COURT NEWS: Isaiah Denzial Washington Charged with Carjacking at CVS in Hollywood Failed to Appear in Court on Gun Charges in January; New Major Crimes Unit Chief Jeffrey Maylor to Lead Prosecution

 COURT NEWS: Isaiah Denzial Washington Charged with Carjacking at CVS in Hollywood Failed to Appear in Court on Gun Charges in January


Jeffrey-Maylor-Chief-of-Major-Crimes-Unit-Senior Assistant St.-Marys-States-Attorney

UPDATE: St. Mary’s States Attorney Jaymi Sterling announced on March 20, 2023, that her recently appointed Chief of Major Crimes Unit, Senior Assistant States Attorney Jeffrey R. Maylor, is the prosecutor for the carjacking and assault case pending against Isiah Denzial Washington in the violent crime committed at the CVS in Hollywood, Md on March 17, 2023.

Maylor is a former Special Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, following posts as an Assistant States Attorney in Baltimore City and practicing with firms in Baltimore and Anne Arundel County.


At a bond hearing on March 20, 2023, Washington was ordered held for trial without bail by District Court Judge James Tanavage.

HOLLYWOOD, MD. – A carjacking of a female motorist in the parking lot of the CVS Pharmacy located at the intersection of Rt. 235 and St. Johns Road in Hollywood, Maryland, resulted in the victim being injured when the dangerous thug shoved her to the ground and stole her vehicle on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Isaiah Denzial Washington, 19 (DOB 09/08/2003), whom police say is from 24494 Mervell Dean Road, Hollywood, Md., and court records show lives at 834 Holly Drive in LaPlata, was arrested by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy A. Tasciotti and charged with the following: Robbery; Carjacking; First-Degree Assault, theft, second-degree assault, rogue and vagabond, and motor vehicle theft. Washington will be in St. Mary’s Circuit Court for an initial appearance on March 20, 2023, before Circuit Court Judge Michael Stamm and, in the interval, is being held without bond in the St. Mary’s County Jail in Leonardtown.

The carjacking took place at 11:13 am at the drug store formerly known as St. John’s Pharmacy, which is located just about two miles from the Hollywood Fire Department, where a murder took place at the annual firemen’s carnival in 2022. The first homicide in the county’s history at a firemen’s carnival occurred when a gang of thugs from Lexington Park carried their rivalries over drugs and crime to the event ending in a man being shot to death.

St. Mary’s Convict Sheriff Steve Hall reports that Washington was located driving the stolen vehicle on Rt. 5 in Mechanicsville a short time later and arrested.


Washington was charged by way of States Attorney Richard Fritz filing a Criminal Information in St. Mary’s Circuit Court on four counts associated with possession of a gun on December 1, 2022, for crimes committed on June 25, 2022. According to court records, Washington failed to appear in Circuit Court on January 23, 2022.

Violent crime has shown a significant increase in the past year, according to St. Mary’s States Attorney Jaymi Sterling in statements she made at the St. Mary’s Board of Commissioners Budget Session, including murder up 250 percent, rape up 20 percent and auto theft up 24.6 percent.


Commissioner Mike Hewitt, a supporter of the former state’s attorney, has continued to badger Sterling over her requests to increase her office’s budget to hire more prosecutors and staff to handle the increasing caseload. Hewitt’s posing as a fiscal conservative is countered by the facts of his big spending over the past eight years since he became a county commissioner. The other four commissioners on the board appear to have decided to let Hewitt lead them around by the nose in the current budget session.

The “essential cost changes” added to the budget of the St. Mary’s States Attorney, $1,497,172, is about one-half of one percent of the county’s total spending. At the same time, the commissioners have put into their capital budget $26 million for a new Sheriff’s headquarters just after blowing $6 million for a Sheriff station on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park which generally is rarely used.  

Named as St. Mary’s Sheriff District 3 Station, this building is not open to the public but houses detectives. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Hewitt has badgered Sterling at two commissioner meetings on her budget requests, yet he has backroom spending proposals for a needless land purchase in Hollywood and supports public money being spent on a YMCA in Lexington Park.


(Note: St. Mary’s Convict Sheriff Steve Hall began his career in law enforcement by failing to disclose his criminal conviction for assault when applying for a job with St. Mary’s Sheriff Wayne Pettit.)

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