HOME INVADER SHOT DEAD: an attempt by Doctor Death to kill residents ended with De Quang Tran being blasted to hell by the heroic action of Charles County Sheriff Officers

The gunman has been identified by detectives as De Quang Tran, 59, of La Plata

Dr. De Q. Tran was a general surgeon specializing in conditions affecting the abdomen.  Dr. Tran maintained an office located in the Pembrooke Square in Waldorf and practiced at various hospitals including the Civista Medical Center, part of the University of Maryland Medical System.

Dr. De Q. Tran bought the home located at 10025 Spring Oak Court in La Plata, Md., Jan 27, 2014, for $328,900.  Dr. Tran purchased the home in only his name and on June 5, 2018, transferred the property to joint ownership with Linh Tran in a non-arm’s length transaction.

HOME INVADER SHOT DEAD: an attempt by a gunman to kill residents ended with him being blasted to hell by the heroic action of Charles County Sheriff Officers

LA PLATA, MD. – A gunman who appeared at a small subdivision of homes located in La Plata on Sunday morning at about 10:20 am attempted to force his way into a home and began firing randoming at one or more homes before being shot dead by police, according to Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry.

Sheriff Berry reports that on April 26, 2020, at approximately 10:20 a.m., officers responded to10015 Spring Oak Court in La Plata for the report of a home invasion in progress.

As officers were responding, 911 received additional calls advising the suspect – armed with a military-style long gun – had approached several homes in the neighborhood.

Police say the gunman broke out a window to one house and then walked to the front yard of another home where he fired multiple rounds at the residence. When officers arrived, they heard numerous gunshots and observed the man firing at the house, which they learned was occupied by several people including children.

One of the officers discharged his firearm, which struck and disabled the gunman. The officers approached the man, secured the weapon, and initiated CPR until paramedics arrived. The officer who fired and disabled the gunman is PFC Morrison, who is assigned to the Patrol Division.

The man was transported to Charles Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased. Detectives are working to establish a motive and his name will be released once his next of kin has been identified.

The officer, a five-year veteran, will be placed on administrative leave in accordance with agency policy. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Detective G. Higgs at (301) 609-6497.

The first emergency call was dispatched to 10015 Spring Oak Court, La Plata, Md, which, according to Maryland tax records is owned by Constance L. Artis. The 911 dispatcher advised arriving personnel that one person, a 39-year-old male, was shot in the shoulder and CPR was in progress for another person which turned out to be the suspect who was later pronounced dead.

Charles County Sheriff’s Spokeswoman Diane Richardson said the wounded person was treated and released from the hospital and was a resident of the neighborhood attacked by the retired army physician.

Dr. Tran wasn’t a currently registered physician in Maryland and may be the latest Cabin Fever participant to emerge during the current pandemic.

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