FACEDOWN WITH FACEBOOK: Mark Zuckerberg is hauled in to answer on security lapses with Facebook 

Mark Zuckerberg testifies before two US Senate Committees on April 10, 2018. Screenshot via NBC Washington

FACEDOWN WITH FACEBOOK: Mark Zuckerberg is hauled in to answer on security lapses with Facebook

Sen. Ben Nelson, if Facebook can’t fix the problems of security breaches, we are going to have to.

Zuckerberg: “We are going to get to the bottom of exactly what Cambridge Analytica did.”

“We are working to do a full audit of them and to make sure they delete all data. If we find that anyone improperly used data, we are going to ban them.”

“My top priority has always been our social mission, advertisers and developers will never take priority over that, as long as I am running Facebook.”

Judiciary Chairman Sen. Charles Grassley: “Have you ever conducted an audit to ensure that data is being used properly?”

“Why doesn’t Facebook expose to users all the ways that data can be used?”

Zuckerberg: “Long policy policies are very confusing, we have struggled to make things simple so they can understand it and we know that most people don’t want to go through long legal documents.”

Sen. Nelson: “Are you actually considering having users have to pay to protect their information?”

Zuckerberg: “We have to have a business model.”

Sen. Nelson: “So the data that users post is not their data but yours to use to sell?”  Sen. Nelson, “but you didn’t notify them in 2014 that their data was being used. “

Zuckerberg: “We considered this a closed case, we took the word of Cambridge Analytica that they deleted the data. We made a mistake and should have gone back and checked.”  We made a lot of mistakes, its hard to not make mistakes with a business you started in your dorm room. We are going through a broader philosophical shift as we build the company. We need to take a broader role and a more active view ni policing the ecosystem and that all of our members are using the tool in ways that are going to be positive and healthy.”

Sen. Leahy: “Have you been contacted by the Special Counsel’s Office?”

Zuckerberg: “Yes.”

Sen. Leahy: “Have you or others at Facebook been interviewed by the Special Counsel’s Office?”

Zuckerberg: “I haven’t, others have.”

Sen. Leahy: “Why has Facebook failed to close accounts threatening the murder of Miramar journalists, despite repeated requests to do so?”



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