DOVER POLICE BEAT: Tiffany Evans went on a temper binge on the wild side in Wawa; hurled hot coffee at staff


DOVER POLICE BEAT Tiffany Evans went on a temper binge on the wild side in Wawa

Tiffany Evans the wild Woman of Dover went berserk over sandwich assaulted two Wawa staff


DOVER, DEL. The wild woman of Dover went into a tantrum of temper and coffee hurling when she was waiting for a Wawa staff member to make her sandwich order.  Dover Police report that Tiffany Evans assaulted two sandwich staffers at the Wawa market located at 1450 Forrest Ave., in Dover, Del.

When Evans believed that her order was being completed incorrectly, police say she threw a temper tantrum that included hot coffee tossed on two of the staff, with one employee burned enough to require hospitalization.

Police say that Evans left a trail of tears when she prayed the employees of the Wawa with pepper spray and fled from the scene in a white Honda Accord.

The Dover Police Department arrested the 34-year-old Dover woman after the assault incident that occurred at approximately 8:46 PM.

Police said that the assault took place as follows:

While a male employee was preparing the sandwich, Evans began to yell at him because she believed he was making a mistake.  A female co-worker than told Evans to stop talking like that and that another sandwich would be made.  Evans began

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to argue with the female employee and then threw a cup of hot coffee in the employee’s face, causing burns to her face.  The coffee also struck the male employee, causing damage to his personal cell phone that was in his pocket, and damaged approximately $200 worth of food products in the sandwich prep area.  The female employee victim walked around the counter and continued to argue with Evans, who then pepper sprayed the employee in the face.

The jig was up when Evans was identified by the tag number on the vehicle and police say she later turned herself into the Dover Police Department without incident.

The Wawa store was forced to close for over an hour to allow the pepper spray to dissipate and clean up the food prep area that was damaged by the thrown coffee.

The female victim was transported by ambulance for minor injuries as a result of the hot coffee being thrown at her.

In spite of a dangerous assault on the employees, this alleged violent perpetrator was released on her own word that she will show up in court for trial. 

The Wild Woman of Dover, Tiffany Evans, was released on $7,800 unsecured bond on the following charges:

Assault 3rd Degree

-Assault 2nd Degree

-Offensive Touching

-Criminal Mischief (2x)

-Terroristic Threatening

-Disorderly Conduct

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