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Steve Waugh, left, thought he had a cakewalk for another term in the Maryland Senate. Like Justify, St. Mary’s County lawman Jack Bailey has turned this contest into a horse race and hopes to sweep the GOP primary on June 26, 2018. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Election 2018 Debate on May 21, 2018, between Maryland Senate Republican candidates Jack Bailey and Steve Waugh

Republican State Senate candidates Jack Bailey, of St. Mary’s County, and Steve Waugh, of Calvert County, compete for the Senate seat composed of all of St. Mary’s County and a small portion of Calvert County, District 29 of the Maryland Senate. In this debate, the two candidates compared their experience, and views on school safety, supporting the Hogan Administration legislative agenda and Waugh’s failure to establish a district office to assist citizens in dealing with the Maryland government bureaucracy. Jack Bailey promises to be a full-time Senator while Waugh works full time as a defense contractor and says his cell phone is his office. Gov. Larry Hogan has endorsed Bailey and called Waugh a lapdog for Democrat Senate President Mike Miller, also a Senator from Calvert County. ELECTION 2018 coverage from THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY LLC

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