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LEONARDTOWN, MD – The new protector of public money being spent on any endeavor remotely related to religion elevated himself to the role of Anti-Christ in St. Mary’s County just as the Holy Easter season gets underway.

 St. Mary’s Commissioner Mike Hewitt, who has voted for an annual budget since 2015 that funds killing unborn babies through abortion services at the Health Department, participates in starting each weekly commissioner meeting in the Walled City of Leonardtown with a prayer on March 19, 2024, at the St. Mary’s Board of Commissioner’s budget work session led an attack on The Mission funding contribution from St. Mary’s County.

The commissioners previously found a way to avoid picking and choosing winners among private non-profit groups to receive funds from the taxpayer monies administered by the board when they turned over the evaluations to staff members. The staff receives requests from non-government entities such as youth sports, civic organizations such as the Seventh District Optimists and Lions, defense contractors, a soup kitchen, and The Mission.

Hewitt’s tirade against The Mission began when Hewitt proclaimed, “I’m a Christian,” which until that meeting really hadn’t occurred to most folks, but his self-serving actions with trying to dump off his pond problems on the St. Johns’s Properties complex next to his land located near the movie theatres on Rt. 235 in Hollywood likely had the developer curious about exactly how much of a Christian Hewitt is really.

At the Budget Work Session, the process became a retro blowup. The St. Mary’s Commissioners decided to reverse policy and to pick and choose who was more worthy among the worthy volunteer groups that supplement the activities provided by the St. Mary’s County government. 

Hewitt was the first one to light the fires to burn witches at the meeting, acting shocked that The Mission preaches religion.

As proof of his discovery, Hewitt offered that he had visited the website of The Mission and found religion. That really is the point of The Mission, located on Great Mills Road in Great Mills, not far from the heart of Sin City, where hobos, bums, drug addicts, alcoholics, and the perpetually criminal haunt the doorsteps of small businesses and set up camp in the woods next to the Lexington Park library.  From the hobo camp, the bums seek out funding for drugs and liquor by panhandling even though the government-operated Three Oaks Homeless Shelter is nearby. Most of the dedicated bums don’t like the rules in the Three Oaks, rules that prohibit drugs and alcohol.

Hewitt’s shock that The Mission preaches Christianity and The Bible (Holy Palm Sunday, Batman) had him nearly foaming at the mouth with a flabbergasted epiphany.  Hewitt pointed out that the soup kitchen was getting a smaller amount from the county and didn’t have any religion. The Godless do-gooders that serve up vital vittles to the hungry must never say Grace before a meal, at least if you believe Mike Hewitt.

Hewitt, a longtime board member of the St. Mary’s Library before becoming a commissioner, has presided over the inclusion of pornography available on computers in the libraries and increased funding for the Marxist Religion of Drag Queen Story Hours in the libraries.  Apparently, it’s just Christians, Christianity, and Bible Thumpers that Hewitt doesn’t like. Hewitt has fully funded Health Department birth control, which likely earns him a place in somebody’s Hell.

Commissioner Eric Colvin (R. Valley Lee) made a motion to accept the staff budget proposal for funding non-government entities. Hewitt complained that too much was earmarked for The Mission and not enough for the soup kitchen, which was given the very valuable Brass Rail Bar by the late Bubby Knott. Commissioner Scott Ostrow (R. Lexington Park) and Hewitt noted no funding was in the budget proposal for the Patuxent Raiders youth football team.

Colvin’s proposal failed to get a second.

Hewitt then seconded the motion so a vote could be taken. He would then be on the record and able to gain recognition and approval from whatever group was interested in burning Christians at the Stake for Palm Sunday.

Only Colvin voted to approve the staff’s work, which had sorted out the requests, scored them for being appropriate, and left the commissioners out of the thorny process. Therefore, Hewitt added a crown of thorns for the Commissioner Board to wear just in time for the annual Crucifixion on Good Friday.

The process can be appealed in two weeks after all of the Christian palms have fallen on altars, incense has been burned, stations of the Cross have been walked, and the Easter Bunny has been at the Drag Queen Story Hours, which meets with Hewitt’s approval. 

The Mission might want to stop thumping those bibles and tell the drug addicts and those down on their luck who have no place to sleep to hang out at the Library with the Drag Queens and get their lives turned around.

Thank the Good Lord that Hewitt only has two more years to serve as a St. Mary’s County Commissioner.

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