MAD DOG KILLER CAPTURED: Peter Manfredonia killed his pal and a man giving him a ride with a machete

Connecticut Fugitive Arrested In Hagerstown

(HAGERSTOWN, MD) — Maryland State Police Apprehension Team members led by First Sergeant John Vanhoy zeroed in on a fugitive from Connecticut and put the long arm of the law of the fleeing killer.

Maryland State Trooper Seven based at St. Mary’s Airport. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

While investigating leads about the potential location of the Connecticut fugitive in Washington County on May 27, 2020,, an inter-agency law enforcement team took Peter Manfredonia into custody when he walked from a nearby wooded area.

Peter Manfredonia was arrested shortly after 9:00 p.m. pm tonight in the parking lot of a travel center in the 16000-block of Halfway Blvd., Hagerstown, Md.  He is being processed in Washington County and will be held there as a fugitive, pending extradition proceedings from Connecticut.

Since about noon today, Maryland state troopers assigned to the Maryland State Apprehension Team-US Marshal’s Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force had been in the Hagerstown area following up on information from the US Marshals Service indicating Manfredonia may have been in that region. While at the travel center continuing their investigation on May 27, 2020, Manfredonia was spotted coming out of a wooded area behind the center.

Manfredonia was arrested without incident.  The arrest team included members of the Maryland State Police, Connecticut State Police, the US Marshals Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


The University of Connecticut student accused of killing two people and injuring another scrawled bizarre messages on his dorm wall about being “upset” and also referenced the Sandy Hook massacre.

“I’m not angry… I’m upset,” read foot-tall letters scribbled over a door in accused killer Peter Manfredonia’s dorm room, according to photos taken in July 2019 and now circulating on social media.

Nearby, a haunting checklist written in red reads:

“Is this bad?”

“Will I get in trouble?”

“Will they look at me strange?”

“Problems and fears are the only two things that need to be confronted!!!!!”

Connecticut State Police give press briefing as manhunt begins for Peter Manfredonia

5/26/20- TIMELINE
Friday, May 22nd, 2020
· 9:01 AM: State Police Troop C (Tolland) dispatch received a 9-1-1 call reporting a disturbance on Mirtl Road in the Town of Willington.
9:08 AM: Troopers arrived and located two injured men in the roadway. 62-year-old Theodore Demers
(DOB: 1/19/58) was pronounced deceased while being transported to the hospital. The second victim was transported to an area hospital and is currently in stable condition.
· Detectives responded to the crime scene and began investigating and speaking to witnesses.
· 10:19 AM: Willington First Selectmen was notified along with the Tolland County State’s Attorney.
· 11:38 AM: State Police notified the public and released the suspect vehicle description.
· Through various investigative leads, the suspect was identified as Peter Manfredonia (DOB: 2/2/97).
· 5:25 PM
: State Police released the suspect’s photo to the public.
· An extensive search was conducted throughout the evening and continued throughout Saturday, May 23rd
This search involved multiple K9 teams and local, state and federal law enforcement officers.
Saturday, May 23, 2020
· 11:26 AM: State Police released the suspect’s photo to the public via social media.
· 5:25 PM: Updated photo of suspect released to public via social media.
An extensive search continued throughout the day. Detectives executed multiple search warrants, processed evidence and interviewed witnesses. Sunday, May 24, 2020
· 6:43 AM: Derby Police Department received a call reporting an abandoned vehicle that appears to have been involved in a motor vehicle accident.
6:58 AM: Troop C received a call from Derby Police reporting that the abandoned vehicle in their town is registered to an individual in Willington, who lives close to the initial 5/22 homicide scene.
· Troopers responded to the vehicle owner’s address to conduct a well-being check. Upon arrival, they learned that the suspect had committed a home invasion Sunday morning and stole multiple firearms along with the homeowner’s vehicle, which was located in the area of Osborndale State Park in Derby.
· 7:34 AM: Multiple agencies responded to the Osborndale State Park area and began an extensive search for the suspect.


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Various assets were deployed to assist with the search to include additional patrol Troopers, aviation support, multiple K9 teams, drone units, tactical teams, negotiators and detectives.
· 8:53 AM: A reverse 9-1-1 call was sent out to alert residents of the situation.
· 9:51 AM: State Police notified the public via statewide social media alerts that the suspect may be in the
Derby area and is believed to be armed with multiple firearms.
· 11:04 AM: Derby Police received a 9-1-1 call requesting well-being for an individual on Roosevelt Drive in their town. Upon checking the home, Nicholas Eisele (DOB: 2/21/97) was found deceased. A 2016 black Volkswagen Jetta (CT AU78524) was taken from the Roosevelt Drive residence. It was also discovered that an individual was abducted from the residence.
· 11:25 AM: An alert was sent to law enforcement notifying them of the stolen Volkswagen.
· 1:04 PM: State Police alerted the public to be on the lookout for the stolen Volkswagen Jetta.
· 1:30 PM: The stolen Volkswagen and abducted individual was
found in New Jersey, near the Pennsylvania border. The victim confirmed that the suspect was their captor. This individual’s identity is not
being released at this time. New Jersey State Police made contact with Pennsylvania State Police, alerting them to the situation.
. Sometime in the afternoon: Pennsylvania State Police were able to determine that the suspect was dropped off by rideshare in front of the East Stroudsburg, PA, Walmart. After conducting interviews and
viewing security footage, it was learned that the suspect was last seen walking behind the Walmart onto a set of
train tracks carrying a duffle bag.
· 6:14 PM: State Police notified the public via statewide social media that the suspect was last seen in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Multiple Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies and the FBI are actively working
to locate the suspect.


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