MURDER USA Violent Ex-Con Glynn Neal Charged with Assault with Intent to Kill Senate Staffer Phillip Todd on Capitol Hill


MURDER USA Violent Ex-Con Glynn Neal Charged with Assault with Intent to Kill Senate Staffer Phillip Todd on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, DC. – A suspect who attacked two customers of a Mexican restaurant as they left the establishment on Saturday, March 25, 2023, severely injuring one of them, was kind enough to leave his cell phone behind for detectives to track him back to his lair in Southeast Washington.

Washington Metropolitan Police charged Glynn Paul Neal, 42 (DOB 01/18/1991) on March 27, 2023, for a brutal stabbing of an aide to Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. Charges were filed in the case of the United States vs. Glynn P Neal in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.  A preliminary hearing is set for March 30, 2023, with an appearance scheduled for April 6, 2023. Court records show Molly Bunke as the attorney for Neal.  

Neal, of 1241 Girard Street, Northwest Washington, D.C., was ordered held without bail by Judge Renee P. Raymond, and the next hearing will be before Judge Anthony C. Epstein. Court documents show that Neal, prior to his incarceration in the District Jail, was living with his sister on Sheridan Road in SE Washington.


The attack took place in the 1300 block of H Street, NE, not far from the Capitol, at about 5:17 pm and the step-by-step dogged detective work by Police Detectives Andrew Gong and Barrows resulted in the arrest of the suspect Glynn Neal at about 2:00 am on March 26, 2023.  

Court documents reveal that Neal told police in a statement after he waived his Miranda Rights that “A voice said that someone was going to get him for all the things he had done. So he was waiting there to get the someone.”


Federal Bureau of Prisons records show that Neal was released from prison on March 24, 2023, just two days before he allegedly attacked Todd.

Tim Todd, the uncle of Phillip Todd, posted the following on his Facebook page:

UPDATE ON MY NEPHEW PHILLIP TODD: Abdomen surgery went well this morning. There was damage to his spleen and some leaking in other areas. Please continue to pray for damage to the abdomen area, skull, brain, collapsed lung, etc.

Doctors are concerned about possible seizures for the next month resulting from the deep knife wound to the head. Phillip is resting well.



Phillip A. Todd is the Chief Economist for the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs since January; began working for the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship in January of 2021 and created a dynamic cost model to develop the Paycheck Protection Program for the first and second round of PPP, according to his profile on LinkedIn.  Todd’s education includes a Master of Arts in Applied Economics, a Mercatus M.A. Fellow from George Mason University in 2020, and a Bachelor of Science from John Brown University.



Glynn Paul Neal was convicted in D.C. Superior Court and sentenced on September 8, 2010, on assault on a police officer and threats to do bodily harm. The sentence was 180 days in jail.

Glynn Neal violated the terms of his parole for his conviction in 2011 for compelling an individual to prostitution against their will, threatening to kidnap, and injure.

THE Investigation resulted in the Suspect being Back Behind Bars in Less Than One Day

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