COPS GONE WILD: Maryland State Police Drug Detective Justin Riggs charged with tipping drug dealer for cash payoff; Calvert Deputy James Wahlgren busted for slinging the ham to a crime victim at No-Tell Motel…AND DID IT ON THE CLOCK!

Calvert County Sheriff’s Deputy James Wahlgren Charged with bedding crime victim at No-Tell Motel.

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. – What’s a deputy supposed to do when answering a call for help in Calvert County? Given the recent sleasy reign of Sheriff Mike Evans when a drunk deputy struck and killed a pedestrian, and then two dozen fellow deputies covered up, lied, and did everything possible to keep their brethren from being held accountable – including a Captain, Assistant Sheriff Dave McDowell, Sheriff Evans and even then States Attorney and now Circuit Court Judge Andrew Rappaport, a horny deputy on the prowl can view a crime victim as fair game.

PROSECUTOR: Deputy banged the wife of a citizen while he screwed the taxpayers too…good thing he didn’t go for overtime

Maryland State Prosecutor Charlton T. Howard III announced on January 9, 2023, that a Calvert County Sherriff’s Department Deputy Corporal James L. Wahlgren has been charged with criminal information with both Misconduct in Office and engaging in sexual intercourse with a person requesting police assistance.

Calvert-Sheriffs-Department-Corporal-James-L.-Wahlgren-in-2017-served-three-months-active-duty-in-the US Navy where he is a Master Chief in the reserves.

According to the charging document, in March 2022, Corporal Wahlgren responded to the residence of a woman, referred to in the charging document as “J.B.”, in response to J.B.’s request for police assistance.

Call for help with domestic dispute led to date at No-Tell Motel says State Prosecutor

Corporal Wahlgren subsequently transported J.B. to a hospital for treatment. Before leaving the hospital, Corporal Wahlgren gave J.B. his cell phone number in case she needed further assistance.  Less than a week later, J.B. called Corporal Wahlgren while he was on duty with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department and requested police assistance at her residence related to a domestic dispute. Corporal Wahlgren responded to J.B.’s residence and subsequently transported her to a nearby hotel in his police vehicle.

It is alleged that while at the hotel, Corporal Wahlgren entered J.B.’s hotel room and engaged in sexual intercourse with her. Corporal Wahlgren did not know J.B. outside of his role as a law enforcement officer and was working at the time he took her to the hotel and engaged in sexual activity.

“The Office of the State Prosecutor is committed to ensuring the integrity of our state’s law enforcement agencies,” said Howard. “We will continue to investigate and hold accountable state and local law enforcement officers who abuse their position of public trust.”

Cpl. Wahlgren is known in his agency as a serious officer, a hard worker who has been through marital breakups but is diligent in his responsibilities to his children. Veteran officers predict that he will be fired if he is found guilty.

Police officers having sex with women in the community while on duty is not rare; it’s just rare when they are caught and charged.

One Calvert Deputy was having sex with a woman in the back seat of his police cruiser in the past days and locked himself and his date into the cruiser’s rear and could not get out. Another high-ranking Calvert officer was caught on a hot mic describing how he would love to have sex with a local reporter, and the broadcast entertained firehouses, other police cars, and the headquarters for about a half hour before someone was able to get the police officer to turn off the microphone in his police car.



Maryland State Police Superintendent Col. Ed Norris before jail is shown in this photo at Md. State House 2003. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo


Maryland-Trooper-Justin-Riggs-presented-an-award-by-the-Salisbury-Md-Optimist-Club as Trooper of the Year in 2014

Maryland State Trooper Justin Riggs was one of those awarded Trooper of the Year in 2014, and was a native of Middletown, Md, where he played football in high school.

Accused Dirty Drug Cop says he got his good character traits from Middletown High School

Trooper Riggs of the Salisbury Barracks at the time told the Frederick News Post he sought out that barrack because it is known as one of the busiest in the state. He said he’s not ruling out a future move to the Frederick barracks. Being from Middletown “definitely helped establish good character traits,” he said.

The Maryland State Police provided this statement in response to questions about charges against Corporal Justing Riggs for allegedly tipping off a drug dealer about a police investigation for hard cash

Corporal Justin Riggs has been employed with the Maryland State Police for 10 years. He was assigned to the Criminal Enforcement Division Western Region Narcotics.

As a result of his arrest on federal charges, Corporal Riggs has been suspended without pay. In addition to the criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the

Maryland State Police Internal Affairs Division has initiated an administrative investigation.

Questions regarding the criminal arrest should be directed to the United States Attorney’s Office. The Maryland State Police are unable to comment on the active and ongoing administrative investigation.

Elena Russo, Spokesperson

HAGERSTOWN, MD.  – A Maryland State Police Corporal is accused of selling information on a police task force investigation to a drug dealer in exchange for $1,800 in cash that he demanded to be left behind a dumpster next to a motel in Western Maryland.

Cpl. Justin Ernest Riggs, 33, was arrested by FBI agents and charged by federal prosecutors in United States District Court of Maryland with providing information to a person identified in a charging affadvit as Drug Distributor 1 about a wiretap being used to close the curtain on a set of drug dealers.

The Feds had set up a fake wiretap to ensnare the person suspected of tipping drug dealers with leaks.  When Cpl. Riggs made the short drive over to the drop point for the bag of cash just six miles from the Hagerstown State Police Barracks, where his office is located; the money was there and soon was into his pocket.

Riggs was charged with using a communication facility to commit a drug felony, specifically in aiding and abetting the distribution of controlled dangerous substances and conspiracy to distribute controlled dangerous substances, according to the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, a man investigators believed was Riggs told Drug Distributor 1 that he was a member of federal law enforcement and that he wanted a set amount of money for information. The dollar amount was redacted in the affidavit.

Investigators believe Riggs told Drug Distributor 1 about an investigation targeting him as a suspect, about an aborted attempt of two law enforcement officers trying to put a tracker on the suspect’s car, that there was a RICO investigation for Drug Distributor 1 and more. RICO refers to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

The accusations against Riggs state that investigators found Facebook messages between Riggs and Drug Distributor 1, in which they negotiated payment for information.

“I can’t answer without payment,” Riggs wrote in one message. “Even a small payment I can get you your answers.”

The Facebook messages later showed Riggs giving the suspect information on the fake February wiretap. He also told Drug Distributor 1 whether there were warrants out for certain people.


The messages also showed the suspect notifying Riggs that he left $1,800 behind the Dumpsters of the Red Roof Inn in the Williamsport area in Washington County.

On Thursday, the affidavit says, Riggs went to pick up the money. He confirmed to the suspect on Friday that he got the money.

According to an article in the Frederick News Post, Riggs owned a furniture store, and the affidavit states that he had five credit cards, all exceeding their credit limit as of December 2022. The total obligation was $34,000, and a minimum monthly payment of $1,385. The affidavit says Riggs was in hock up to his eyeballs which, excluding his mortgage, vehicle loans, and educational loans, were more than $67,000.


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