ANNAPOLIS REPORT: Governor Hogan Signs Sweeping Reforms of UMMS Board Into Law Swift, Bipartisan Response to Revelations of Wrongdoing and Corruption of Baltimore Mayor Pugh and UMMS Officials

ANNAPOLIS REPORT: Governor Hogan Signs Sweeping Reforms of UMMS Board Into Law
Swift, Bipartisan Response to Revelations of Wrongdoing and Corruption
Baltimore Mayor Pugh and UMMS Officials

The hapless Mayor Pugh and her appointee as Baltimore Police Commissioner who is now in prison for not paying taxes for ten years. Pugh is on leave while the Maryland State Prosecutor investigates UMMS and other government bodies of buying her Healthy Holly books by the thousands to influence her official acts as State Senator and Mayor.

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today signed major legislation to completely overhaul the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) board of directors, a swift response to revelations of wrongdoing and corruption that have prompted a public outcry. The legislation removes the members of the board, bars no-bid contracts for UMMS board members, and requires a full, independent audit.

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House Bill 1498, which was sponsored by the late Speaker Michael Busch, is one of 195 bills the governor signed today alongside Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller and Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones.

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Today, we are enacting sweeping changes to bring much-needed reforms and transparency to the University of Maryland Medical System board,” said Governor Hogan. “UMMS is an institution near and dear to the hearts of many Marylanders, myself included. There cannot even be the appearance of impropriety from those connected with the hospital system, especially in positions of such importance.”

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Last month, immediately after questionable financial dealings involving UMMS board members were first uncovered, Governor Hogan held a meeting with UMMS leaders and the presiding officers to demand answers and begin the work of cleaning up the board. The governor committed to pursue major reforms and demanded for UMMS board members to sever their relationships and step down.  

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On April 1, Governor Hogan asked the state prosecutor to conduct a formal investigation into the allegations of “self-dealing and no-bid contracting” involving Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh’s role as a member of the UMMS board.

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This legislation is a good first step, but more needs to be done,” Governor Hogan added. “I remain committed to holding UMMS leaders accountable, and I will appoint board members who will serve with integrity and transparency.”

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