DECEITFUL INVESTIGATION Harford Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler blasts Attorney Generals’ Independent Investigation into the use of force in the April of 2022 fatal shooting as not only inaccurate but deliberately false in order to pursue their own political narrative.


Claim by IID that they were prevented from viewing body cam or any other footage of the scene is not a simple mistake, it is an out-and-out fabrication of the facts…in other words, it’s a lie

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler

Excerpt of IID report regarding autopsy


Sheriff Gahler answers digital skeptics on Facebook.

IID report on fatal shooting in Harford County on April 23, 2022

  • A court hearing for an uncontested divorce from Jennifer L. Bridges was set in Harford Circuit Court for April 26, 2022, just three days following when John Raymond Fauver set out with rifles in his truck.
  • John Raymond Fauver, (DOB 6/30/1968) of 1415 Old Pylesville Road, Whiteford, Md. Order – Dismissal. Comment: ORDERED as follows: (1) The above-captioned case is hereby dismissed as moot due to the death of the Defendant. (2) ALL open court costs are hereby WAIVED.
  • John R. Fauver was found guilty in Harford District Court of driving while suspended and sentenced to one year in jail on January 5, 2015, with all of the jail time suspended.
  • Maryland State Police Trooper E. Spessato arrested John Raymond Fauver on November 6, 2013, for DWI. Fauver entered a guilty plea to DWI on January 24, 2014, before Circuit Court Judge Thomas E. Marshal and was sentenced to two years in jail. All of the jail time except for ten days was suspended.
  • John Raymond Fauver was able to work out a plea deal with the Harford States Attorney when he was arrested for DWI by Harford Deputy Schueler on July 6, 2014. THE DEAL: The DWI was placed on the Stet Docket.
  • Judge Susan H. Hazlett sentenced Fauver to 90 days in jail on April 30, 2012, for failing to comply with a peace order and suspended 85 days of the jail sentence.
  • On charges of resisting arrest, and assault in the second degree, John Raymond Fauver was convicted on November 29, 2011.
  • The sentence from Judge Victor K. Butanis was eighteen months in jail with all of the jail time suspended and two years of probation, along with a fine of $1,000, and $800 of the fine was suspended.
  • Tracey Murillo obtained a domestic violence peace order against John Raymond Fauver on February 21, 2001, in Harford District Court.
  • John Raymond Fauver was found guilty of second-degree assault by Harford District Judge John Dunnigan on August 30, 2002. A sentence of thirty days was ordered with all of the jail time suspended, as well as a fine of $1,000 suspended as well.

IID report on Sgt. Sives warning of cane, shots fired, Medical Examiner pinpoints shotgun as delivering fatal gunfire to John Raymond Fauver.

Attorney General seeks a court order to prevent Harford Sheriff from interfering with the probe.

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