MURDER USA THE FORKLIFT KILLER Bryce Brown charged with the murder of Gloristine Pinkney after smashing her with a stolen forklift in Waldorf night of burglary and rampage.

MURDER USA THE FORKLIFT KILLER Bryce Brown charged with murder of Gloristine Pinkney after smashing her with a stolen forklift in Waldorf night of burglary and rampage.

WALDORF, MD. – A night of criminal rampage, apparently triggered by the suspect’s mother asking for a protective order, resulted in a crime spree involving burglary, theft, carjacking and a brutal murder has ended in an arrest, according to Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry.

Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry in front of Sheriff’s Headquarters. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Sheriff Berry reports that Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division have arrested a suspect in connection with a homicide that occurred in the parking lot of Home Depot on Jefferson Farm Place in Waldorf.

On July 2 at 12:40 a.m., officers responded to a burglary and theft in progress at the Lowe’s Home Improvement store in the 2500 block of Crain Highway.

The suspect, Bryce Caleb Timothy Brown, 20 (DOB 03/13/2003) of 11982 Calico Woods Place, Waldorf, Maryland, allegedly broke into the business, stole a forklift, and rammed it through the rear gates. Brown left Lowe’s on the forklift, entering the parking lot of Home Depot on Jefferson Farm Place, where, for unknown reasons, he rammed a vehicle that was parked in the parking lot.

Sheriff Berry reports that a woman, who was asleep in the car, got out when the forklift struck her car and began running away. Brown followed her, struck her with the forklift and ran over her, and then stole the victim’s car and fled.

Was Victim Homeless, but Not Carless? Now She is Lifeless due to the actions of Forklift Killer

 Officers who were investigating the initial burglary at Lowe’s canvassed the area and observed the forklift in the Home Depot parking lot. They subsequently discovered the victim underneath the forklift; she was pronounced deceased on the scene. The victim was later identified as Gloristine Pinkney, 73, of Waldorf. Brown and Pinkney are not known to each other, reports Sheriff Berry.

Court records show that Pinkney has been through a foreclosure in 1997, rental actions and a number of financial collections and tax liens, which indicates she could have been living in her car when she was struck by Brown driving the stolen forklift.

After pursuing leads, detectives were able to positively identify Brown as the suspect. He was arrested during the evening hours of July 2.

The victim’s vehicle was recovered near the suspect’s residence, owned by his mother, Kristy O. Brown. Brown was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, assault, theft, and other related charges. Brown is currently being held at the Charles County Jail without bond.


Charles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Eric Weaver filed the arrest charges in Charles County District Court. Court records show that District Court Judge Robert Riddle ordered Brown held without bond pending a preliminary hearing on July 28, 2023, before Judge Kenneth Talley. Judge Talley has a remarkable record for allowing gun felons out on bail, but it is unknown how he feels about Forklift Killers.

When Mama can’t stand her own criminal son, there is a problem.

Domestic violence-related charges allegedly kicked off a request for a protective order against Bryce Brown by Kristy O. Brown in July 1, 2023, when she filed a request to keep Bryce Brown from having any contact with her at her home, employment or any other way in Charles County District Court. A temporary protective order before Judge Robert Riddle was canceled and the petition was dismissed on July 3, 2023, when Bryce Brown was jailed on murder charges.

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