebook account.



On October 28, 2022, Brandon Russell went Full-Pocahontas on The County Times in reaction to the editorial castigating the Democratic–Socialist Party locally and nationally. On his Facebook campaign page, which included endorsements by fellow leftist Democrats Jack Russell and Julie Randall (both former Commissioner Presidents who went down to defeat), Brandon Russell wrote:

“Today, The County Times printed a divisive, party-line, hateful statement alongside their endorsements. For that reason, I have requested a refund for the ad I was going to place in next week’s edition.

Let me be absolutely clear: Win or lose, I will not accept, support, stand by, or otherwise tolerate this type of unacceptable rhetoric. My campaign is about bringing people together, working across party lines, and producing results for St. Mary’s County.

Today is the first day of early voting—make your voice heard. It is more important than ever.”

The two Democrat male candidates for Districts Three and Four have a philosophy about education, which consumes more than half of the county’s budget. In contrast, Republicans Hewitt and Ostrow have the experience of being fathers of children.  

St. Mary’s Commissioner Mike Hewitt on Feb. 1, 2022

In addition, Hewitt can point to two terms as a member of the Board of Education, two terms as a commissioner, and a lifetime of experience operating a small business. Ostrow’s long career as a manager with a retail grocery chain shows he is ready for anything. Russell and Tuttle have ambiguous backgrounds in the arena of government-funded jobs.


The presentation between Del. Brian Crosby and former Del. Deb Rey was a straightforward exercise in demonstrating the incoherent mind of the far-left progressive Democrat Crosby. In his remarks, Crosby repeatedly referred to himself as “we” – the Royal “We” always used by the late Queen Elizabeth. Therefore, one can safely say that Crosby’s expressions are very ‘queenly.’ St. Mary’s Commissioner President Randy Guy likes to refer to himself in the third person, as demonstrated in his voice message on his cell phone.  


While Delegate Rey pointed out that Delegate Crosby favors killing babies in the womb right up until the point of birth and withholding medical care when an infant is born in a case of a botched abortion, Crosby summed up his ineffectiveness as a member of the House of Delegates representing St. Mary’s County when he said he drives through the nightmare of gridlock at Great Mills twice a day and just hates the experience. Perhaps voters might feel that he, like his previous powerful fellow Democrats John Bohanan and Senator Roy Dyson, can’t do much if they can’t fix one lousy – very lousy – intersection.

 In a vigorous waving of arms, much like Beto O’Rourke, Crosby began nearly screaming about how powerful he is in Annapolis and his pals in Montgomery County, who just threw a big fundraiser for him in Silver Spring, made him a VICE CHAIRMAN of the Economic Matters Committee. For a minute there, it looked like Crosby was going to climb up on the table and make even more wild gestures. Each time Deb Rey spoke, Crosby shook his head around as if he was trying out for a cameo appearance on the next remake of The Exorcist and gulped down big swallows of a power drink.

Thankfully, the candidate forum was over at the end of each night. Hopefully, the YouTube video on the county government website would melt before future generations found out what twits were competing to run the county in 2022.

Now the dust has settled while the Democratic Party and their leftist big tech socialists prepare to make America Great for Communism with their plans for how to pull this election out of the bag.


READERS of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY are encouraged to vote for a Straight Republican Ticket from Dan Cox for Governor and straight down the ballot. Vote for Dorothy Andrews for St. Mary’s School Board, as a lawyer, is the last thing needed on that panel.

Despite some of their missteps in the St. Mary’s County Commissioner race, as mentioned above, the Republican commissioners are still better than the Democrats opposing them.

The moronic Joe Biden and his local Democrat true believers need to be opposed at every step, and the General Election now underway is step number one, with the 2024 election showing Joe and Dr. Jill the door the next one.

2022 General Election Endorsements

We are fed up! We are angry! We are done believing in our politicians, our system, their establishment, and their double standards. We do not trust our legal system any longer, we do not trust our school systems, and we sure as hell are NOT racists!

          We are not willing to stand down as you allow liberal institutions and medical personnel to castrate six-year-old boys and murder nine-month babies, whether in the womb or outside.

 We do not want our borders open, we do not want crime in our communities, not even small crimes; they lead to bigger crimes, everyone knows that, so stop with the softy nonsense.

          We do not want drugs ruining the lives of people, we want to be able to afford food, clothing, and gas! Gas, gas, gas, please just give us back affordable gas! “Save the Planet,” no problem, stop the wars, stop the stupidity, and stop bowing to China.

          And most of all, we want God back in our schools, our government, and our lives!

          So, what does all this have to do with County Commissioners, Delegates, and the like? It does not matter! We do not care what the office, what the level of government, and frankly, we do not really care about the candidates; we are sending a message, a powerful message, a message every politician better understand, and for now, this election is all we have.

          The state of our nation trumps all else in this critical election. So, our endorsements go, not necessarily with every Republican; our endorsements go against EVERY Democrat. We strongly urge our readers to vote for the following list of candidates this November.

          It is all we have for now, yet our mission to return America to the greatest country on earth does not end with this one election, it is just where we start.

The County Times does endorse the following candidates:

          Maryland Governor                                  Dan Cox

          Maryland Comptroller                             Barry Glassman

          Maryland Attorney General                    Michael Peroutka

          U.S. Senator                                              Chris Chaffee

          Representative in Congress                     Chris Palombi

          State Senator                                            Jack Bailey

          Delegate 29A                                            Matt Morgan              

          Delegate 29B                                            Deb Ray

          Delegate 29C                                            Todd Morgan

          County Commissioner President            Randy Guy

          County Commissioner District 1             Eric Colvin

          County Commissioner District 2             Michael Hewitt

          County Commissioner District 3             Mike Alderson, Jr.                

          County Commissioner District 4             Scott Ostrow      


Congratulations to THE COUNTY TIMES for joining
THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY is being slammed for being a ‘Tabloid’ – much like the NEW YORK POST, the nation’s oldest newspaper.
The post below by St. Mary’s Democrat commissioner candidates may be the last to be heard from them when voters give them the Big Blue Flush in the 2022 election.


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