RIOT TIME: Anarchists, looters, and criminals working overtime to destroy cities; will Baltimore step up this time or allow “space to destroy”?

Protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody spread around the United States on Friday, as his case renewed anger over others involving African Americans, police, and race relations.

Protests were largely peaceful as demonstrators marched in the streets from Los Angeles to New York, but in Atlanta, demonstrators set a police car ablaze and broke windows at CNN’s headquarters.

Here is a look at some protests across the country:


ATLANTA — Protesters set a police car on fire, struck officers with bottles, vandalized the headquarters of CNN, and broke into a restaurant in downtown Atlanta as a demonstration that started peacefully quickly changed tone Friday evening.

Protesters used barricades to break police vehicle windshields and jumped from car to car. Hundreds of the protesters confronted police outside CNN headquarters. They spray-painted the large, iconic CNN logo outside the building, breaking a windowed entrance. One protester climbed on top of the sign and waved a “Black Lives Matter” flag to cheers from the crowd.

Protesters pelted officers who came over with bottles, striking some of them. Other bottles thrown at authorities exploded behind the police line, but no officers appeared to get hit. Protesters chanted, “Quit your jobs.”

Protestors in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minn. mayor gives masks to crowding rioters after warning in-person worship would be ‘public health disaster’

A Mississippi cop held a young man by the neck as onlookers screamed, “He can’t breathe!,” troubling video shows.

The 2-minute clip posted to Facebook Friday shows a uniformed Jackson police officer with both hands wrapped around the man’s neck.

“What did I tell you to do?” the officer screams at the man, video shows. “Make me, make me, make me … I said make me, boy.”

The officer, identified by the Jackson Free Press as Myron Smith, then tells a woman who tries to intervene to take her hands off him as she says the man is having trouble breathing.

“He’s trying to breathe!” she says. “He’s telling you he can’t breathe.”

Smith then tells the woman he isn’t choking the young man as he holds him against a black Toyota Camry with Mississippi plates, video shows.

It’s unclear what prompted the confrontation, but Smith references telling the man to leave, video shows.

“When I told you to leave, what should you have done, huh?” the officer yells in the man’s face. “What should you have done when I told you to leave?”

Smith then insists he doesn’t have his hands on the man’s throat as several witnesses watch and beg the officer to stop, video shows.

“That’s all you had to do,” the officer yells at the man before ultimately telling him to leave the area as he lets go of his neck, according to the clip.

A message seeking comment from Jackson police was not immediately returned.

Smith has been placed on administrative leave after department officials saw the footage, police spokesman Sam Brown told the Jackson Free Press.

Dozens arrested as NYC’s George Floyd protests heat up

Protests over the police-custody death of George Floyd heated up in New York City on Friday, with one man arrested for allegedly punching an NYPD sergeant in the head with brass knuckles in lower Manhattan.

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