Cops: Steven Kartney Smith Back to Hoosegow After Arrest for Cocaine

Top DUI troopers of Prince Frederick Barrack for 2013

Possession of Drugs by Undocumented Outlaw Driver Dollar Bill Steven Smith

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. – The Maryland State Police report that on November 7, 2023, at about 2:52 am, Maryland State Trooper Sivic conducted a traffic stop on a Grey Hyundai Sonata at MD Rt. 4 at Mountain Trail in Prince Frederick for an inoperative right tag light.

Police say the driver was identified as Steven Kartney Smith, of 1785 PARKERS CREEK RD, Port Republic, Maryland, a black male with a DOB of 12/05/1988, and that Smith was informed of the reason for the stop and was asked for his license and registration. (The goofy Maryland Court computer system shows Smith’s middle name in the following ways: Karney, Kartney, and Courtney, depending on how much crack the clerk has been smoking.)

The Truth Won’t Set Him Free…and he knows it.

The first shoe fell when the tricky Smith stated he did not have his license, which triggered a license and a computer check looking for the truth Smith wanted to conceal. The lie detector revealed through the Prince Frederick Maryland State Police Barrack computer system told a story Smith concealed.

The Maryland State Police PCO on duty advised Smith’s license status was revoked in the State of Maryland as of January 23, 2019, and that Smith had been stopped seven times previously and cited for driving on a revoked license. Since this is the Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary System with a network of spineless prosecutors and silly Judges drawing fat salaries but failing to protect the public from motorized mayhem caused by impaired drivers and reckless nitwits, Smith was still free as a bird and cruising on Maryland highways.

Smith’s Lucky Dollar Bill

Smith was then placed under arrest for driving on a revoked license. A search incident to arrest was conducted of Smith’s person when Trooper Sivic was searching a folded dollar bill containing white residue/ suspected cocaine in Smith’s front pocket.

Dollar Bill Steven Smith Goes to the Hoosegow

At that time, Trooper Hernandez and Trooper Sivic conducted a probable cause search of Smith’s vehicle, which led to the discovery of three (3) cut straws and three (3) broken pieces of a glass smoking device, both containing white residue suspected cocaine.

Smith was transported to the Calvert County Jail for driving on a revoked license. Smith was also charged with the possession of CDS, not Cannabis, and the possession of CDS paraphernalia.

It’s an oldie but goodie in the Hood.

The Calvert Sheriff’s Department reported on July 2, 2018, Dfc. Rediker responded to Mandela Court, Port Republic, regarding a suspicious vehicle/person. DFC. Rediker made contact with the suspect, Steven Kartney Smith, who was smoking marijuana. A search of Smith’s person revealed a baggie of marijuana, a blue pill wrapped in plastic, brass knuckles, and two cut straws with CDS residue. Emergency Communications advised the suspect had an open warrant through Baltimore County. Smith was placed under arrest and transported to the Calvert County Jail, where he was charged with CDS: Possession of Paraphernalia, CDS: Possession not Marijuana, and Concealing a Dangerous Weapon.

Smith was charged with stabbing a youth in 2007

A report from the Calvert Sheriff’s Department in 2007 said that both the victim and witnesses were able to identify the man who allegedly stabbed the victim, and police arrested him while he was still at the scene. The stabber was identified as 19-year-old Steven Kartney Smith from Prince Frederick.

Smith was taken to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department for an interview.  There, he advised members of the Calvert Investigative Team that the altercation was due to an ongoing dispute he had with another juvenile, the victim’s brother. Smith admitted to brandishing the knife and stabbing the victim several times in the chest.

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